Adding .trg headers to a .got template

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This tutorial will tell you how to add triggers to a regular game type. These triggers will be executed in ANY game of that game type. For example, if you make a trigger to kill all Protoss Probes and add it to the Melee game template, all Probes will die in ANY Melee game, regardless of the map.


.got - Game template file. Determines the name of the game, and other internal parameters. Game Template Editor has these flags labeled, so play around with them.

.trg - StarCraft trigger file output from a map editor. It contains the triggers of a map.


  1. The first thing that you will need is GotEd. [[1]]
  2. Open StarEdit, or a similar map editor. Create all the triggers that you need. Remember that locations are not loaded in melee, and that Staredit removes all locations from your .trg's. Also note that StarEdit will save all strings into your file, giving StarCraft a difficult time reading the file, causing weird things to happen. Don't use strings unless you know what you're doing.
  3. Once you're done with the triggers, click the Save Triggers button and save them as a .trg file.
  4. Go into GotEd, select Trigger Files > Strip Header, and choose your .trg file. GotEd will create a .trged file.
  5. Close GotEd.
  6. Open an MPQ and add the .trged file to "triggers\", removing the ed part of the extension.

For example, if you are using the melee game type, your path should look like: "triggers\melee.trg"

The paths of the .trg and .got files can be found in your StarDat.MPQ.