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(input generic race information here - such as, first race created by the Xel'Naga... psionic abilities, shields etc...


(input the storyline from Starcraft 1 > Brood War > Starcraft 2. Perhaps hide it with Spoiler tags (if possible)

Editor Knowledge

Unique aspects of the Protoss units include

  • Pylon (power supply, a unique ability which causes structures (and/or units) to become enabled/disabled)
  • All Structures (power user, the second part to the Power ability. Units with this ability are deactivated unless within a Power radius)
  • Mothership - Cloaking Field (unique aura which applies a 'cloaked' buff to all friendly units and structures
  • Stalker - Blink (a short distance teleportation spell)
  • Nexus - Chronoboost (a buff which speeds up a friendly structures construction queue by 50% for 20 seconds.
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