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Project Hybrid 2.0
Jan 31 2010, 1:02 pm
By: ShadowDancer  

Jan 31 2010, 1:02 pm ShadowDancer Post #1

Project Hybrid 2.0

RPG/Adventure Map

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This map is remake of my another map. Story is placed in future. I decided to add room system, because it allow me to make better terrain. Map is now too "adventure", because to pass you must combine and use items collected during your journey.

In game you gain exp for killed enemies, that you can split for armor/weapon/aid pack upgrades. Enemies respawn always when you enter room, and you have limited health and ammo(you can find clips and first aid packs on floor, in cabinets etc.), so you can't just make exp. In game you must solve problems(like broken fuse in control panel), to do it you can combine/use items from your inventory.

TODO: finish storyline and terrain, add switching/equipping weapons.

Here is demo version if you want you can download and play. I'm open for new suggestions/ideas.

Project Hybrid 2.scx
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Jan 31 2010, 9:39 pm qPirateKing Post #2

I love adventure games, and this map has that feeling down for the most part. I really liked what you have done so far. Could you please put more attention into the terrain though? The menus are functional, but they look rather ugly. I also didn't like how the wall tiles lack a pattern or uniformity. Finally, the fact that you use buildings as furniture annoys me as well. The cabinets are visually jarring because they're HUGE and because they say "unpowered." That sort of thing takes away from the immersion of the setting you've constructed.

Anyway, those are all very personal nitpicky details, so I understand if you think I'm being an ass. I really really like what you've done though, and you should perfect it down to the tiniest details.


Jan 31 2010, 10:25 pm ShadowDancer Post #3

Terrain is very hard to do, because it is in isometrical view and exits must be in "rectangle"(maybe you can make 1 example room and paste here?), but climate is very important for me. Have you better idea for cabinets than building(here is not much dodads for installation)?

I forgot to add any tutorial in game - I know "enter" in my map is very hard(many options).

And one last question. Did you played it(from you post i think yes). If yes, how far you get? I want know if some quests are too hard.


Feb 1 2010, 12:39 am qPirateKing Post #4

I understand that doing terrain is hard in installation. If you want some examples of things I have tried, this is a map I made a long time ago:

Instead of using buildings for cabinets, why not use a disabled add-on or a doodad sprite from another tileset?

When I stopped, I had an empty petrol can and a blank piece of paper. I had to quit because I was out of ammo. I wasn't sure what to do next because nothing worked on the gas flame. It was pretty interesting, and I was sad that I could not go on.


Feb 1 2010, 3:53 am payne Post #5


I was about to mention that map when I saw the elevator thingy. So similar xD
Anyways, I'd love to see this map done. You got a +1 Payne Motivation Point on that project. ^^


Feb 1 2010, 8:31 am ShadowDancer Post #6

Now better?

qPirateKing: thanks for map.

payne: Need 19 exp to level up.


Feb 1 2010, 8:31 am ShadowDancer Post #7

Oooops double post...

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