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(2)Type Zero
Jan 27 2010, 2:37 am
By: Moon)SHieLD(  

Jan 27 2010, 2:37 am Moon)SHieLD( Post #1

Haven't made a map in a while, spent a couple of hours on this one. Don't really like it, but was wondering what u guys thought? Side expansions have 2500 gas each, 25 minerals stacked with 0 value on bridges. No deco so far, if it has potential I will polish it up.

Version 1.1 is out! Go see the changes for yourself.

Type Zero 1.1.scm
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Type Zero.scm
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Jan 27 2010, 2:43 am OlimarandLouie Post #2

Those bridges with minerals stacked on them, it looks like you can move small units through them at first glance. Is that intentional?


Jan 27 2010, 2:45 am Moon)SHieLD( Post #3

I don't believe small units can go through, but I will test to confirm


Jan 27 2010, 8:55 pm Super Duper Post #4

I like this map, but there are several imbalances. Heres how you can fix them!:

The zealots can go through the bridge, but this is probably intended, right?
How you can fix it if it isint intended:
Add more 0 mineral fields to block the bridge :|

The zerg expansion is having difficulty defending because of the bridge :omfg: . Zealots (or marines, M&M and stuff like that for that matter) can easily avoid the simcity.
How you can fix:
I recommend removing the bridge :-( , though that would result in wasted space and you will haft to make a new version. How about you replace the mineral fields with 3 temples, that way the zerg can get an alert by hearing the attacking sounds from the various units. I really dont know... If you dont like the temple idea, then just make it so small units cant go through the bridge by spreading out the mineral fields in a way small units cant get by.

This one is self explanatory. Since the Psi Disruptors are on high ground, the zerg cant get an alert if its getting attacked. Sure, they can hide an overlord or something, but even then 7 zealots or so could break through that Psi Disruptor like its nothing. :ermm:
How you can fix:
I dont know how you can fix this one. Removing the ramp to the third is actually a good idea, I will explain why later on. If you dont like the idea of removing the ramp, then I have no other idea. But like I said, it is a VERY good idea to remove the ramp to fix balance issues, I will explain the balance issues with the ramp to the third later on in this post.

As you can see, Terran can just slowly creep across the map into a protoss, terran or maybe even zerg base.
How to fix:
Collapse Box

I dont know if this is a good idea to do this, as it completely opens up the choke. I really dont know about this one, though. Sure, a tight choke is sometimes good (depends how tight it is) but because of the layout of your map, im going to go ahead and say you kinda dug yourself into a hole with the layout. Since 70% of the Terrans in TvP or TvT slowly creep across the map. :wtfage:

There is a few cliffs that can be abused in T's favor. This actually isint much of a big deal, but is COMPLETELY helping the "creep across the map, turtling" strategy.
How to fix:
No clue. You can always try to minimize the cliffs or make the ramps bigger, but bigger ramps kinda create an imbalance for obvious reasons. I have no idea, sorry :dontgetit:

More zerg expansion issues. Zerg is forced to waste money on two sides of both chokes. Sure, they can surround the hatchery with sunkens, but then they are completely open to speedzeal attacks :flamer: :flamer: .
How to fix:
Again, the layout of your map is what creates this imbalance. Sorry to say this, though... I really like the layout of this map and everything but its just too imbalanced. You can try to "smush" the chokes together to make it so they are basically the same path, but that will be kind of difficult. :crazy:

I really like this map, the concept, the depth and everything about it! ^^ Though, with the concept and whatnot come the imbalances. I would actually recommend remaking the map and try to fix the imbalances that cannot be fixed due to the layout of the map :bye1:

Oh, forgot to mention why removing the ramp to the third is a bad idea.
Well, a close third = Z wins. Thats about all t here is to it :bleh:


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