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Starcraft64 content
Sep 6 2009, 8:49 pm
By: Heinermann  

Sep 6 2009, 8:49 pm Heinermann Post #1

SDE, BWAPI owner, hacker.

I'm working on a tool that can extract content from a Starcraft 64 rom.

Right now it will extract only the uncompressed files. I'll work on compressed files when I feel like it.


Using the program:
  • Make sure you have a Starcraft64 rom (details will not be provided, asking for roms is against the rules).
  • Convert it to the z64 container format. Tool64 will do this.
  • Open it with a hex editor and split the file at the beginning of the identifier "BOLT". You can do this easily with XVI-32 by doing an ASCII search for "BOLT" and then clicking Edit -> Delete to cursor.
  • Save the new file in the BOLT.exe folder and open the command line.
  • Navigate to the BOLT.exe folder and run "BOLT starcraft64.bin".
  • Several files without real names will be spit out into the BOLT.exe folder. Most of these will be GRP files that you can open up with any GRP program.

Topic will be updated with more details as the program progresses.

  • Make it read the BOLT archive without modifying the z64 rom container.
  • Research on the hashes/filenames.
  • Research on sound format (I couldn't identify any WAV files).
  • Research on compression format (Probably another LZSS variant, used by hundreds of games).
  • Research on file flags.


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Sep 15 2009, 7:15 am Riney Post #2

I remember an old friend doing this a long time ago, trying to get Resurrection IV out.

You find it yet? :O

Sep 15 2009, 7:38 am Excalibur Post #3

The sword and the faith

Quote from name:Dark_Marine
I remember an old friend doing this a long time ago, trying to get Resurrection IV out.

You find it yet? :O
One of those other SC sites already remade the map entirely.

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The sword and the faith.

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Sep 15 2009, 11:01 am Vi3t-X Post #4

Didn't the remake ALL the bonus maps? :P


Sep 19 2009, 12:53 am Heinermann Post #5

SDE, BWAPI owner, hacker.

Eh, there's no telling when I'll get back to working on this. 0_0
But yeah, the GRPs appear at half their size. Maps are compressed and can't be extracted just yet. There are also some unknown files, probably video or music data.

Sep 19 2009, 3:55 am Hug A Zergling Post #6

Ooh, if you get a copy of "rage", let me know.


Dec 24 2015, 5:26 pm JCarrill0 Post #7

BattleTag: JCarrill0#1742

Quote from JCarrill0
Recently was told about some UMS maps that were in sc64, but not for PC, these maps are:

any chance someone can extract them, would be appreciated.

I recently re-downloaded Notepad++ and added the Hexeditor DLL file, if i could learn this I might be able to extract maps.

Jan 6 2016, 2:29 am Heinermann Post #8

SDE, BWAPI owner, hacker.

Source code is garbage btw lol.

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