Apr 23 2009, 8:45 pm
By: Fierce
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Apr 25 2009, 2:02 am xYoshix Post #21

Quote from Norm
I think the boss Idea is pretty sweet. Say for example, if the player kills 200 Rappers, Souja Boy comes out on the battlefield as a boss. He can be harder to kill than a normal rapper and worth more points.
Lol! Oh! Oh! And when you kill 100 rockers, elvis' dead body rises from the ground!
And.. and Taylor Swift could come up as the boss for country singers! Kekekekkee


Apr 25 2009, 2:07 am Norm Post #22

Quote from Magicide

Soulja Boy hardly counts as a rapper. Kill him with fire T_T

All the more reason to hate him. Most people wouldn't want to (re)kill a respectable rapper such as Tupac, so the horrible ones are better targets.

At it appears that bosses are a must. Hey, if you don't finish this, or give me permission for the idea, I would like to make my own spin off of this. It could be fun.


Apr 25 2009, 2:19 am Fierce Post #23

I'm definitely going to finish it. Once I finish the first version you're totally fine to edit the map and what not to your liking but I would however like it to remain under the name Hatred with some sort of a version identifier in the name such as: Hatred: Norm vX.X.X or just whatever and I'll post up a link in the original post to your version of the map.


Apr 25 2009, 3:00 am Norm Post #24

Oh, i don't mean the map- I just was talking about the idea. I'd actually go about it a totally different way.


Apr 25 2009, 3:24 am Fierce Post #25

Oh okay yeah thats fine lol


Apr 25 2009, 6:10 pm Tempz Post #26

Quote from Fierce
+ 8 Groups:
-> Rednecks
-> Idiots
-> Theists
-> Atheists
-> Rappers
-> Rockers
-> Country Singers

-> Rednecks - Redneck (Tractor)
-> Idiots - Idiot (Bomb) (he creates suicide bomb things 0.o [infested terrans])
-> Theists
-> Atheists - Atheist (Steroids) (weird idea XD)
-> Rappers - Read above
-> Rockers -
-> Country Singers - Read above


Apr 25 2009, 6:32 pm FlashBeer Post #27

Theist - Jeremiah Wright


Apr 26 2009, 4:49 am Pyro682 Post #28


LOL, I'm just kidding.


Apr 26 2009, 5:06 am Jello-Jigglers Post #29

I love rappers. :|


Apr 26 2009, 5:22 am Pr0nogo Post #30

For the Redneck boss, Dubya is a must. Or Cheney, but Dubya is still good. And maybe Chuck Norris, since now he's a decrepit Republican...
On second thought: Dubya for the idiots, Cheney or Palin for the rednecks.
Theists - the Pope? I really can't say anything for this one, despite my hatred for religion.
Atheists - well, I'm always an option. ;)
Rappers - Well, Soulja Boy seems fine to me. Could always put the Beasty Boys if you were lookin' for a challenging boss (lol, gangbang).
Rockers - Just some generic guy that wears heavy makeup and screams. Godsmack is a good "rock" band for that stuff. Try their lead singer.

Apr 28 2009, 12:21 am Fierce Post #31

Maybe I should make myself the boss for atheists. Overpowered? Yes.

Added changelog.... read it. Country singers are now replaced with Emos.

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Apr 28 2009, 5:22 pm Zergblender Post #32

I really hate Godsmack. Just like Soulja boy doesn't count as a rapper, they don't count as a band.

For the emo boss, Tokio Hotel :P


Apr 28 2009, 8:14 pm Fierce Post #33

Topic updated with a lot more information!

Nerds group added :D


Apr 28 2009, 8:54 pm MadZombie Post #34

You should call the map "FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-"


Apr 28 2009, 9:02 pm Tempz Post #35

You know that if you go to upgrades you can make it so the starting upgrades (damage is higher)

so this means you can have

Easy - Boss only fights back
Normal - Boss and units fights backs
Hard - Boss and units fights back with upgrades increased...

unknown upgrade 60 (last upgrade on last list - scmdraft)
has several upgrades (building armor, critters, some other effects)


Apr 28 2009, 9:21 pm Pigy_G Post #36

godsmack is good.. wtf you guys smoking, Country nubs.

For idiots can we have o0Maxx0o as the boss?

Also for a hate group can we add Emos and naturally overpowered korean starcraft players?


Apr 28 2009, 11:38 pm Fierce Post #37

Emos have already been added. Check the list :D

Lol, who is o0Maxx0o?


Apr 29 2009, 1:20 am Pigy_G Post #38

The biggest nub of all time, and I guarantee that 95% of sen agrees with me.


Apr 29 2009, 1:59 am Fierce Post #39

Lol, sorry but I have nothing against the guy and I don't like the idea of attacking a specific person just because someone suggests it.

Thanks for the suggestion though. More updates coming soon.


Apr 29 2009, 3:26 am Pigy_G Post #40

But it's okay to attack innocent little souljaboy?

If you add souljaboy, give him the move 'Superman' and he drenches you in his man juices


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