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Your personal favorite map maker
Oct 2 2007, 4:59 pm
By: MillenniumArmy  

Oct 2 2007, 4:59 pm MillenniumArmy Post #1

Who is/are your favorite mapper(s) and more importantly, why? This isn't "best" mappper, but who is your personal favorite mapper and say why he or she earns that special place in your heart.

For me, it's Big-Fat-Homo. Why? Because he is the guy who truly inspired me and got me into the map making industry. He's someone from the 1998-2001 era, so he's long retired now. I loved his maps so much; he's made Qua Teras RPG as well as other things like the original Matrix map. Back in the old days, i would always type /whereis big-fat-homo and whenever i see him on, i'd be like "DUDE YOU ARE SO AWESOME!" and he'd humbly reply saying "thank you!"


Oct 2 2007, 5:25 pm Kow Post #2

Tux. His maps have always pushed the known world of UMS starcraft editing to the limits in more than a just expirimental way, as in his maps are fun. Trigger Happy Defense (Too bad Offense didn't take off :( ), Rush and other ones which don't come to mind at the moment.

Oh, and he's a kickass person. :P


Oct 2 2007, 6:18 pm Zycorax Post #3

Grand Moderator of the Games Forum

MillenniumArmy :)

Volleyball UMS <3<3

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Oct 2 2007, 6:39 pm ClansAreForGays Post #4

millenium for his replayable maps Women tag, and basketball.

Oct 2 2007, 10:07 pm blacklight28 Post #5

I don't know many buy I know one, Punky_tnt, he's my friend and introduced map making to me and SeN and SCMDraft2, o.o. E.X.C.I.T.I.N.G. is pretty good, his random defense maps and random control maps are really good.


Oct 3 2007, 1:40 am MrrLL Post #6

I had many in the past, but my most recent favorite has been Moose. Überena and Armored Core are some of the best maps I've ever played, and probably the most played by me today.


Oct 3 2007, 4:05 am FatalException Post #7

I like Panzer_Kavalier. Marine Special Forces, the original!


Oct 3 2007, 4:13 am Falkoner Post #8

It's between MilA and Tux, MilA has the short, stupid, but incredibly fun maps that take about 3 days to make, while Tux has the complex limit-pushing maps that we all love.


Oct 3 2007, 4:28 am Matt Burch Post #9

I was a fan of Nexus Destroyers, and the version was made by UnholyUrine, so one day I randomly added him and he was online. I was like "OMG WOW!! HEY MAN!!", and he was like "Hey, come to channel: op Clan[O]", then we hacked in some games with FaRTy, it was so fun. Then I showed FaRTy and Urine one of my maps, and they said it was good, and I joined the clan. Throughout the years in that clan my mapping skills improved a lot. I like FaRTy's maps because they are simple, creative and original. If it wasn't for Urine and FaRTy, I wouldn't be where I am today, and I thank them for that. FaRTy's attitude and personality is one of a kind. Simple, witty comments make me laugh all the time.

I actually have not played any map made by anybody other than someone in Clan[O], in a long time. Unless a member of the clan hosts it or says it's good. I wouldn't know any maps outside of the clan that well. For that reason, I don't know many mappers. I have dedicated myself too much to the clan. I tried to leave several times, but I just couldn't, it stuck with me too well. That mysterious one week with Clan Oo proved it.

It's always fun to look back and remember all the fun you've had with certain things. Being with the clan, is one of those I like to look back at sometimes. Clan[O] will always be with me, and I will never forget the years I have been in, and the future years I will be in it.


Oct 3 2007, 4:31 am O)FaRTy1billion[MM] Post #10

👻 👾 👽 💪

Quote from Matt Burch
I like FaRTy's maps because they are simple, creative and original.
Yes... simple... :P Sure they start simple, but they eventually grow too big for me to care enough to hold on to. It's like babies.

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Oct 3 2007, 4:51 am enigmacat Post #11

tux for his amazingly orgasmic maps :P


Oct 3 2007, 4:53 am blacklight28 Post #12

Nexus Destroyers is amazing!!!!!! My friends and I dominated.


Oct 3 2007, 5:03 am Ultraviolet Post #13

D-Von, I loved his Marine Boot Camp map, and I messaged him once and ended up becoming friends with him :D He also taught me how to overlap perfectly not just putting a bunch of signs and hoping it worked, he gave me the formulas :)

Oct 4 2007, 4:05 am Falkoner Post #14

Using a bunch of signs + try over and over and over = FORMULAS!


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