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Chaotic Essence
Mar 2 2009, 1:09 am
By: xYoshix
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Mar 2 2009, 1:09 am xYoshix Post #1

Chaotic Essence RPG
A 2-player adventure RPG
By: xYoshix



Characters Thus Far
Pyro Martel- a Cellion mercenary that was transferred to the Leons. He betrayed the Leons for a lady that claims she is the messenger of Frensa, the goddess of mana. Pyro is a serious and mature 24 year old man. He was abandoned by his parents along with Cless when he as a young age. He lived in on the streets of Cellion while taking care of Magius and practicing sword mastery and mugging. Pyro possesses the ability to use Sword Mastery Skills.

Magius Martel- a Cellion mercenary that was transferred to the Leons. He betrayed the Leons for a lady who claims that she is the messenger of Frensa, the goddess of mana. He has a secret crush on her. Magius is a laid back, cowardly 16 year old boy. Though he doesn’t remember it, he was abandoned by his parents when he was a newborn. He was always companied by his brother and best friend, Pyro. They counted on each other for everything and had great chemistry. When he was young, he practiced mugging along with his brother as well as sorcery. Magius possesses abilities to use magic.

Noishe-The Martel brothers' companion. Noishe is a Stalvo that was tamed and raised by Pyro's parents when he was young. Noishe keeps them in a good mood and encourages them on with his cute smile.

Collete Grant- An outcast from her town. She found refuge in a church and the priests raised her to be a believer in Frensa. She was sent out to find mana orbs in order to restore order in the flow of mana. She is a charming and cute girl. She can easily convince people to do things. She is not a playable character, but she is vital in this journey.

Frensa- The goddess of mana that has the power to restore the equality of mana using the mana orbs.

Plot Thus Far

Pyro and Magius Martel and their trusted companion, Noishe, were a part of Cellion Mercinaries until their chief transfers them to the Leon Army. They had to go to Scoria, where the headquarters resided. Along the way there, they encountered an unconscious body of a young lady. They wonder what has happened to her and who she was. Magus carried her along with them, since she obviously needed help.

Magius noticed that some creatures were attacking them for no purpose. After a few creature attacks, Noishe barked as he noticed an orb glowing in the lady’s pocket. Pyro tried to reach in her pocket to check what it was, but the lady woke up with a scream of surprise. Pyro and Magius tried to question her, but she did not remember anything. The brothers insisted for her to go with them, but she refused.

Pyro and Magius reached Scoria and talked to the Captain, Vristal Moralia. Their duties were to retrieve the mana orbs from their habitat. The leader planned to get all of them to create a magitech weapon in an attempt to restore the mana in the nature. When they exit the headquarters, they see a group of soldiers chasing a lady. It was the same lady that they met before! They chased after her along with the soldiers.

Their chase leaded to the Phantom Forest, a mazelike jungle. The soldiers get lost while in the forest, but Pyro and Magius were right on her tail. They reach a dead end and had her cornered. The soldiers caught up with them and pointed their swords. Pyro and Magius protected the woman since they thought that she was innocent- even though they’d betray the Leons. They wiped out the guards only to find that the girl was gone.

They start looking for her by going deeper into the forest. When the found her, they started to have a conversation to explain all of this. Pyro and Magius find out that the lady was liying before. She didn’t forget her memory. They found out that she was Collete Grunt, an outcast of her town. She was a messenger of Frensa, the goddess of mana. She explained why the weather conditions have been so severe.

They can stop this by releasing all orbs from their natural places and giving the power to Frensa. But during this process, the creatures around the world go berserk. This is a price to pay to be in harmony with nature. Collete was being chased since she “stole” a mana stone from the Leons. Collete pleaded for help in the regeneration of mana. Pyro and Magius were unsure about this. What if she was lying? She begged and begged. Magius started blushing. They decided to help her on the regeneration of mana.

So Pyro, Magius and Collete go on a journey against nature and the society to save the world from destroying itself. The soldiers now have them wanted for betraying the soldiers, and also Collete for stealing an orb from the Leons.

Old Terrain

Current Terrain


Leveling Up
Leveling up is done by getting experience from monsters. Each monster has its own exp and rewards when killed. I haven’t gotten into this much yet, but i plan on having level ups improve mana, vitality, weapon attack and spells.

This game uses a vHp system. There is a total of 25 hp (Infested Terrans) that belong to player 5. The set hp of these ITs are changed depending on level. The hp of the ITs can be increased through equipment and level ups.

Your character can have up to 3 different equipment on- Weapon, Armour and Special. Weapons raise your attack depending on how much it gives (i.e. Iron Sword gives +1 attack). Armour increases the amount of hp the IT has. The “Special” equipment can do various things like add “dodge” or improve spells.

Spells are used through the gateway.

Noishe Attack- Noishe is given to player 1, so it is able to attack for a few seconds. It does 2 damage. (10 Mana)
Fury Claw- Can only be used when Noishe attacks. Stalvos continuosly spawn under Noishe.
More to Come

Fire Bolt-(15 Mana) 9 Cloaked wraiths are created atop of cless and follows it to give a "cloud" effect. Then, they spread out and attack the nearest enemy.
More To Come



I'm open to suggestions and help. I'll try to get demo done and updates finished.

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Mar 2 2009, 1:56 am Magicide Post #2

Sleeping wolves wake hungry.

The only thing I see a problem in is the dropship casting system. While it can be used for items and such, why not use a factory building to add the use of hotkeys?

Mar 2 2009, 2:20 am xYoshix Post #3

I don't like the factory system. It's used too often...I'd rather have a dropship system :><:


Mar 2 2009, 2:26 am Magicide Post #4

Sleeping wolves wake hungry.

Paha, fair enough.

I just thought hotkeys would add a faster element to gameplay, but of course, it's your choice >_>

Also, Magus is magic in latin, is it not?

Why have you given it to a swordsman? =P

Mar 2 2009, 2:46 am ClansAreForGays Post #5

Was about to say "Lunar 2 much?" but then read a little more and I don't see it as much.

Mar 2 2009, 2:46 am xYoshix Post #6

I don't want to have the faactory spellcasting system because I want to have more than 4 spells. Also, Timing isn't really crucial unless your about to die.
As for the names, I just came up with them.... I had no idea Magus meant magic in latin. :><:

Lunar 2?....I don't think I even know what that is :wtfage:


Mar 2 2009, 4:24 am stickynote Post #7

Yoshi, the storyline is quite amazing for an RPG. Something I don't like about some RPG's that use a good storyline that would be good for you to avoid:
-Delivering the story in separate chunks are good, but when I see a massive wall of text, I get lazy. Maybe dialogue? Or separate it into several sections at least.
-Bright colors. My eyes cry out in pain. Don't use cyan or that bright green.


Mar 2 2009, 6:08 pm Centreri Post #8

Relatively ancient and inactive

I probably won't play this, but I just want to mention that the terrain is amazing.


Mar 2 2009, 9:30 pm Zhuinden Post #9

Haha, did you take the names together from Chrono Trigger and Tales of Phantasia? That would explain everything.


Mar 2 2009, 11:51 pm xYoshix Post #10

Quote from Zhuinden
Haha, did you take the names together from Chrono Trigger and Tales of Phantasia? That would explain everything.

Lol....Well, the name 'Cless' popped out when i thought of a cool name :D Man, Tales Of Phantasia was good ^^
This is my first big project, and I'm happy for what I've done so far. Thanks for giving me confidence xD.
I have to give falkoner credit for his complimention since it helped me learn about blends ^^
I'm currently working on the inventory system. I think it will have 3 slots for items(3 HTs) and you can assign an item for each slot.


Mar 2 2009, 11:52 pm UnholyUrine Post #11

Is vHP really necessary? As most ppl'd think upgrading armor would mean give money to up armor..
be sure to point it out :P

Dropship system shouldn't be used if you have 5 or less spells per hero... as it occupies units.. which'd give u headaches..
U can use Starport.. as it has 5 units =)

Other than that.. great story.. great terrain..
looking forward to playing it..


Mar 3 2009, 12:08 am Magicide Post #12

Sleeping wolves wake hungry.

Unholy, you're forgetting the major advantages to having vHP.

Mainly the health gaining items, plus triggered spells could be made to do damage without using units.

The armour idea is a good one, i see nothing wrong with it >_>

Mar 3 2009, 12:16 am Norm Post #13

I also agree with this, the advantage of having complete control over HP modifications is one that i would implement in all my maps if I was more experienced in using it.


Mar 3 2009, 1:41 am xYoshix Post #14

This was one of the reasons i wanted vHp
I plan on making more spells further along in the process.

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Mar 3 2009, 2:46 pm ETEFT(U) Post #15

So,,,. if this is NOT a good map im going to / :flamer: @ you!!! But if it is.. than hey why not I might just go :-_-: :bye1: lol jkjk. :[


Apr 10 2009, 12:13 am xYoshix Post #16

Its been a while since I got to this map :><: . Now I'm back up and running trying to finish stuff. Hopefully people still care about this :unsure: . Before my absence, I have done an item system. There is 3 hts for 3 slots and items can be assigned to them. The amount of items you have are displayed in the hp of the unit representing the item. Here are some ideas for items:

Small Potion- Heals 5 Hp, Max 8
Potion- Heals 10 Hp. Max 5
Large Potion- Heals 15 Hp. Max 3
Mana Potion- Heals 10 Mana. Max 5
Large Mana Potion- Heals 15 Max 3
Force Field- Gives Extra Defence. This is done by setting the current IT under your hero to 100.
Flash Seed- Stuns all nearby enemies
_____ Potion- Heals 10 hp and 10 mana. Max 3

Need more ideas or better names xD. I need something to rename Force Field and maybe something else other than a "potion". I also would like to have more items.

I think I might combine all potions to one...the hero stays the same hp. I also think im gonna just redo all the terrain. Its just a mess right now and I have no idea what I'm terraining...Hopefully it would be better...I've been practicing ^^

I think I might also need ideas for spells. I need halp! Its hard starting on a map from quite some time ago... :hurr:


Apr 10 2009, 1:03 am Pigy_G Post #17

Mana Pot/Heal Pot Combo = Elixir?
Force Field = Stoneskin?

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Apr 10 2009, 6:35 am T-Virus Post #18

I look forward to reading more about this map as it comes closer to completion. Most def a good idea to include a level up system, perhaps your complicating it though by combining it with virtual-hp. A simple way to avoid using virtual-hp increase by level increase would be to have a set HP% and with every level increase is +10%, or whatever increase you want.


Apr 10 2009, 12:07 pm xYoshix Post #19

The whole reason I wanted vHp was to make the game unique and complex. For example, instead of using a potion to heal to 100%, I can use a potion to add 10 hp to what you already have. Without vHp, all the items would be boring. I plan on making most of them be llinked with vHp. It can also help with a defence system where a IT is set to a higher hp the higher the level of the hero is.

I decided to change my spells and item system into a gateway system. I've noticed many prefered the gateway system over the dropship. It requires less hotkeys and easier uses with hotkeys. It also uses less locations and easier to trigger, so thats good for me ^^


Apr 10 2009, 3:14 pm Pigy_G Post #20

You could always scrap vHP and replace it with a few simple EUDs.


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