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Jan 22 2009, 8:47 pm
By: JCarrill0  

Jan 22 2009, 8:47 pm JCarrill0 Post #1

BattleTag: JCarrill0#1742


Description: Find the Chrysalis and use it!

  • Tileset: Ashworld
  • Type: Altered Melee (Use Map Settings)
  • Player(s): 2-8
  • Map Size: 192x192

I decided to redo an old project of mine. I am calling it (8)Chrysalis. It's a Zerg UMS melee map (altered melee), where you can build a Hero unit. A Drone must locate a Young Chrysalis (a powerup) and bring it to a Zerg beacon located near the starting base. If you have the right amount of resources, it turns into a Mature Chrysalis. After about 2 mins (100 secs) you get a Hero Unit, "Infested Kerrigan". You could only control one at a time, but if she died you could make another one.

Version Changes v1.1 (Beta)
  • Fixed a bug where Beacons were not properly removed if a player leaves the game.
  • Fixed a bug where Mission Objectives were not displayed if a player skipped the briefing.
  • Fixed a bug where Multiple Players = more Chrysalis spawning, randomizing all in same area.
  • BALANCE - Players reporting starting with a Hive is bad for balance. Players will now start with a Hatchery.

Version Changes v1.2 (Beta)
  • Removed a trigger that removed ALL young Chrysalis

Version Changes v1.3 (Beta)
  • Fixed grammer in Mission Briefing.

Version Changes v1.4 (Beta)
  • Added trigger to remove EXTRA young chysalis.

Version Changes v1.5 (Beta)
  • Fixed trigger to remove EXTRA young chysalis.
  • Modified the stats for the "Starting" Zerg Overlord.
  • Added random Start locations.
  • Added to the Mission Briefing.

Version Changes v1.6 (Beta)
  • Added Credits.
  • Added Version Changes.
  • Modified various unit & building stats.
  • Resided beacon relocations

Version: 1.7 (Beta)
  • Fixed a Trigger "Spawn Chrysalis (Game Starts)"
  • Removed Trigger "Remove Extra Chrysalis"

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Jan 22 2009, 9:36 pm UnholyUrine Post #2

THis is the wrong place to post melee maps.. should be in the melee section :C
This section is for UMS maps.


Jan 23 2009, 3:18 am JCarrill0 Post #3

BattleTag: JCarrill0#1742

Quote from UnholyUrine
THis is the wrong place to post melee maps.. should be in the melee section :C
This section is for UMS maps.
Opps sry about that, thx for moving it

Nov 24 2015, 5:49 pm JCarrill0 Post #4

BattleTag: JCarrill0#1742

I updated the first post, was thinking of updating this with NEW hyper-trigters if anyone is willing to test this out.

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