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Pre- During- Vanilla Protoss campaign
Dec 6 2008, 9:38 pm
By: Grand_dracolich  

Dec 6 2008, 9:38 pm Grand_dracolich Post #1

I've been working on coming up with some ideas and doing some backstory research to make another Protoss campaign, detailing Tassadar's work as Executor starting with Chau Sara's invasion and ending just before Protoss mission 4 "The Hunt For Tassadar" (There was a lot to be said, during that part, but it was heard, practically, second-hand).

The campaign is going to have two versions, one for single-player, and another for cooperative play (both players will be the same color). I'm hoping to have it 10-maps.

So, is this canon, or believable, considering some things I have to do to make it more enjoyable, play-wise?

Canon-status sources: SC campaign (just put on cheats and play through), and

P1)Invasion of Chau Sara

Description: With an infestation discovered on Chau Sara, Tassadar has ordered a small strike force to go to the surface, and determine the extent of the infestation, and if possible, eradicate it.

Forces: Expiditionary Force (Blue), Zerg Swarm (Purple)

Comment: Fairly story friendly. They never said they -didn't- land on the planet first.

Gameplay: Probably the standard "You have troops, carve out a main, then set one up" scenarios. Should be Terran mission 7 level difficulty, to start the player(s) off.

2P: Second player starts with units and probes, too.

P2)Misdirected Retribution

Description: With Chau Sara sterilized, General Edmund Duke has come to destroy the Protoss fleet on the planet's orbital platforms to ensure they can't destroy another planet. There are remnants of a Zerg force on the platforms, as well.

Forces: Expiditionary Force (Blue), Confederate Armada (White), Zerg Swarm (Purple)

Comment: It said on General Duke's wiki page that he attacked Tassadar after Chau Sara, so it's pretty story-friendly, but I'm not sure if Tassadar retreated, or fought. The Zerg are thrown in to make things interesting. :P

Gameplay: This'll be a no-holds-barred pitched battle on space platforms. Probably one of the only battles where the player will have access to Arbiters and Carriers. The rag-tag Zerg Swarm will have, at most, mutalisks, but maybe some ultralisks scattered around. The Terrans will have battlecruisers, but not ghosts.

2P: Second player has a base on an island.


Description: Tassadar personally attends the scouting force to the surface of Mar Sara, to determine if the planet is rescuable.

Forces: Expiditionary Force (Blue), Zerg Swarm (Purple and maybe Orange), Confederacy? (White)

Comment: I think it was in a book, but he did join in on a scouting force to Mar Sara. He burns it afterward and moves on to Antiga Prime. I'd like to incorporate Fire Base Chimera (, as well.

Gameplay: With Fire Base Chimera, it'll probably be a "Get to the Terran base before the timer", then reinforce it. In the two-player map, one will control the Protoss base, while the second will control Tassadar, a few other units, and the Terran base once you get it.

Of course, that's not incredibly canon, so it might be an "assault the infested terran base" map, which is more boring.

2P: "Get to the base before the timer": One will control the Protoss base, while the second will control Tassadar, a few other units, and the Terran base once you get it. "Assault the infested terran base": Second player has a base.

P4)Antiga's Fall

Description: Tassadar joins forces with Delta Squadron to try to evacuate Terrans from Antiga Prime.

Forces: Expiditionary Force (Blue), Terran Confederacy (Orange), Zerg Swarm (Purple and Red)

Comment: Again, I think it was in a book. Delta Squadron was defeated by the Zerg while trying to evacuate the population, after the Sons of Korhal broke through the Confederate blockade. After that, Tassadar decided to burn what was left of the planet.

Gameplay: Player(s) have an ally, for this match (Orange Terran). I think some time-based objective, like defending the Terran player for a little while. After the timer, some dropships come under attack from scourge and mutalisks, killing the evacuees.

2P: Second player has a base, but it's not as established.

P5)Breach //Probably could use a different name

Description: Tassadar attempts to get through the Zerg and Confederate force in orbit, to attack the Hive Clusters.

Forces: Expiditionary Force (Blue), Terran Confederacy (Brown), Zerg Swarm (Purple), Sons Of Korhal? (Red)

Comment: The mission itself will probably be during or after Terran mission 9. In the briefing, Tassadar'll have a short conversation/argument with Kerrigan. Tassadar said during the briefing in Zerg 6 that he and Kerrigan had met before, so this is probably that occasion (in the briefing).

Gameplay: Destroy all enemies! Massive free for all between the Zerg, Confederacy, Protoss and maybe The Sons of Korhal. Again the player has access to the big ships, the Zerg has fewer limitations (probably no Defilers or Spawn Broodling), and the Terrans have ghosts, but no nukes.

P2: Second player has his own base on an island that's not as established.

P6)All Out War

Description: Tassadar sends a force to destroy the primary Zerg Hive Cluster the old-fasioned way. Meanwhile, remnants of the Confederacy struggle to survive.

Forces: Expiditionary Force (Blue), Zerg Swarm (purple and maybe Orange), Terran Confederacy (White)

Comment: This should definately be in, since the advisor in the briefing for Terran 10 said that the Protoss and Zerg were still battling on the surface.

Gameplay: The only easy expansions would be by destroying one or two of the weak white Terran bases. Then you'd have the resources to defeat the Zerg forces. However, attacking them would make them become hostile to you (now that'd be a tricky condition, but the action part is easy. I wonder if the AI will pick up that the player's an enemy, though, when that's changed in-game).

2P: Second player has a base.


Description: Tassadar comes to Char to answer a psionic distress call from Kerrigan (Zerg 3/4). Before he can do that, he must save Raynor's and Duke's forces on Char Aleph (the orbital platforms) before the Zerg destroy them.

Forces: Expiditionary Force (Blue), Zerg Swarm (Red and Orange), Terran Dominion (White)

Comment: When his fleet came to Char, he had to destroy both Raynor's and Duke's fleet to keep them from being infested. At the end of this mission, the Terran forces will come under massive attack (probably). I'm think just Duke's force, in this map, since Raynor's men are blue colored, and that would conflict with Tassadar's fleet's color.

Gameplay: Again, a full ship map. If the Terran command center dies (before you kill the Zerg bases, at least), you lose.

2P: Second player, again, has a base.


Description: Tassadar sets up a base camp on Char, where he meets the Dark Templar.

Comment: One of the tricky parts will be the writing where Tassadar meets Zeratul. "Although Tassadar was initially hostile, Zeratul convinced him to cooperate against the zerg." Also, Tassadar met Raynor before he met Zeratul, so I'm not sure where he should fit in.

Forces: Expiditionary Force (Blue), Zerg Swarm (Orange and maybe Red)

Gameplay: Set up a base with Tassadar, some units and some workers. When you set up a Nexus, the Dark Templar'll appear. I don't have much of an idea what to do

2P: Second player will start with some units and workers as well. There'll be two possible places to set up a base camp (East or West, both are lightly defended).


Description: Tassadar and Zeratul devise a way to defeat one of the Zerg Broods on Char. With Tassadar keeping Kerrigan busy, Zeratul's force will penetrate the Garm Brood's defenses and kill it's Cerebrate.

Forces: Expiditionary Force (Blue), Zerg Swarm (Orange)

Gameplay: Similar to Protoss 9, where you have to get Zeratul to kill two cerebrates. No ideas beyond that.

2P: Second player will probably control Zeratul.

P10)? //*Shrugs*

Comments: No ideas. From what I understand, between Zerg 8 and Protoss 4, the remaining Dark Templar and what was left of Tassadar's force was being chased around by Kerrigan. Also, how would the Dark Templar get seperated from Tassadar's force?

This, also, could be what Daggoth was referring to in the Zerg 7 briefing, "I shall deal with the Protoss."

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Dec 6 2008, 11:35 pm Biophysicist Post #2

I'd play this, do it. Even if conflicts with canon a little bit, it seems pretty close, and it would be fun.

Oh, I seem to remember the wiki saying Tassadar once performed a Dark Templar ritual called the Shadow Walk... Maybe you could add that as a mission? Kind of like the various Installation missions that you do in the campaign? Have a thin path and make Dark Templar with 0 damage attack Tassadar, and whenever Tassadar is hit make him get "pushed" (Order action) away from the DT. (You can put a ComSat for a computer allied to and having shared vision with Tassadar and use Commands to detect when a Scanner Sweep goes off, which indicates that a DT has hit Tassadar. [You can kill the Scanner Sweep to stop it from revealing other DTs.]) If Tassadar falls off the path, you lose the mission. You could also add beacons that reveal nearby DTs or cloak Tassadar and stuff. Or you could implement the Shadow Walk entirely differently, or not at all. Just throwing my two minerals in...


Dec 7 2008, 4:23 pm Grand_dracolich Post #3

Interesting idea, but that'd be more of a minigame-type map.


Dec 8 2008, 12:36 am Grand_dracolich Post #4

Bump after 7 hours. :P

Updated first post with my ideas for the 2 player modes, and a general idea for mission 8. Anyone ideas for mission 10, or are there any links to the battle between Daggoth and Tassadar, or how, exactly, Zeratul and Tassadar got seperated? I have a feeling the time between Zerg 8 and Protoss 4 will have to be 2-3 maps.

I might have to get one of those Starcraft novels. XD


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