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Puzzle Compilation
Nov 26 2008, 12:14 am
By: payne
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Nov 26 2008, 12:14 am payne Post #1


The Puzzling 2

3 players; A sequel to The Puzzling 1

Download / Thread (made by KhaosKreator and Euryale)

Finally, here it is! :D

Even though not all of us knew they were working on a project, they're back with a sequel of their famous The Puzzling 1. As Psionic_Storm would say, it comes with a bunch of "Class A puzzles"! Though people could think this wouldn't present any new puzzles since there were so many in TP1, this is 100% unique ;)

Searching for a challenge? Play this map! But make sure you have a doctor near you because the number of cases of insanity will raise up the next few months among the starcraft community :P

I don't think this needs a bigger description... it's a self-made popularity that we're here talking of! ;D

The Puzzle One

A newer and harder version of The Puzzling

Download (made by Death_Peo)

You though you were a God since you had finished The Puzzling?! No way, it was bullshit (talking in terms of difficulty) compared to this! But let me advertise you: this is hard because the maker's mind was twisted, all of his puzzles are logical (except maybe the fucking first one which I never figured out :flamer: ), but kind of tricky to solve (not always, though). If you've done The Puzzling, it may help you very much since some puzzles are kind of the same, but with a little tricky move is added (which sometimes makes in sort that you think you've solved it totally and get out of the room thinking something got opened, but in fact, you forgot to do a little thing (that's a tip :-_-: )).
This is very well done, but less noob-friendly. I really suggest you guys to get through The Puzzling before attacking this! The Puzzling gives you a smooth start with a kind of introduction on how the systems work, not The Puzzle One (but it's exactly the same).
If ever you get stuck into a place, just ask me, I'll try to help you out without giving you the answer ;-)
(And, as I've already said, YES they are all logically solvable and without running around like a stupid piece of shit doing random stuff (but if someone gets how to solve the 1st one, thanks to send me a tip :O :stfu: ))

Oh! Just a last hint: never try to skip flags, the burrow ability isn't given to you for this purpose (well... for as far as I've reached).

If you want help, do not ask if you are beyond the tank room (the Code Type S/Code Type T shit). I'm still stuck in front of that damn reaver named "Point The Bringer" :flamer: ! :(

Oops! I was about to forget: For the ones that thinks that unprotecting The Puzzling with OSMap and doing what the triggers tells so is to solve a puzzle, they are screwed because this one is very well protected :rolleyes: (Yes I've tryed :unsure: )
Btw, MORE puzzle-maps just below ;)


The Puzzling 2 v1.1.scx
Hits: 4 Size: 199.19kb
Hits: 55 Size: 254.51kb

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Nov 26 2008, 12:30 am payne Post #2


For some odd reasons, the Edit button won't work, so here is my addition to the topic:

The Puzzling

3 players; Entertaining until the end

Download (made by KhaosKreator, Euryale and Bacde)

For the ones that want to start with the real good old stuff, here it is! :D

Dungeon Escape

1 player; A kind of RPG'ish puzzle map which also features battles and is single player

Download / Thread (made by Psionic_Storm) *New version available!

Very well done and challenging! Nothing more to say :D

Enigma RPG (Part 1)

1 player; A mix of The Puzzling and Dungeon Escape

Download (made by Death_Peo)

Well, it's Korean, so it's surely awesome ;-)
I don't know where to find the other Parts :(
(Yes I tested it: I did all the cave and solved some puzzles. I found it hard to get to hotkey my ability building though )

The Optical Room

3 players; Some weird puzzles that involves much more the brain than the action (as far as I've reached :P)

Download (made by TwoPearl) *New version available!

Well... lets just say it's not always evident to find the answers, but some of the riddles are just awesome
... Probably the only real puzzle map based off brainstorming and all :D
So far, I've reached the 1st room of the 3rd level! :D (Which means I've solved the 9 first puzzles!)
P.S. No saving allowed (or you'll crash)


4 players; very different from the others

Download (made by [OK]OKOKOKK)

A wave of fresh: you are 4 civilians (and not 3 zerglings) that has to beat puzzles in 44 minutes and 44 seconds (shorter if played at game speed faster than normal ;-) ).
It's easy to open doors, but be aware, to solve the puzzles, it's much more tricky! I solved only 2,33 puzzles so far xD

Five Triggers

1 player; map makers only ;P

Download / Thread (made by Kaias)

If you think you know the basics of triggering, well, you should seriously try this: you get to solve a "puzzle" which is simply to manipulate 3 tanks and 2 locations that are affected by 5 triggers which permanently runs. You can see those in the mission objective (in-game).
Enjoy it! :D

The Number Puzzle

3 players; Korean number based puzzle

Download (made by ?)

I seriously do not suggest you this: unless you know how to speak Korean, just don't: the instructions/hints are in Korean; you can't do much ;-)

Temple Puzzle

2 players; An other puzzle map from SEN :D

Download / Thread (made by DeVouReR)

For once, no need to find a 3rd genius (which could sometimes get tenuous) and you won't have to play alone: 2 players! :D
This, like many others, follow the "standardized" puzzle set-up: little rooms with an obs to center view, stairs to change of room, etc...
Plus, it Twilight terrain gives it a calming mood (Dungeon Escape made an other mood with it ;P).

Temple Explorers

2 players; Not as entertaining as the others, but still very good!

Download / Thread (made by DeVouReR)

Some kind of a mix of Dungeon Escape and Temple Puzzle... have fun ;P
(Final boss is very hard ;P)

Secret Room

3 players; "Easier" than The Puzzling

Download (made by Genius_Zzz)

This one is very cool and NO, there is no bug in triggers ;-)
Just a hint: when you see something in a room, note it down!.
P.S. There's a fucking annoying hard rock music playing in background :stfu: and this is made with the Ash World tileset
Also, you might want to know that the very last level is impossible :P


1 player; SC-mechanics based

Download (made by qPirateKing)

Very nice and relaxing puzzles that are based solely on StarCraft mechanics.
There are a few modes offered as well: try them all!


1 player; completely based odd Nydus Canal mechanics

Download (made by qPirateKing)

You wanted some epic level design? You have it.
You wanted a good puzzle based off StarCraft mechanics only? You have it.
This is pure genius. Use the Nydus Canals and the "unburrow hopping" technique to reach the final Beacon.


Hits: 56 Size: 443.24kb
The Number Puzzle.scx
Hits: 27 Size: 344.65kb

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Nov 26 2008, 12:36 am Generalpie Post #3

Staredit Puckwork

another puzzling? Bring it on! :w00t:


Nov 26 2008, 12:41 am payne Post #4


So sad I can't play with you guys cause it'll result in having 1 mind in less: I wouldn't talk to do not give up the answers :(


Nov 26 2008, 2:23 am UnholyUrine Post #5

Too bad... :P
YAY! Sweet! Anyone wanna play it w/ me?.. I've beaten Puzzling twice so i'm good =)


Nov 26 2008, 2:53 am payne Post #6


I'm always here to try to get furterer! :D
@Pigy: Why would we can keep such a good map secret? :O That's very egoistic xD


Nov 26 2008, 3:15 am Pigy_G Post #7

I've beaten Puzzling twice so i'm good =)

I've beat over ten times. :P

Attached below are the following maps.


Four player, I haven't played it yet, All I have seen is you start as civilians.

The Number Puzzle

Mostly in korean, All about numbers. Be good. It's hard.

Secret Room

This one is great and I got pretty far, It's alot like the puzzling with new puzzles, Not to hard but pretty creative.

Puzzling Walkthrough

I wrote this awhile when I had no internet, If you like it great. It's for the puzzling though which is a decently easy map.

Hits: 3 Size: 194.9kb
The Number Puzzle.scx
Hits: 7 Size: 344.65kb
Hits: 6 Size: 1182.25kb
Puzzling Walkthrough.txt
Hits: 47 Size: 16.24kb


Nov 26 2008, 2:17 pm payne Post #8


"This guide will tell you preddy much everything you need to know,"
"This room can be quite taxing on the patenice, Especially"
"(Q) Is it okay if I messege you on
(A) Absolutely!"
Lol? That's just a few ;-)
Anyway, thanks! ^^ I'll add to my post :D
(If you could host them on SEN, it would help me: I can't :( )


Nov 28 2008, 1:35 am payne Post #9


Btw, it's not me that reported your post :O
Anyway, look at downloads: Optical Room has the most xD The only one I havn't been able to do anything in it, rofl!
If someone has found what to do with the fucking mole, tell me please? :P

EDIT: I tested some of the maps: description updated.
EDIT 2: Possible to put this as a sticky? Could be considered as "Puzzle Maps Compilation Discussion Thread" :O
Has anyone done anything in the Optical Room? And how far have you gotten for the Puzzle One? I'm still stuck :'(
EDIT 3: Tested all of them! I'm missing only 1 puzzles to finished the SAVE PUZZLE and still haven't solved anything into the Optical Chamber. I haven't progressed into The Puzzle One either :( I also added more infos into the 2nd post (authors and description)

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Nov 28 2008, 10:33 pm payne Post #10


Has anyone done:

The reaver or the tanks rooms of The Puzzle One?
The fucking Mole shit with the Optical Chamber?
The last puzzle of the Secret Room? It has like 14 infested terran named "Shit" in it.
Something into the SAVE PUZZLE?

Thanks! :D
(If you're stuck somewhere, just ask in there, and people should try to help you (probably only me and Pigy_G :P))


Dec 6 2008, 6:30 pm payne Post #11


Just a little update once again because nobody seems to care about this topic even if I'm pretty sure it's a useful one that shall belong to some kind of Golden Compilation (just like my RPG one).
I also wanted to say that, for the ones that are stuck, just like me, at the mineral level, you can just skip it by get 2 zergligns on the other side of the Tree and these 2 zerglings would try to make one jump over the other tree and the zergilng that has past can go hit a switch named "Reset" that will releport the zergling to that level.
We solved that level, but of course, skipping two levels bugged the triggers, so yeah, we skipped again: same tactic for jumping and than, I let you guess how to reach the last level of the 2nd part (3/5 solved of the 1st part and 3/4 solved of the 2nd part) ;)
Have a nice playing ;P


Dec 9 2008, 8:36 am UnholyUrine Post #12

Ugh the Puzzle One's first level was retarded. The rest are fine.

Can't get past the First code given by the avatar of life n death and what those avatar do..
we were basically running around like lil shits in the end...

Some puzzles were too ez, some were too hard... kinda flawed that way.. Puzzling had it way smoother..


Dec 9 2008, 1:31 pm Devourer Post #13


Quote from UnholyUrine
Ugh the Puzzle One's first level was retarded. The rest are fine.

Can't get past the First code given by the avatar of life n death and what those avatar do..
we were basically running around like lil shits in the end...

Some puzzles were too ez, some were too hard... kinda flawed that way.. Puzzling had it way smoother..

Do you mean the one in The_puzzle_one at the room with an Academy, an Archon, a DarkArchon and a square at the top left cornor??

There is a secret room near that room and they give you some codes like

The letters means: LAST FIVE, so the last number of em is a 5
each player gets an other code, so you have to tell em each other
then you msut seperate the numbers like this:
you've got: 304290 LAS
seperating: 30 42 90 LAS
3 Archons, 0 DarkArchons, then press "enter" [the creep spot at the right side]
4 Archons, 2 DarkArchons, then press "enter" [the creep spot at the right side]
9 Archons, 0 DarkArchons, then press "enter" [the creep spot at the right side]
so... when you doing it right for each code will appear 1 HT at the top left conror, if you got all 9 codes right enterd a kakaru will span there (lol, why a kakaru?^^) but when you made any mistake you have to start with the first code again and so on...
it's the easiest way when only one player enters them...

bwt: I also hated the first room >.< it made no sense
so, hope this helps :)

edit: uh sorry payne
Credits for payne, he showed me how to get past this :)

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Dec 9 2008, 2:21 pm payne Post #14


Unholy, have you solved logically the 1st one?
I couldn't find anything, I must always guess it :(
@Dev: No credits to payne for finding? :P


Dec 9 2008, 3:01 pm Devourer Post #15


Quote from UnholyUrine
Too bad... :P
YAY! Sweet! Anyone wanna play it w/ me?.. I've beaten Puzzling twice so i'm good =)

lmao... as soon as you beaten it once you can beat it as often as you want :D

and @ payne; added credits LMAO :)

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Dec 9 2008, 4:38 pm GameLoader1337 Post #16

can you do these puzzles alone? o.o


Dec 9 2008, 4:53 pm Devourer Post #17


Quote from GameLoader1337
can you do these puzzles alone? o.o
at the puzzle names there stand for how many players that puzzle is
for example: the puzzling requires 3
dungeon escape : 1
the_puzzle_one : 3

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Dec 9 2008, 5:39 pm payne Post #18


I though I had made all this easy to get xD
Read please? :P
@Dev: gimme MOAR credits! >:D (jk :) )


Dec 9 2008, 6:19 pm Pigy_G Post #19

So you never actually beat the mineral room in The Optical Room? You cheated?


Dec 9 2008, 7:33 pm payne Post #20


Nope :P
It was very funny when we saw that, actually, but anyway...
I'm still searching the answer xD


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