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SEN Arena
Sep 17 2008, 5:21 am
By: Echo
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Sep 17 2008, 5:21 am Echo Post #1

SEN Arena
By : SileNtEcho
A StarEdit.Net Production

Map Size : 128x96
Tileset : Jungle
Map Type : Arena

Brief Summary
A small quick arena map dedicated to SEN among members. Play one of three options, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, or just get the most kills.

Game Play
Choose a unit, a SEN member and use them to kill enemies with spells. Objective is to be the first one to kill 25, 50, or 100 units. Each SEN member has a unique spell corresponding to their personality or what they are known for. Pick from 3 different skills per character.

SEN Members *Known ones, or major contributors first (Then Minors can fill up rest)
  • MiniMoose2707 - Alexei Stukov (Based on Probert the Probe)
  • Isolated_Purity - Archon
  • DT_Battlekruser - Civilian
  • Doodan - Firebat
  • Killer_Kow - Rhynadon
  • Yoshi - Hydralisk
  • Merrell - SCV
  • FaRTy1billion - Dark Archon
  • MillenniumArmy - Tassadar
  • chuiu - Firebat
  • Clokr_ - Wraith
  • Deathawk - Kakaru
  • Legacy(U) - Marine
  • A_of-s_t - Reaver
  • Fatal_Exception - Zergling
  • Corbo - Defiler
  • Syphon - Infested Kerrigan
  • Voyager7456 - Observer
  • Echo - Ghost
  • Rantent - Probe
  • Falkoner - Arbitar
  • devilesk - Ultralisk
  • ClansAreForGays - Dragoon
  • Stevus - Science Vessal
  • dumbducky - Devouring One
  • Lethal_Illusion - Dark Templar Hero
  • bonelesskid - Infested Duran
  • Tuxedo-Templar - Dark Templar
  • Hitok1r1 - Zealot (Fenix)
  • NerdyTerdy - Vulture
  • PCFredZ - Jimmy Vulture

Coming Soon (Possibly Tomorrow)

Nominate a Member that is well known that I left out. I can't think right.

This is a SEN map, so feel free to contribute ideas. If you're name is up there, feel to suggest 3 spells you want (Spell 1, Spell 2, Ultimate). Make sure that if you suggest a spell, it isn't rigged, otherwise I'll edit it so it fits into the map. If you don't, I would have to use my uncreative mind to create spells for your character.

Ultimate spells would be enough to be killing in 1 hit, for almost all characters. Other spells would do enough damage to inflict 1/2 or 1/3.
Skills will cost 100, 200, and 500, with a regeneration of 5 MP per 1.9 second.

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Sep 17 2008, 5:32 am Oyen Post #2

I nominate madroc and stickynote, as well as ClanAreForGays!

Can we suggest spells for SEN members other than ourselves?

EDIT: I also nominate Shocko!


Sep 17 2008, 5:33 am Madroc Post #3


So two Clokr_s = farty. Or using math 1 farty = 2 Clokr_s? Oooh clokr_'s gonna be mad...

Just off the top of my head, Jamal, Mayor, Falkoner, rantent, devilesk (he would be, um, a mineral patch), and Akar I all nominate :P

If I can only nominate one person I nominate Falkoner

Edit aw Oyen I'm honored :bleh:


Sep 17 2008, 5:36 am Echo Post #4

Yeah, you can suggests spells too. Madroc, if I have room, I'll add you. I might be able to put more heroes than the limit I put right now. Good suggestions.

Devilesk, Falkoner, Akar, ClansAreForGays are added.

I feel like I'm missing some important modders and possibly SEN elders from the past.

DT_Battlekruser is a civilian because his 3rd skill transforms him into a battlecruiser.

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Sep 17 2008, 5:44 am Oyen Post #5

Here's a spell idea for MilleniumArmy:

Minigame!: If another player moves near MilleniumArmy and this ability is used, a 4x4 mobile grid is created. One of the four corners is randomly chosen to spawn a kakaru, owned by the MilleniumArmy player. Whoever touches the kakaru within 5 seconds becomes invincible for 10 seconds. If the kakaru is not touched within 5 seconds, the kakaru is replaced with 4 hallucinations of MilleniumArmy owned by the player who is using MilleniumArmy!

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Sep 17 2008, 5:46 am Echo Post #6

Haha intersting spell, but that would kinda benefit the other player instead of whoever is Using MillenniumArmy.


Sep 17 2008, 5:49 am Lingie Post #7

Champion of "Tooting his own Horn."

Dibs on Devouring One. DM probably wants a marine.

Lingie#3142 @ Discord. Still alive!

Sep 17 2008, 5:52 am Oyen Post #8

Here's 2 more spell ideas for milleniumArmy

Minigame Plus!: If another player moves near MilleniumArmy and this ability is used, MilleniumArmy and nearby players will be replaced with kakarus (their actual heros are just moved somewhere, they don't die). Each player can move his kakaru around. If a player moves his kakaru over a player who was not transformed into a kakaru, that player will gradually transfer half his mana to the kakaru player and the other half to MilleniumArmy as long as the kakaru is over him. After 25 seconds, each kakaru will disappear, and MilleniumArmy and other transformed players will re-appear back at the spot they had been transformed at.

Ultimate Spell idea for MilleniumArmy:

Minigame Master
: This ability can only be used when at least 2 players are near MilleniumArmy. When this skill is used, all nearby players(excluding MilleniumArmy) are transformed into kakarus. The first kakaru-transformed player who manages to touch MilleniumArmy has his mana set to its max. The losers have all their mana transferred to MilleniumArmy. After a kakaru wins, the kakarus disappear and every player re-appears in the spot that he disappeared in. If nobody touches MilleniumArmy within 5 seconds, the kakarus disappear and every player re-appears in the spot that he disappeared in, but MilleniumArmy is fully healed.

PS: I modified my idea in the post above, so that it is the MilleniumArmy player who controls the kakaru, so if he's skilled he can keep the kakaru away from other players to gain the hallucination benefit or move it near himself for invincibility.

PS2: modifed spell 2 so that MilleniumArmy gains mana as well when kakarus touch non-kakaru players

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Sep 17 2008, 6:04 am Paravin. Post #9

Can one nominate thyself?

Edit: Also Moose needs as the Ultimate: BANNHAMMER. Basicly it removes one player from the fight, inflicts him alot of damage, and forces him to wait for 20 seconds. The twist is, ANYONE, in the map can be 'banned'.


Sep 17 2008, 6:06 am Echo Post #10

I'll add Darkling and Dark_Marine as one character, only because I always thought about it for another map. Spell will be interchanging between Marine and Zergling.


Sep 17 2008, 6:10 am Madroc Post #11

Well if you decide to include me, reserve a small place for a cut-out of a wraith for me won't you?


Sep 17 2008, 6:10 am Demented Shaman Post #12

Nice, I'm glad you added me and I didn't even have to tell you to :P

Btw, lowercase the d please.


Sep 17 2008, 6:12 am Oyen Post #13

Here's some spell ideas for Isolated_Purity - Archon.

Spell 1:

Fist of Moderation: Cancels 1 spell being used by a nearby player.

Spell 2:

Hammer of Banning: A nearby player's hero is moved somewhere isolated. 20 seconds later, the player's hero re-appears in some random location in the arena.

Ultimate Spell:

Server Crash: All heroes in the game become paralyzed for 10-15 seconds. A hero will become unparalyzed if Isolated_Purity moves near him.

EDIT: Dang paravin beat me on the 2nd spell idea!

EDIT2: crud...I just realized one of the other heroes was a kakaru. So much for MilleniumArmy ideas. :-(


Sep 17 2008, 6:18 am InsolubleFluff Post #14

I am actually amazingly surprised that anyone even considered nominating me, thanks Oyen ^-^.
I vote that...
Bonelesskid needs to be in there ^-^
Tuxedo_Templar should be in there just because everyone seems to make a big deal about him, I personally prefer to read his huge blocks of intelect then play his maps.


Sep 17 2008, 6:43 am Echo Post #15

Dark_Marine/Darkling might be removed for unit use (Just because you guys rarely do anything on SEN except for 1 Map Production Topic and Null) lol. 40% Chance, because this map isn't going to be all technical with that mumble jumble.

Doodan's Spell :
1) Baby : Gives Birth Summons his Child (Lol)

FaRTy1Billion's Spell
1) Fartplosion : Massive explosion that inflicts damage

I'm wondering if I should put someone as a Infested Terran just for the lulz, maybe Chuiu.

I was thinking MillenniumArmy's spell should be something like MillenniumTank, MillenniumFighter (Air unit), basically a shape shifter with spell 1 being revert. I need his input.

There might not be enough room, but if there is, (U) members are going to be filling up the spot, most likely Kenoli or Legacy(U) or MindArchon.

NerdyTerdy will be added if there is more room avaliable.

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Sep 17 2008, 6:51 am Paravin. Post #16

Daww, why can't I be popular. :-(


Sep 17 2008, 6:53 am Echo Post #17

Quote from Paravin.
Daww, why can't I be popular. :-(
Sorry, I'll make a SEN Arena II for the other people, and then a SEN Arena III for the best members of I and II. ^^


Sep 17 2008, 6:56 am Madroc Post #18

This was such a great idea for a map mate :D I can't wait until operation. I want to put IP up against MiniMoose :)


Sep 17 2008, 6:59 am Paravin. Post #19

Quote from Echo
Quote from Paravin.
Daww, why can't I be popular. :-(
Sorry, I'll make a SEN Arena II for the other people, and then a SEN Arena III for the best members of I and II. ^^

WOO! I call dibs on Ghost!


Sep 17 2008, 7:00 am Lingie Post #20

Champion of "Tooting his own Horn."

Lul, yeah well. At least I make the zergling look good, yo'.

Lingie#3142 @ Discord. Still alive!

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