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Sep 4 2008, 1:41 am
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Quote from ICL
Bart Farkas
By Bichwine

One day we received an E-Mail from Bart Farkas himself.

I just stumbled across your Bart Farkas site. It's funny. (really).
This is part of the reason why I don't work for Prima anymore, once something gets written you never know what's going to happen to it.
Also, you should know that I had to write that guide in 10 days, start to finish, including maps and tables, the whole thing. 50,000 words with kick-ass strategies in 10 days is a challenge to say the least.
Again, I do find the site amusing, and frankly I agree with you. It's just unforutnate that sometimes the amount of time available to write strategy guides is very limited, resulting in a product that is of no use to the uber-gamer.
Bart (Farkas) :-)

From His Award Winning Best Selling BW Strategy Guide

WARNING -- Due to the extreme excellence of the strategies and tactics provided in this guide we suggest never playing on BNET or KALI again. Learning these strats will make you unbeatable in ALL areas, on ANY map, and in ANY game related to Brood War and/or Starcraft. Bart Farkas, a name any and every BNET player should know, wrote a book about playing Starcraft and Brood War. The reason of making this book was to provide newcomers with some general strats in winning at BW, but as stated above, this book went way above that level. When you read this book you will instantly become the best bnet player of all time. You may think, what about Agent911 or Zileas, well, Bart Farkas owns these guys constantly with only his 4 starting peons and his ability to use his peons as juggernaut war-machine micro-maniacs, running over all his 7 greatest opponents in a 7vBart without losing a single peon. -- WARNING

Obviously this isn't Bart writing this, he is currently in Korea winning every tournament with nothing but his micro-managed peons and his non-existing shift-queing skills. The following information provided by ICL will outline all of his most effective strats and tips listed in his Best Strategy Book of the last Millennium.

(Below are actual lines from his book. You can go buy it. Published by Prima. Obviously he didn't take much time to proofread.)

Terran Strats, Hints, Pointers, and Quotes
"You may be tempted to build flashy spaceships, but sometimes a group of inexpensive Marines can serve just as well"

"One or two goliaths against a group of 10 zerglings are in trouble"

"The SCV looks like it might make a good fighting unit. However, the SCV doesn't really mix it up well and you should use this unit for combat only in emergency situations. Having the SCV harvest gas and minerals is a far, far more efficient use of resources it took to build the unit"

"Raynor's Vulture isn't your typical unit. Remember that when you're ordering up 12 of them"

"The Yamato gun can take out a whole base. For example, say 10 BattleCruisers(all Yamato-equipped) approach a Zerg base defended by 5 Spore Colonies. Each of the 5 BCs uses its Yamato to take out a spore colony with one shot while the other 5 BCs hit the hive with Yamato, BOOM, the Hive and the entire air defense network is gone in about 15 seconds"

" Use BCs more for defense than offense, especially in multiplayer games. This is because the Zerg Scourges can take out a BC for half the cost. In a resource battle, you'd lose."

"EMP is especially effective against the protoss(it removes their shields). The EMP is as effective for attack as it is for defense."

"Popular to contrary belief the SCIENCE VESSEL IS NOT A DETECTOR(not actually stated but in the chart) "

Zerg Strats, Hints, Pointers, and Quotes
"Each Overlord can be responsible for up to 7 units"

"The Zergling is susceptible to attacks from Siege Tanks, Firebats, CARRIERS, and even Radiation"

"A group of 12 Hydras and 12 Guardians can move over a map together and crush enemy bases very effectively"

"As with the SCV, you shouldn't use the Drone for attack. In a pinch, though, it has an attack capability slightly greater than that of its Terran cousin"

"The Plague is somewhat like Terran Science vessel's Irradiate ability"

"Eggs are surprisingly tough"

"Guardian = 100 gas + 50 minerals... Mutalisk = 100 gas + 150 minerals... Guardian+Mutalisk = 200 gas + 150 minerals"

"Scourge really shine against Terran Carriers; in fact, many Starcraft players call them "Carrier Killers", If you fling 12 scourge at a carrier the carrier will be almost certainly destroyed"

"When attacking Protoss, destroy pylons.... Beware, However, of PROBES that probably will scoot out to warp in new pylons"

Protoss Strats, Hints, Pointers, and Quotes

"The Reaver is a strange unit. It's often called the Ground Carrier."

"Don't send Scarabs into packs of fighting units unless you're prepared to take some friendly fire."

"Although High Templars can fight(range 3, attack 0), keep them behind lines."

"A grid of photon cannons can be all the defense you ever need."


Sep 4 2008, 1:43 am Demented Shaman Post #2

ICL owns.


Sep 4 2008, 8:39 am StrikerX22 Post #3

Just wow. I don't care if you got a deadline... he's just taking a quick look at each unit and bs'ing. I assume this was before any patches happened? So hey, maybe some of those things were more true, but yeah. And Prima's always, ALWAYS sucked. there's never been any point to getting one beyond the pretty pictures.


Sep 4 2008, 3:38 pm Symmetry Post #4

Dungeon Master

This came pretty much with the release of StarCraft... Obviously it's not going to be totally accurate.

:voy: :jaff: :voy: :jaff:

Sep 13 2009, 1:26 am CoolManJones Post #5

"EMP removes shields and energy, so obviously it has no effect on the zerg, which are completely biological" That always stuck out with me.


Sep 13 2009, 3:34 am BeDazed Post #6

Well, thats not entirely true. EMP effects Zerg with energy.


Sep 13 2009, 3:39 am Jack Post #7

>be faceless void >mfw I have no face

Over bedazed's head.

I read these books once. I think I only got the cheats out of them, the rest was all rubbish in general.

Red classic.

"In short, their absurdities are so extreme that it is painful even to quote them."

Sep 13 2009, 3:43 am darksnow Post #8

it came with my battle chest :P


Nov 24 2009, 7:33 pm OlimarandLouie Post #9

Ahahaha! i can remember reading those very same lines all those years ago in my SC & SCBW Prima Guide :lol: so 1337 and so many typos


Dec 13 2009, 8:51 pm 13Stallion Post #10

man i read this guide back in the day when i first got the game lol. I was too young to understand, I seriously thought these were pro-strategies till I started gaming on bnet. Rofls at this amazing guide, a must read for any starcraft player ^^


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No-Name-Needed-II -- Zoan No idea if anything changed.. I've made several maps that push TMOANC to the limit and they are still working.. 3 causes of it I've narrowed down are -Too many islands which some terrain on certain tilesets can create micro islands on cliff edges with basic isometric.. -Too many changes in elevation from high to mid to low ground.. -And too many tiles from certain doodads that block tank fire..
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