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Auroraless Pylon
Sep 13 2007, 2:46 am
By: MrrLL  

Sep 13 2007, 2:46 am MrrLL Post #1

I'm not sure if this was ever talked about, but I was playing in the editor with my test map. I created two locations and had a pylon move back and forth between them at zero milliseconds (hypers required), so it was just staying at one of the locations:

([Pylon]) [ ]

I created a pylon in the right location:

([Pylon]) ([Pylon])

I then destroyed the left pylon, and the right pylon moved left instantly.

[boom] ([Pylon])
[Pylon]<-[ ]

The pylon stayed at the left side, but it's aurora was left behind at the right location.

[Pylon] ([ ])

This is a great concept to use if you want to create a cannon defense where you don't give players vision of pylons on a higher terrain, and they'll be confused as why they can build on grounds without pylons.

It's also pretty useful if you want pylons in your map without auroras, unless there's some simpler methods using properties or something. Anyway, have fun.

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Sep 13 2007, 2:50 am Falkoner Post #2

All you have to do is move the pylon and the aurora stays, I don't think it powers though, so that's kinda cool that this way powers, of course, if used in a defense map, there would be issues if the player built over the spot though, and I don't see how this could be used with lots of pylons.


Sep 13 2007, 5:45 pm who Post #3

Lots of locations?


Sep 13 2007, 6:01 pm The Starport Post #4

Won't you still need a clear spot to move the pylon? You can't simply build anywhere or you'd cover that spot, I'd imagine.

Still, definitely a useful trick.


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