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Minigame Ideas
Jul 18 2008, 8:44 pm
By: 49281358723941702706  

Jul 18 2008, 8:44 pm 49281358723941702706 Post #1

The purpose of this thread is to try to come up with ideas that would be neat for MillenniumArmy's Minigame Party map. If they are not added to it perhaps they can be used for future maps. Try to include minigame ideas that he does not plan to include already. I have included my personal list of around 20 minigames I think would be fun to have in his map. When thinking of ideas it helps to try to think of different types of map types and things you can take from them to put into a minigame. Also, many bound maps/obstacle course maps you have things that could be used as minigames.

Topic in which MA talks about his minigames which already will be included is right below. Try to come up with new ideas.

Quote from Gamma
1. Build the most buildings in a small area. People can team up against the player with the most points.
2. Virus: Computer unit(s) start as the virus. Try not to get tagged and turn into the virus. Last to not get tagged wins the points. (Maybe flame effect over unit).
3. Shoot the archons (soccer balls) from the middle to your beacon for points. First to x points wins.
4. MC to get X units form the middle to your beacon the fastest to win.
5. Bomberman Minigame (If not included)
6. Splash Damage Bound
7. Sucking Effect Bound/Race
10.Dodge the lurkers (Like Mario Party Minigame)(W/ Rines & Stim)
12.Eliminate teamates by bringing crystals from mid to their base X times. (Like Mario Party Minigame)
13.Larva Dodge Race (Like Jailbreak)
14.Run past flames, dark archons, race (Like Jailbreak)
15.Scourge Dodge w/ Zlings (Like Jailbreak)
16.Race w/ Spider Mines on sides?
17.Infesteds vs. 25 Scvs. Whoever kills most scvs wins.
18.Frogger Race (Lines of unis w/ small gaps to run between)(Different Speeds w/ Different Units)(Ex: Reavers, Vultures, Tanks)
19.Jump Bound
a. Vulture Jump a unit wall
b. Probe Jump a mineral wall (You will have 2 probes)
c. Barracks Jump a supply depot wall (You have a marine & barracks)
d. Archons Jump a mineral wall (You have a archon & probe)
e. Zergling Jump a DT Wall (You have 2 zling)
f. Pass through units to minerals (You have a miner. There is a wall of units, and you must click on the resource patch to pass through.
20.Infested Run (Marines racing against infesteds that are chasing you)(Marines can stim)
21.Red Light-Green Light Race (Zlings race on a pathway with sunkens on either side. The majority of time it is a creepcolony, however every few seconds(2-4) it will morph into a sunken colony. First to the end wins. You must burrow to not be killed. There should be 4-6 sunkens, w/ 2 on each side. They should be appropriately spaced out.


Jul 18 2008, 9:51 pm Falkoner Post #2

You know, he could use that one arena, that he has for that game where you have to all reach a square, and last person there dies, he could use that to create a mini version of his map Taxi Drivers.


Jul 22 2008, 9:24 pm 49281358723941702706 Post #3

22. Go through the maze of 1x1 Squares the fastest. It is a race. Dodge the randomly patroling mists puffs and cloaked wraiths centered on a location.
23. Beacon Bound-> Control the most beacons by the time the timer runs out. There are different obstacles on the beacons.
24. There is a lurker in the middle that shoots its spikes towards a cloaked unit (or underground units) clockwise. As time goes by it speeds up. Last man standing wins. Occasionally, it changes/may change directions.


Jul 23 2008, 1:17 am Magicide Post #4

Sleeping wolves wake hungry.

Probe battle.

Where all you can build is pylons, gateways w/zealots and cannons, which are all free, but have very low health and cannons do like 3 damage or something.

Try to kill the other probes.

Could work with SCVs/rax/depot, too.


A dropship controlled by a comp spawns infested terrans; each player gets a vulture with ion thrusters and spider mines, and the last one standing wins.

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Jul 24 2008, 9:51 pm 49281358723941702706 Post #5

25)Dodge the cloaked larva
26)Race past the bunker w/ bats inside attacking a dt
27)First to run past the archon w/ zligns
28)Reaver bound
29)Stay in screen bound w/ mazes
30)Stay in screen bound w/ units
31)Junkyard Dog (Roaming Unit) Dodge ->Tank & Reaver + ?


Jul 24 2008, 11:10 pm MillenniumArmy Post #6

If you want these games to be put into consideration, you have to make them more sophisticated.


Jul 24 2008, 11:14 pm KrayZee Post #7

Quote from MillenniumArmy
If you want these games to be put into consideration, you have to make them more sophisticated.
Thinking the same thing.


Jul 25 2008, 1:34 am 49281358723941702706 Post #8

Hmm Maybe I will put alot of effort into it and add screen shots and possibly a demo if I can map well enough. I will definetly try to get screen shots for you. I might add actual trigger details tomorrow, or later.


Jul 25 2008, 4:13 am mY_dOg_caN_mOO Post #9

MillenniumArmy you should come to clan xBc@uswest. We are currently working on a clan mingame project.


Jul 25 2008, 9:26 pm 49281358723941702706 Post #10

You should make it like this.
Variety Bound#1: Stimpack Bound, Reaver Bound, Splash Damage Bound, Sucking Effect Bound, Frogger Bound
Variety Bound#2: Larva Dodge, Cloaked Larva Dodge, Bunker w/ bats attacking DT circling it dodge, first to pass archon w/ zling, roaming unit dodge (tank/wraith/reaver), Fire (Dark Archons), Lurker Jump Rope w/ stacked lurkers.
Jump Bound: Probe Jump Mineral Wall, Zling Jump DT Wall w/ 2 lings, Pass through units to mienrals, red-light green light mingigame called JUMP KILLER.

New Idea:
32)Invisible Unit Junkyard Dog Dodge

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Jul 26 2008, 3:23 am zB-C-yamico96 Post #11

1 ) Your in a 6 row place and theres hydralisk at every end (horizontal + verticle) Then you morph hydralisk to make a observer or something. You die by touching them, last one standing wins.

2 ) You have a civ and a row of beacons. Above you is fishes ( units ) . There are 4 types of fish, -1, +1, +2, +3. Move your civ to a beacon to cast your rod.

3 ) You are azergling and there are 4 types of air units, There is a -1, +1, +2, +3. You burrow your zergling to catch a air unit.

4 ) Your are a scv and you have a beacon , there are numerous powers ups in the field. Bring different kind of powerups to the beacon. Each combo will make different units. Kill the other scvs, last one standing wins.

5) Your a unit and there is a big road with dirt, and burrowed units. You have a barracks for movement (Mobile Grid). You mass create units to move faster, but if you touch a burrowed unit while you were mass creating, you will be stopped. You will slowely move over the burrowed units :D.

6) You have a zealot and your in this big strip. Like 2x8, there will be a unit, and a hero units dropping down. Reg unit = Rotten Apple. Hero Unit = Ripe Apple. You try to catch as many ripe apples as you can, and you can kill the other zealots (Respawns), the one who gets like 30 wins.


Jul 26 2008, 3:55 am Hug A Zergling Post #12

Woah, just thought of this. what if, you always spawn DA's, and you have to MC' each other's DA's. whoever has the most DA's at the end of a certain amount of time, wins.


Jul 26 2008, 7:59 am 49281358723941702706 Post #13

New Ideas:
33)Dodge the flaming cloaked e-bays.
34)Race past the invisible flame wall traps attacking burrowed infesteds.


Jul 26 2008, 4:46 pm MillenniumArmy Post #14

Gamma your ideas are getting either repetitive, unoriginal, or dumb. It's almost like you're spamming now. If I want to implement new mini-games, i want good, original, and creative ones, ones which have most likely been never seen in other sc maps so far.


Jul 26 2008, 7:37 pm zB-C-yamico96 Post #15

Red Light Green Light!?
Tag (Random Persons It)
Freeze Tag (Random Persons It)
Jump Rope - Build a unit to jump!?


Jul 26 2008, 10:08 pm Hug A Zergling Post #16

Maybe for my DA one, you only spawn a DA after you have lost one/all your DA's.

Gamma was just trying to help. But yeah, there getting a little repetitive and stuff. :P you don't have to give hundreds, Gamma.


Jul 28 2008, 10:12 pm 49281358723941702706 Post #17

Sure, about half these ideas are shitty, but I'm sure you could use around half in your map if you had half a brain. Some of the best minigames, which would intice people to play your map more, have been left out. If you don't include minigames I think should be added I will just add them myself. There is no reason why you should not include Mario Party's 1 & 2 minigames.


Jul 28 2008, 10:40 pm Vi3t-X Post #18

The most epic thing of all:

Reaver Bounding.


Jul 28 2008, 10:53 pm MillenniumArmy Post #19

I already have these (or ones very similar): #1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 31, 32

Map won't allow me to do #13, 16 (I though I could do this one, but apparent I couldn't without making the game extremely tedious and annoying), 23 (well i actually have an idea similar to this already), 25, 26, 34,

I try to avoid adding bound related games because apparently many people get annoyed with games which rely on a strict learning curve. I've had a handful of people bitch about my bound race, wavy treadmill, and slot machine games.

I may consider #6, 17, 18, 28

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Jul 28 2008, 11:00 pm Vi3t-X Post #20

New Idea:

Reaver Sniping


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