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How to Make the Most Popular Map on
May 25 2008, 3:44 am
By: Impeached  

May 29 2008, 4:36 pm MillenniumArmy Post #21

Oh and another one I forgot to mention earlier:

Coming up with game ideas:

If you want some mini-game-ish/arena style game idea, here's how I like to think:

In real life, when it comes to building design, two general groups of people are involved: architects and engineers. The architects visualize a design and draw it out. The engineers look at the drawings and figure out how to efficiently design it (stress analyzation of beams and columns, types of materials to use, cost estimations, etc). Both are essential to erecting houses and buildings.

I feel as though map making can be related just like this. The first part is visualizing/planning your map, and the second is actually designing it. Both steps involve one to sometimes have to think outside the box or use creative methods. Well here's how I like to think when it comes to making maps:

So for this first part, we're going to be architects. Don't necessarily worry about your map's resources (units, locations, terrain, triggers, etc) just yet; that'll be for the second part.
- For what purpose will this map be for? Is it to be spread and popular throughout Is it something in which you want to impress people with? Is it something you want to enjoy with your friends? Is it going to be for comical or humorous purposes? Or is this going to be a mini-game or side quest in your map? Decide on your motive first and then u can move on.
- Decide on the genre (like whether it be defense, rpg, bound, assault, arena, etc)
- Next, DO NOT decide on how the game play will be like, first decide on how you will WIN the game. Is it by score? Last person standing? First to teach a certain destination? What will your conditions consist of when you initiate the victory trigger? Again do not think about the gameplay yet; just think about the objective first.
- Now how will this map be different from other maps gameplay wise? What will make me want to play it rather than something else? Conceptually what's going to be different in it. This is the part where you can (or actually should) refer to other tutorials; impeaches' is a good one.
- Characters. No starcraft game is going to work without any units. With your gameplay and objective in mind, what types characters do you see best suited. Note that this is different from specific characters.
If I am stuck on finding a map idea, I tend to go directly to this last step. Spent time thinking about each specific starcraft unit and think about what it is capable of doing. For instance you can start with an SCV. "Ok what can this SCV do? It can harvest, it can build units, it can even attack. It's a small unit, what kind of special effects can this unit generate with a trigger? What will happen when I use EUD triggers on or with it? What can this unit do that other units can't?" I like to spend time analyzing each unit like this and sometimes I'll generate a map idea.

Now you change your role to an engineer. This is where many people seem to do much better in; infact a lot of people are much better than me at this -_-. Now comes the actual construction of the map; this is where you use ur analytical skills to make ur map possible. We have to use what we've come up with in our first part to do or worry about things like units, locations, terrain, triggers, size of your penis, etc. Knowledge of triggers, units, map properties is essential here.

Engineers in real life like to use charts which contain essential information like strength of certain materials, shear and bending moments in beams, deflection and differential equations for certain shapes and styles of structures, etc. Likewise we map makers can also use map making tutorials, reference guides, wiki, map making forums when it comes to designing our maps.

So yea, that's also how I like to think when coming up with map ideas :P

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May 29 2008, 9:59 pm stickynote Post #22

You think like I do. :bleh:
I like to plan things out first, but I try not to take too long before the inspiration goes away.
The concept part is always the hardest for most map makers, I believe. Of the myriad of maps made, it becomes difficult to come up with something original.
As for the second part, more knowledgeable map makers can create more tutorials for the average aspiring map maker to use as a "chart".


May 30 2008, 9:09 pm Corbo Post #23


People of today are very busy, and will probably not notice these impressive features if they aren't followed with at least seven exclamation marks.

I laughed so bad.

fuck you all

Jun 11 2008, 7:42 pm Optics Post #24

Brilliant post. Gave me a good laugh. :lol:


Jun 12 2008, 2:05 am Phobos Post #25

Are you sure about that?

Quote from Optics
Brilliant post. Gave me a good laugh. :lol:

this is signature

Jun 12 2008, 3:35 am Zell. Post #26

every1 needs to make a map according to these guide lines


Jun 19 2008, 5:58 pm Kaias Post #27

I made a map according to these guidelines, (including the time limit hah)

Needless to say, It has been deleted, never to be seen by the likes of everyone.


Aug 7 2008, 2:39 am voku Post #28

That was so brilliant... my stomach hurts...


Aug 7 2008, 5:35 pm Cheathunta Post #29

Definetly epic.


Aug 8 2008, 1:42 am BiOAtK Post #30

I love this.
Seriously, this has got to be one of the best guides EVAR WRITTEN, because it's true
Bnetters do like maps of the quality described in this small, yet juicy and informative guide. I give this 4 UFOPORNOOOO!!!!s out of 5 for creativity, humor, and lulz.


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