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Står Ångél CTF
Sep 6 2007, 3:07 pm
By: Wing-of-no-Wing  

Sep 6 2007, 3:07 pm Wing-of-no-Wing Post #1

Står Ångél CTF

Download Here!

Map Description:
Står Ångél CTF is a 3v3 capture the flag map in space. It features a combination of tactical and arena-style gameplay, with a focus on controlling individual units, but with some elements of territorial control and economics. It is designed to keep the feeling of "manual" rather than "automatic" flying, so thought alone will not result in victory on this map. It is also designed with trigger efficiency in mind: although there are still some areas where the trigger count could be reduced, by and large the map relies on Starcraft's built-in mechanics rather than triggers.

How to play-- Basics:
The object of the game is to capture the enemy flag five times. The flag spawns after a 10 minute build-up period. To capture the flag, take it from the enemy flag point with your builder-transport and bring it back to your flag point.

There are three types of ship at your disposal (purchase them at Shipyard Coordination; if they are damaged, repair them at your team's corner structure):
-Fighter: Excels at destroying enemy ships and drones. Fires missiles.
-Bomber: Excels at destroying turrets and industrial complexes. Drops bombs.
-Builder-Transport (1/team): Builds structures, and captures flags.
You may not have more than one ship of a given type at once. In addition, if you control an industrial complex and have enough money, you can construct drones. Unlike ships, drones can be purchased in unlimited quantities, and owing to their automated piloting systems, they do not crash into asteroids.

Fighters and Bombers are both far more capable at their assigned roles when equipped with disposable ordinance. The Fighter is capable of firing missiles that destroy other air units, while the Bomber is capable of dropping bombs to destroy enemy ground units. Ordinance is purchased and deployed at Munitions Control.

How to play-- Specifics:
Features in Står Ångel CTF are controlled from panels in the middle left region. Key bindings are as follows:
Munitions Control:
-W: Fire missiles from Fighter.
-P: Buy missiles for Fighter.
-S: Drop bomb from Bomber.  ($15)
-H: Buy bombs for Bomber.  ($15)
Shipyard Coordination:
-E: Deploy Fighter. ($25)
-I: Deploy Bomber. ($25)
-T: Deploy Builder-Transport. ($25)
In addition, the Builder-Transport can construct industrial complexes. Key bindings for the industrial complex are as follows:
-M: Produce commercial goods. (+$1)
-F: Build a Drone. ($18)

1. Build an industrial complex as soon as possible so that you can start earning additional income. Use the 10 minute set-up period to build industrial complexes and defense, both for the flag (which you may want to move to a more defensible platform) and for your industrial complexes.
2. Destroy enemy industrial complexes during the set-up period. Be sure to have your team purchase both a bomber and a fighter to escort it.
3. Keep an eye on the minimap so that you can see if an asteroid is heading for one of your ships and move that ship out of the way (you hotkeyed it, right? Good!).
4. Keeping your ships together means that you can watch them all at once, which in turn means that it'll be easier to keep them from crashing. Such a move, however, also limits your tactical flexibility.
5. Drones don't crash into asteroids. Exploit this mobility wherever possible.
6. Asteroids kill, but they can also be a threatened craft's best friend. You should be able to figure out what I mean by this.
7. Don't try anything stupid, like moving support structures onto the battlefield, placing the flag point off the battlefield, or using a map-hack.
8. Coordinate with your teammates. This should be obvious, and yet so few people do it.

~~~A Wingless Production~~~


Sep 6 2007, 7:49 pm Echo Post #2

Lol is this the map I played before? If it is, its a very fun and interesting game. You guys should play it.


Sep 6 2007, 8:16 pm Wing-of-no-Wing Post #3

Yep, this is the one I showed you a while back. I figured, since it never had a thread when it was finished, and it was doing a good job of flying under the community's radar (so to speak), I might as well write something up for it.


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