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So i herd u liek flash games
Sep 3 2007, 11:25 pm
By: MrrLL  

Sep 3 2007, 11:54 pm MrrLL Post #1

Yeah I know, you could be like "stfu Merrell, go to newgrounds," but since newgrounds bases their ratings on awesome graphics instead of the funtivity (LOL WUT) level.

So anyway, some fun ones to check out:
Onslaught is a great defense game, try it out. I got like 5 billion as my high score, and had to quit because it became too laggy.
Double wires: you are spiderman. Get to the finish.. which there doesn't seem to be one, as one of my friends has gotten to level 60. I find it hard to get past 200m.
Endless war 3: Actioned pack strategy-shooter.. if that's what you want to call it.
Free Rider: This is an alright game, the fun part about it is that you can share tracks. If you make one, paste it in a codebox. I have one pasted below.
Not really a game, not really flash, but it's a great time killer. Use F11 to expand the window, since it takes up 95% of the screen. I'd get rid of the yellow ball thing at first, it just gets in the way.

Yeah, it's only five, but they're pretty time consuming and addicting. I'll find more.

Load this into the free rider. It'll take four or five tries.. I just held in up basically.
-42,-22,-3v,-2u -3v,-2u,-3k,-2j -3k,-2j,-34,-30 -4i,c,-2o,-16 -4i,29,-4i,c -1h,b,-4j,d 38,2b,-4i,2b -39,4k,-3a,5b -39,4o,-2r,48 -38,4m,-3k,4a 0,24,-4h,16s -34,-30,-33,-25 -33,-25,-2k,-2s -2k,-2s,-2e,-2a -2q,-2i,-2i,-2i -26,-28,-25,-2u -25,-2u,-1o,-2u -1o,-2u,-1n,-2m -1n,-2m,-27,-2m -2o,-16,1e,-18 -1f,d,-2m,-18 -1g,3p,-1n,3t -1f,4k,-22,4l -22,4l,-24,4u -2q,4p,-2r,59 -2r,59,-2a,56 -2a,56,-2a,4o -2a,4o,-2t,4p -24,4u,-1f,4t -1e,58,-21,58 -l,-17,-l,-21 -l,-21,0,-21 0,-21,-2,-15 -1a,-2u,-1e,-2d -1e,-2d,-u,-2d -n,-2d,-9,-2u -9,-2u,-1,-2e -f,-2l,-3,-2m -1h,b,-1i,29 -1i,c,-11,c -11,c,-g,d -e,2g,-1i,3r -f,2h,-1e,2h -e,2h,-h,36 -14,4k,-15,57 -m,4k,-o,5b -1f,4t,-1e,58 -15,57,-m,4u -15,55,-15,5c 4,-2d,4,-2s 4,-2s,g,-2f g,-2f,i,-2t i,-2t,18,-2r u,-29,u,-2s 1e,-18,2f,0 2f,d,13,c 14,e,e,e -5,4o,b,4l 5,4i,0,5c -8,58,8,59 1o,-2q,1m,-28 2k,-2o,25,-2o 25,-2o,24,-2b 24,-2b,2n,-2d 2n,-2d,2n,-1v 2n,-1v,28,-1v 2f,0,2e,d 3n,-a,6h,n 4m,2m,40,2e 40,2e,38,2b 6h,n,65,-2 6e,m,5k,11 4m,2m,8l,51 95,5f,cs,7v 8h,4v,97,5g cr,7v,p0,h6 od,gp,qn,ie qn,ie,13c,n6 11r,mb,1c1,p7 1b7,ov,1kd,qm 1i7,q8,1pb,qp 1ob,qn,1vc,qp 1ul,qo,22s,qd 22l,qe,2af,pb 2a4,pd,2dt,nv 2es,5o,2db,7o 2db,7o,2cm,9f 2cm,9f,2d0,b3 2d0,b3,2du,c9 2du,c9,2fe,cg 2dt,nv,2g6,n0 2fo,55,2es,5o 2fe,cg,2gl,cf 2j3,4u,2gp,50 2gp,50,2fp,55 2gl,cf,2hf,c5 2g6,n0,2ji,kq 2hf,c5,2ih,bm 2ig,bn,2jq,b8 2kg,5a,2j3,4u 2ji,kq,2kr,jg 2lq,6b,2kg,5a 2m7,6r,2lq,6b 2kr,jg,2ls,hp 2ls,hp,2md,fl 2mj,82,2m7,6r 2ma,fp,2mj,bb 2mk,bc,2qb,ao 2q8,ap,30c,ap 30c,ap,340,ap 33t,8u,35i,79 36q,8k,33r,8q 3at,al,33d,ap 380,76,35h,7a 360,b4,34q,b4 34q,b4,34u,bu 34u,bu,35k,bm 35p,ci,34p,ct 35i,79,36j,8j 36k,7p,373,89 36i,8h,36o,8p 36o,8o,3ar,8i 36a,cl,36h,ap 36h,ap,37b,av 35k,bm,35p,ci 36e,bi,37e,bn 36b,cm,37d,ch 384,68,38p,67 385,67,37v,7g 38c,5s,38c,5l 38c,5l,38j,5n 38j,5n,38a,5s 38o,5s,38e,61 38e,61,38p,61 38p,61,38l,5t 38n,71,38h,7k 39k,78,38k,77 38g,7q,390,7p 372,8a,379,7u 379,7u,37l,8d 37l,8d,37v,7u 38g,8a,38g,7q 38s,80,38h,80 38h,80,390,89 37l,co,37q,b8 37q,b8,38i,cp 38i,cp,390,ba 38p,67,38n,77 39i,77,3as,8j 390,7p,38s,80 39c,7c,39c,7t 390,89,38h,88 39c,88,398,8c 39h,b7,39g,ap 39t,b6,39s,ap 39s,ap,3ae,aq 39i,b7,39t,b6 3ae,b5,39s,b5 3as,8j,3at,al 3ae,aq,3ae,b5 3an,as,3an,ba 3bb,a6,3be,b1 3an,ba,3b3,b6 3be,bj,3be,bd #39c,a2

Edited: made the loop easier.

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Sep 4 2007, 1:40 am Zell. Post #2

Frustrating Free rider map. ^^
-1j,1i,-9,-1k -9,-1k,2k,-2p -1i,1i,1i,1i t,29,r,37 r,2s,13,2p 13,2p,16,36 1e,2p,1e,37 1d,2q,1q,2j 1e,37,1p,30 p,3q,6p,3u 1c,4c,5e,4i 2k,-2p,35,-1j 1k,1s,28,1e 28,1e,2h,1t 2h,1t,3f,1a 1i,1j,5s,1j 1p,2l,1q,37 1q,2j,23,36 23,36,2a,2k 2l,2k,2j,37 2j,37,34,39 3p,-2j,6s,-j 35,-1k,3u,-2r 3f,1a,45,1u 3c,28,3f,35 3d,2e,3t,29 3e,2o,3t,2l 2o,2s,35,2l 35,2l,2l,2k 4b,2l,4a,34 4a,34,4n,2s 35,4s,53,52 5m,21,66,15 67,16,6j,1o 5s,1j,d1,1i 4b,2j,4r,2j 4r,2j,4m,34 53,37,55,2m 55,27,55,2h 5n,2b,5k,3j 63,2s,61,3i 61,3i,6b,38 6q,-n,89,-21 5f,2h,6j,2t 6b,38,6g,3l 81,-2e,9f,-h 81,1i,8f,17 8f,17,8n,17 8n,17,8u,11 8u,11,98,11 98,11,9l,1g 8u,1a,94,1a 8n,1b,8n,1g 9f,-h,a8,-1j 9u,-12,fp,-1p 9l,1g,9s,1b 9s,1b,a3,1h b7,-1n,cl,-o bn,21,cb,18 ca,16,d9,1t cl,-o,dd,-1p d1,1i,o5,1g dr,1p,dv,1b dv,1b,e2,1n fi,-2e,fu,-19 fu,-19,gk,-2c gg,-21,i9,-34 hg,1e,h2,24 i9,-34,is,-4b hf,1c,hq,22 ij,1o,il,1f ij,1o,ul,20 is,-4b,j5,-95 lh,1p,ll,1g o5,1g,12m,1g oo,1v,p1,1h sl,-5c,rj,-5b sd,-3d,ro,-34 tq,-76,t4,-7c u3,-69,th,-55 th,-55,tj,-3r tj,-3r,u7,-30 sv,1v,t5,1h v7,-6m,u3,-69 10k,-6a,v5,-6n um,-54,v4,-5b v4,-5b,va,-54 va,-54,ur,-4v ur,-4v,un,-55 un,-3l,uv,-3f uv,-3f,vr,-3f v5,-3a,vl,-3b u7,-30,vl,-2m um,-22,uh,-1e ul,1v,12o,20 106,-73,103,-7t 11d,-4q,10k,-6a vk,-54,vr,-58 vr,-58,107,-54 107,-54,100,-4v 100,-4v,vk,-56 vl,-2m,10p,-3d 10p,-3d,11d,-4q vr,-3f,102,-3m 10l,-28,11m,-1i 10q,1h,10j,20 11q,-3f,12q,-3u 125,2o,12i,29 12i,29,126,2a 123,3r,11r,47 11r,5v,11v,5n 11v,5n,12j,63 11v,5c,120,50 120,50,128,54 122,6o,12e,6h 12e,6h,128,6v 12u,8d,128,8b 128,8b,12o,7v 121,9o,12a,9e 12a,9e,12a,9o 12c,-5a,12c,-6k 12n,20,12m,1g 12t,30,133,2v 133,2v,12u,39 12j,2q,12f,32 12t,31,12n,1v 12u,39,134,46 134,46,12t,4u 12c,4m,12p,4a 12p,4a,12k,4n 12c,3f,12o,3m 12c,3f,12d,3r 12t,4u,133,5g 133,5g,12k,56 12k,56,12n,6h 12n,6h,12v,6f 12v,6f,12v,6u 12v,6u,12q,7c 12q,7c,13e,7a 13e,7a,12r,7i 12r,7i,137,8p 137,8p,13p,8i 13p,8i,13g,9d 12q,9d,137,98 137,98,134,9c 134,9c,13d,97 13g,9d,13g,a3 13g,a3,13c,9s 13c,9s,139,a3 139,a3,13m,a9 13m,a9,13j,b6 13d,97,135,9f 13j,b6,151,dg 12o,bk,12n,ap 12n,ap,12s,b6 13i,b6,14j,dj 151,dg,16p,f5 14j,dj,16i,fc 14i,dh,150,dg 16p,f5,18v,g3 16h,fc,16r,f7 16i,fc,18n,gd 18v,g3,1b9,gb 18n,gd,18t,g3 18p,gd,1b2,gn 1b9,gb,1db,g7 1b2,gn,1b5,gb 1b1,gn,1dg,gk 1db,g7,1g7,fm 1dg,gk,1df,g7 1dh,gk,1gc,g3 1g6,fm,1hn,f4 1gb,g3,1hv,fe 1gc,g3,1g6,fm 1hp,f2,1im,e9 1hv,ff,1hn,f4 1hu,ff,1j2,ef 1j2,ef,1im,e9 1j1,ef,1iv,g6 1iv,g6,1k1,ff 1iu,g5,1iu,j4 1j2,j3,1vu,fr 1iu,j4,1j6,j1 1k1,ff,1kp,g0 1kg,hc,1kv,h4 1kv,h4,1lg,he 1ko,fv,1l8,ga 1k2,hc,1k2,hu 1k2,hu,1kb,hl 1k2,hc,1kl,hp 1kh,hc,1kb,hl 1kk,ho,1ks,hq 1l8,ga,1lv,f1 1lv,f1,1mt,g3 1ml,gk,1ml,ha 1ml,gk,1n2,gu 1ks,hq,1lh,he 1ml,ha,1n2,gv 1mt,g3,1o7,f7 1n2,gu,1nh,gk 1nh,gk,1o6,gj 1o6,gj,1oi,gr 1od,h4,1ns,h8 1ns,h8,1n2,gv 1o8,f6,1p4,fr 1p7,g6,1p5,f7 1pi,g2,1pg,f3 1p3,f6,1qk,f6 1p5,f5,1om,f4 1om,f4,1om,er 1om,er,1sq,eo 1ph,fk,1q7,fa 1oh,gr,1oc,h3 1qi,f6,1st,f3 1q7,fa,1qs,fm 1qs,fm,1rf,fc 1rf,f6,1rf,fo 1si,fp,1t7,f9 1rr,f6,1rr,g4 1rr,ff,1sj,fp 1ss,f2,1u5,f3 1rf,fo,1rf,g4 1tr,a1,1um,9l 1t7,f9,1to,fp 1sq,eo,1up,ep 1u4,f4,1u5,fs 1ua,f2,1ue,fu 1u5,f3,1v1,f3 1to,fn,1u8,fc 1um,9l,1uv,a1 1uv,a1,1va,9n 1va,9n,208,a3 1u8,fc,1uu,fk 1ut,fk,1vj,fd 1vj,fd,1vu,fi 1v2,f2,21v,fc 1un,en,224,f4 1vs,ft,21i,fb 20j,bc,21i,b4 21i,b4,21o,bb 205,f6,205,fp 20f,f6,20i,fq 21o,bb,224,b4 224,b4,22q,bf 224,f6,253,f7 253,f8,286,ej 286,ej,29r,dq 29r,dq,2b0,co 2bp,bd,2cc,a2 2cc,a1,2hu,a7 2b0,co,2br,bb 2g1,27,2g1,1h 2g1,1h,2gc,14 2gc,14,2h0,o 2h0,o,2jg,d 2j8,2d,2h3,30 2h3,30,2gc,2m 2gc,2m,2g1,27 2gf,1n,2h0,1m 2i6,1m,2it,1m 2it,6g,2in,60 2in,60,2n5,54 2ik,7h,2jt,39 2ht,a8,2nk,a7 2jg,d,2m9,d 2jh,e,2jp,o 2jp,o,2m0,q 2js,3a,2jv,2q 2j7,2e,2ko,2r 2k9,1m,2l1,1m 2j5,38,2m8,2p 2ju,2r,2jv,2j 2jg,4m,2iv,47 2iv,47,2mp,3o 2js,3g,2j5,38 2kk,79,2it,7j 2ki,79,2jc,83 2lu,s,2m9,d 2mr,7a,2lq,2p 2kn,2r,2m5,2b 2m8,2p,2lg,2i 2lp,2p,2lo,2k 2m8,65,2lo,63 2lo,63,2lk,6j 2ki,78,2lh,6o 2lh,6o,2km,6g 2lh,6p,2lh,7b 2lf,6n,2lm,6k 2lm,6k,2m6,6j 2m9,d,2or,n 2m5,2b,2oj,2q 2ma,1m,2ms,1m 2mp,3o,2lu,3i 2m6,6j,2m8,65 2n5,54,2ma,4u 2n8,6l,2ng,5m 2ng,5m,2o9,6c 2nb,67,2nv,63 2or,n,2pc,16 2oj,2q,2p7,2e 2oc,1n,2p0,1o 2od,4m,2p7,5v 2om,68,2nt,51 2oc,5n,2os,5i 2ou,4n,2pf,5h 2nj,a7,2sc,ce 2pc,16,2ph,1m 2ph,1m,2pg,23 2pg,23,2p6,2f 2pj,5p,2po,5v 2r8,8c,2qb,72 2qb,72,2t5,7e 2sa,a6,2pi,92 2pi,92,2ra,8c 2s6,8m,2s3,88 2s3,88,2se,80 2t5,7e,2ss,6e 2ss,6e,2va,7e 2uv,a2,2t5,8r 2t5,8q,2si,90 2si,90,2s6,8m 2se,80,2st,86 2st,86,2t4,8n 30c,b4,2sa,a7 2u7,9j,2t2,9q 2sc,ce,2vr,f1 2va,7e,2vd,5u 2u8,9f,2ul,85 306,ao,2v2,ac 2v2,ac,2v1,9v 2v1,9v,2v9,9p 2v9,9p,30e,a0 2vd,5u,2vq,6o 30v,9s,2vq,6n 314,a1,30d,b5 2vr,f1,31s,gm 31b,7t,31l,7l 31l,7l,31u,7i 31u,7i,328,7k 328,7k,32i,7u 315,a4,314,8e 314,8e,31b,7t 32q,a0,324,bl 31a,ag,31j,ab 31j,ab,31q,ag 323,ab,32c,a7 311,aq,316,b3 31n,au,31f,b7 320,av,31u,b9 31s,gm,35r,jn 32i,7u,32m,86 32m,86,32n,8j 32n,8j,32m,a0 31b,a0,32j,a1 35r,jn,3a0,lk 3d8,ht,39e,cn 3a0,lk,3em,mg 3cb,en,3b4,c2 3de,e2,3d1,bt 3ct,f2,3eh,es 3ch,fj,3ci,er 3ci,er,3e4,el 3ct,fp,3ch,fi 3ct,fp,3cu,f2 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42c,qn,437,r4 442,i9,442,gl 442,gl,456,h3 456,h3,444,hh 444,hh,44t,i8 44h,q6,43n,q9 43n,q9,43r,rc 44h,q4,44g,qg 44g,qg,43q,qu 43r,rc,44d,r3 43j,t0,43b,un 43l,t2,44t,t5 43g,u1,448,u2 43f,um,45c,un 46i,h7,45u,gn 45u,gn,45g,hs 45m,hc,46i,h7 45g,hs,467,hr 466,pd,45r,r2 461,ql,46d,qc 46j,qs,45u,r1 468,t4,464,uu 46j,hu,470,gt 46v,gu,47b,hr 47l,gd,47q,ht 46k,hs,476,hf 46d,qc,46j,qs 46v,q7,47g,r1 47t,q9,473,rv 47e,t0,478,v2 47q,up,47r,uv 47r,uv,480,ut 480,un,47p,uq 48p,om,48m,vk 48c,qa,48c,ql 48c,r2,48c,ra 480,ut,480,un #15b,73 2d1,83 3f0,lp 3v9,h9


Sep 4 2007, 2:16 am MrrLL Post #3

Nice one. First part was evil.. but the rest was smooth ridin' :P

This is a beta track.. the first part is a bit difficult, see if you can find the trick:
-6p,74,-3u,ko -37,21,-3a,-2q -3a,-2q,-2m,-2p -2a,2v,-3a,21 -3u,km,-p,qo -g,-2q,-2r,-2q -2r,-1f,-23,-1v -2s,-26,-23,-2i -23,-2i,-2r,-2p -24,-1t,-2s,-27 -2q,-k,-21,-a -2r,-h,-21,-10 -21,-10,-2r,-1f -23,-9,-2r,1 -2q,2,-26,d -26,d,-2q,r -2q,r,-26,16 -26,16,-2r,1t -2p,1u,-27,2d -2n,20,-2s,1r -25,2f,-2a,2a -26,2b,-1q,2n -1q,2n,-2a,33 -24,2e,-2d,28 54,1l,-1v,3f -1i,5d,-18,51 -1i,5c,-24,9d -1g,6c,-1r,98 -20,9d,-28,9b -28,9b,-28,aa -28,aa,7d,aa a6,-2q,-g,-2q -l,1s,1d,1r -u,1r,1,27 -1,9f,-1i,5c -18,51,-1e,5l 1,55,-2,9g -1b,6k,-n,9d -p,qo,5d,12f 1n,8m,1,55 7,64,a,95 a,6e,12,8r 3s,83,2n,4e 2n,4e,2s,91 2s,91,1j,4v 1j,4v,1m,8o 1o,65,1r,8k 2v,5p,3o,86 2v,69,34,8f 21,6o,2f,82 53,7n,40,3t 40,3t,3s,83 43,56,43,74 49,5i,4i,6p 54,1l,63,g 56,40,56,5n 57,40,5q,7h 55,5l,53,7n 5r,7d,70,3p 5b,5m,52,6m 5c,63,5c,6m 5d,12f,gr,1be 70,3p,7j,6t 7j,6t,8h,38 6n,51,6b,6c 6t,4s,74,68 7d,aa,a6,5t 8h,38,98,6v 8d,47,7v,5g 8e,4a,8f,5h 98,6v,9i,3f a6,g,a6,-2q a6,c,a6,61 9i,3f,a6,5v 9k,4c,9k,5g 9o,4o,a0,5e gr,1be,15n,1pr 15n,1pr,1q8,25h 1q7,25h,258,27i 2eq,2d3,30o,2ha 30o,2ha,3b3,2j4 36m,22d,374,217 374,217,381,207 36m,24j,36l,22r 36l,22r,36m,22d 378,25u,36m,24j 37v,206,3g7,206 383,275,378,25u 392,281,383,275 394,23q,3a7,23g 3a7,23g,3be,23o 3c9,28j,39s,28j 39s,28j,391,280 3be,23o,3cr,23f 3b3,2j4,3je,2jn 3cr,23f,3dv,23o 3dc,29k,3dc,29c 3dc,29c,3d4,29b 3d4,29b,3d4,294 3d4,294,3cr,294 3cr,294,3cq,28r 3cq,28r,3ch,28r 3ch,28r,3ch,28k 3ch,28k,3c7,28k 3dv,23o,3er,23b 3er,23b,3g7,241 3f0,2aa,3el,2aa 3el,2aa,3el,2a3 3el,2a3,3e8,2a3 3e8,2a3,3e8,29t 3e8,29t,3dr,29s 3dr,29t,3dr,29k 3dr,29k,3dc,29k 3g7,206,3g6,240 3if,2be,3fp,2b0 3fr,2b0,3fe,2av 3fe,2av,3fe,2ak 3fe,2ak,3f0,2aj 3f0,2aj,3f0,2aa 3kt,2j0,3fs,2jg 3ll,2b2,3if,2be 3jd,2jl,3n2,2i5 3jh,2jm,3j7,2jn 3kn,2j1,3l8,2j0 3o6,29r,3ll,2b2 3n0,2i6,3oe,2h2 3q8,27o,3pd,25o 3pb,2fq,3pp,2em 3pp,2em,3qg,2an 3oe,2h2,3pb,2fq 3qg,29e,3q8,27o 3qg,2an,3qg,29e #-1a,40 a,3k 1v,35 3s,2j 5k,1u 5t,11s 6c,u cu,17g in,1bt uu,1kp 16m,1ps 1m9,22n 1tq,25b 379,23r 3bc,235 3d1,288 3eg,295 3fk,236 3fe,29v 3pl,2a1

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Sep 4 2007, 3:20 am ToA Post #4

Que Sera, Sera.

What happened to MA's flash games? haha

Sep 4 2007, 5:18 am ShinRa Post #5

Mathrix(U) If anyone remember's him...

He frequently submits flash stuff on Newgrounds. I saw the name Mathrix, and I didn't think it was the same guy... Until i saw on one of his flash creations "Special Thanks to Mp)3D" or something like that.


Sep 4 2007, 10:18 am Sie_Sayoka Post #6

thx merrel

btw here is more sand games


Sep 4 2007, 8:33 pm Zycorax Post #7

Grand Moderator of the Games Forum

A friend of mine made this at school... :|
Jump with 'space' :)

Sep 5 2007, 1:28 am Zell. Post #8

Hardest free rider ever.
-4lp,ud,-4li,14s -4li,14r,-4lc,1b0 -4lc,1b1,-4ha,1b1 -4lc,1b1,-4hb,1b2 -4lb,1b1,-4ha,1b2 -4la,1b1,-4h9,1b1 -4e5,1i9,-4ha,1b3 -4d4,1br,-48s,1br -476,1qp,-4e6,1i7 -48s,1br,-43i,169 -415,1qp,-476,1qp -45v,1sp,-44u,1rt -44u,1rt,-43u,1so -452,1vi,-454,1sj -454,1sj,-45p,1t1 -45p,1t1,-45u,1so -44m,1vi,-452,1vi -43i,169,-3sd,u8 -43u,1so,-448,1t1 -448,1t1,-44n,1sk -44n,1sk,-44m,1vi -3qg,1qq,-415,1qp -3sc,u7,-3ji,k2 -3oj,1qq,-3qh,1qp -3nj,1qk,-3oj,1qq -3mc,1qb,-3nj,1qk -3k7,1p4,-3la,1pt -3la,1pt,-3mc,1qb -3j1,1mq,-3jl,1o9 -3jl,1o9,-3k7,1p4 -3ji,k2,-3bs,am -3hd,1jm,-3i4,1jl -3i4,1jl,-3i9,1ke -3i9,1ke,-3ig,1ld -3ig,1ld,-3j1,1mq -3gs,1ll,-3h7,1kl -3h7,1kl,-3hd,1jm -3gc,1mo,-3gs,1ll -3fe,1oh,-3fv,1ni -3fv,1ni,-3gc,1mo -3et,1p6,-3fe,1oh -330,kk,-3de,kg -3e3,1pt,-3et,1p6 -3cr,1qb,-3e3,1pt -3bs,am,-3bf,a7 -3b4,1qj,-3cr,1qb -3bf,a7,-3ao,9q -3ao,9q,-39j,9i -39k,1qk,-3b4,1qj -39j,9i,-30o,9i -37l,1qe,-39k,1qk -35u,1q4,-37l,1qe -35l,p3,-2pl,p4 -33j,1p8,-35u,1q4 -31v,gj,-32g,h0 -32g,h0,-32q,hl -32q,hl,-32u,ij -32u,ij,-32v,km -313,1nj,-33j,1p8 -2vs,fv,-30v,g5 -30v,g5,-31v,gj -307,gu,-31j,h9 -2vn,gn,-31l,h9 -31j,h9,-31v,ho -31v,ho,-323,i6 -323,i6,-327,kj -31l,h9,-324,i0 -324,i0,-328,kj -2ut,1lh,-313,1nj -30o,9i,-2u8,9i -2u9,f5,-2vs,fv -2rt,ej,-2vn,gn -2u4,8q,-2s5,97 -2u8,9i,-2sq,9o -2sf,e1,-2u9,f5 -2sq,1i7,-2ut,1lh -2sq,9o,-2s4,a7 -2rs,df,-2sf,e2 -2rc,1fc,-2sq,1i7 -2s5,97,-2rj,9i -2s4,a7,-2ro,av -2rj,9i,-2r2,a9 -2r2,a9,-2qt,b6 -2ro,av,-2rk,bj -2rk,bj,-2rk,ck -2qt,b6,-2qt,cg -2rk,ck,-2rs,df -2qt,cg,-2r9,dr -2r9,dr,-2rt,ej -2rd,1fd,-2qm,1dk -2qm,1dk,-2q1,1cm -2pl,p4,-2c2,p1 -2q1,1cm,-2p8,1bu -2p8,1bu,-2oc,1bl -2oc,1bl,-2mq,1bi -2ms,17b,-2mq,193 -2mr,17d,-2mk,17n -2mk,17n,-2m6,187 -2m6,187,-2ln,18n -2mj,187,-2mi,1bh -2mj,18a,-2l5,19g -2mq,192,-2mp,1bh -2mi,19a,-2ls,18u -2mg,19k,-2lo,193 -2mi,1bh,-2mr,1bk -2ml,1bh,-2jh,1a0 -2ln,18n,-2l7,194 -2l6,194,-2kj,19e -2kj,19e,-2k1,19j -2l5,19g,-2jh,1a0 -2lo,193,-2ln,1b0 -2lh,197,-2lg,1au -2k1,19j,-2iq,19k -2jh,1a0,-2jh,19k -2iq,19k,-2ht,19g -2ht,19g,-2f5,18f -2dk,17d,-2e6,17v -2e6,17v,-2f5,18f -2cg,15c,-2cl,15q -2cl,15q,-2cu,16c -2cu,16c,-2d9,16u -2d9,16u,-2dk,17d -2c2,p1,-209,ic -2b6,16c,-2bi,15d -2bi,15d,-2cg,15c -2ar,16t,-2b6,16c -2a4,17k,-2ar,16t -28s,185,-2a4,17k -279,189,-28s,185 -1sg,17v,-279,189 -209,ic,-1po,bg -1q8,17j,-1sg,17u -1o4,16r,-1q8,17j -1po,bg,-1ht,3f -1gv,13p,-1o4,16r -1hv,3g,-1hp,3g -1hp,3g,-16e,3f -18f,pn,-1h7,11u -18a,q1,-1hf,12k -1h5,11u,-1he,12i -1gp,121,-1gr,139 -1ge,11n,-1gh,137 -1gb,138,-1gu,137 -1gu,137,-1h0,13p -1eq,11k,-1fc,11l -1fc,11l,-1fb,127 -1fb,127,-1fs,127 -1fs,127,-1fs,12m -1fs,12m,-1ga,12l -1ga,12l,-1gb,138 -1fp,134,-1f4,135 -1f4,135,-1f4,12t -1f4,12t,-1ec,12u -1cr,107,-1dl,105 -1dl,105,-1dp,10m -1dp,10m,-1eb,10m -1eb,10m,-1ed,118 -1ed,118,-1eq,114 -1eq,114,-1eq,11k -1bj,v4,-1c1,v3 -1c1,v3,-1c2,vp -1d6,uj,-1d9,103 -1cr,ub,-1cv,105 -1c2,vp,-1cq,vr -1cq,vr,-1cr,107 -1ct,12d,-1ce,12b -1ce,12b,-1cb,11v -1cb,11v,-1b4,11s -1cr,13j,-1bs,13j -19t,tc,-1ai,tc -1ai,tc,-1ah,tt -1ah,tt,-1av,tr -1av,tr,-1av,uc -1av,uc,-1bh,ub -1bh,ub,-1bj,v4 -19f,vi,-1a8,vm -18j,qb,-18l,s9 -18e,sb,-196,s9 -196,s9,-196,sl -196,sl,-19r,sj -19r,sj,-19t,tc -18r,ub,-17v,ue -19g,v4,-19f,vi -177,pn,-18g,pn -177,pn,-16o,q3 -16u,qa,-177,pv -177,pv,-18b,q1 -18b,q2,-18d,rp -136,rc,-17l,rc -17l,rc,-17n,rr -17n,rr,-18e,rs -18e,rs,-18e,sb -17v,ue,-17v,ts -16e,3f,-sa,8 -16q,q4,-16u,qa -v4,l5,-12g,p2 -124,q7,-12k,q7 -12k,q7,-12l,qn -12g,p2,-12n,pf -127,p0,-12n,pg -12i,pb,-12i,q7 -12n,pe,-12o,qk -12l,qn,-136,qo -136,qo,-136,rc -q8,g4,-129,p1 -11v,mf,-11u,oa -11v,mf,-104,ls -11n,o4,-11n,ml -11n,ml,-vv,m2 -11k,mu,-117,ne -11i,mm,-112,na -10f,o7,-10v,o7 -10v,o7,-110,p5 -110,p5,-11a,p3 -119,p5,-11l,p4 -11l,p4,-11n,pr -11n,pr,-124,pn -104,ls,-vg,lh -vc,n5,-vr,n3 -vr,n3,-vr,ng -us,mf,-vd,mg -vp,nh,-10f,ni -10f,ni,-10f,o7 -vk,p6,-v9,p5 -v9,p5,-v7,pi -v4,l6,-q8,fs -tc,l5,-u8,l4 -u8,l4,-u9,m0 -ud,kr,-ue,lv -u6,kh,-u7,l4 -u9,m0,-uq,m1 -uq,m1,-ur,mi -uf,nr,-t6,nr -sa,8,-l8,-3j -rv,jo,-si,jn -si,jn,-si,k9 -si,k9,-tc,k9 -tc,k9,-tc,l5 -sd,lu,-s1,lu -t6,nr,-t4,ne -t4,ne,-rd,nf -q6,hr,-qn,hq -qn,hq,-qn,id -qn,id,-rd,ie -rd,ie,-rf,j2 -rf,j2,-rv,j2 -rv,j2,-rv,jo -pp,g4,-qa,fs -ps,ga,-qa,g1 -p8,g0,-nl,h5 -p9,g1,-p8,ga -p8,ga,-nu,h6 -pa,ga,-p7,h8 -q6,h8,-q6,hr -q7,h8,-l2,h9 -p3,ge,-p2,h7 -q7,lv,-pp,m0 -p2,gr,-ol,gp -p1,gv,-oc,gu -nt,gv,-mt,h9 -l8,-3j,-cg,-7j -jv,g9,-kc,g7 -kc,g7,-kc,gp -kc,gp,-kn,go -kn,go,-ko,ha -ko,ha,-l3,h8 -ii,eu,-j1,et -j1,et,-is,f8 -is,f8,-jd,f8 -jd,f8,-jd,fq -jd,fq,-jr,fl -jr,fl,-jv,g9 -h0,di,-hh,dh -hh,dh,-hh,e1 -hh,e1,-i1,du -i1,du,-i0,ef -i0,ef,-ii,ed -ii,ed,-ii,eu -if,gj,-ig,gt -ig,gt,-hl,gr -h5,fo,-hd,fo -fh,c2,-g0,c1 -g0,c1,-g0,ch -g0,ch,-gg,ch -gg,ch,-gg,cv -gg,cv,-h0,cu -h0,cu,-h0,di -fl,de,-fk,dp -ej,de,-fl,df -h3,fe,-h3,g1 -h3,g1,-g9,g2 -g9,g2,-ga,fo -e1,au,-ej,ar -ej,ar,-ej,b8 -ej,b8,-f0,b6 -f0,b6,-f0,bj -f0,bj,-fi,bj -fi,bj,-fh,c4 -fk,dp,-ej,do -ej,do,-ej,de -f3,eg,-f6,er -f6,er,-bo,er -f6,es,-f6,f5 -c8,94,-ck,93 -ck,93,-cn,9k -df,ae,-e2,ae -e2,ae,-e1,au -cl,9j,-d4,9j -d4,9j,-d3,a2 -d3,a2,-df,a2 -df,a2,-de,ae -d9,ej,-d9,f8 -d7,f7,-d0,f7 -cg,-7j,-55,-e8 -as,7q,-bc,7q -bc,7q,-bd,87 -bd,87,-bs,87 -bs,87,-bs,8k -bs,8k,-c8,8j -c8,8j,-c8,94 -c4,e6,-bc,ea -70,72,-ae,71 -ae,71,-ae,7f -ae,7f,-as,7f -as,7f,-as,7q -65,6e,-6g,6b -6g,6b,-6g,6m -6g,6m,-70,6k -70,6k,-70,72 -6e,75,-64,75 -55,-e8,-49,-e7 -4f,4n,-4t,4n -4t,4n,-4s,53 -4s,53,-5a,50 -5a,50,-59,5c -59,5c,-5n,5d -5n,5d,-5n,5o -5n,5o,-65,5m -65,5m,-65,6e -49,-e7,-46,-al -47,-an,-44,-75 -44,-76,-44,-29 -3m,-2a,-3m,-22 -3m,-22,25,-1r -44,-26,-3m,-23 -2n,31,-35,30 -35,30,-35,3c -35,3c,-3j,3c -3j,3c,-3j,3r -3j,3r,-3v,3p -3v,3p,-40,49 -40,49,-4f,48 -4f,48,-4f,4n -41,5f,-41,5s -41,5s,-2u,5t -2f,-c3,5e,-c5 -2r,-76,-2s,-5r -1e,-73,-2t,-77 -2i,-71,-2o,-6r -28,-6t,-2n,-6d -2q,-56,-2o,-4s -2o,-4s,-1k,-4s -1k,-4s,-1k,-56 -1k,-56,-p,-55 -2s,-5r,-1d,-5p -30,-4d,-31,-2b -1f,-4a,-33,-4c -2o,-43,-2s,-3t -2c,-40,-2r,-3f -31,-2b,-1e,-2b -1a,1e,-1j,1h -1i,1t,-1u,1t -1u,1t,-1t,27 -1t,27,-2c,26 -2c,26,-2b,2j -2b,2j,-2n,2j -2n,2j,-2n,31 -33,4f,-26,4f -26,4f,-26,4p -26,4p,-1u,4o -1d,-5p,-1e,-73 -1e,-2b,-1f,-4a -9,-3m,6,-3m -1a,1f,1a,1i -14,8,c,1e -13,9,f,1h -1i,1i,-1i,1t h,-75,h,-5m 21,-73,j,-73 1d,-6t,n,-5u v,-6q,o,-6k h,-5m,23,-5l d,-46,e,-29 20,-43,c,-45 q,-3v,j,-3k 19,-40,l,-37 e,-29,22,-28 1h,1h,25,1h 1b,1h,1j,1g 23,-5l,21,-73 22,-28,20,-43 1o,-4f,42,-4f 23,-1s,69,-1p 25,1h,6m,1i 33,2k,4a,2k 3m,-c3,5g,-c4 3p,2k,3q,2v 5e,-c4,79,-c0 6s,-65,5v,-66 5v,-66,68,-1p 79,-c0,87,-bl 84,-5o,7b,-63 7b,-63,6s,-65 6m,1j,ck,1j 87,-bl,99,-b3 99,-b3,a9,-af a3,-57,99,-5e 99,-5e,84,-5o a9,-af,au,-9t be,-58,aj,-54 aj,-54,a3,-57 au,-9t,bm,-8u bm,-8u,c8,-80 c8,-80,co,-73 cs,-6h,cf,-5k cf,-5k,be,-58 co,-73,cs,-6h ck,1j,el,12 el,12,fl,h fl,h,gc,-3 gc,-3,h5,-15 h5,-15,i0,-3p hv,-3p,o2,-be #24,v


Sep 5 2007, 1:37 am MrrLL Post #9

Did you get that from the forums, or did you make that? Damn nice if you did. I like the start trick.


Sep 5 2007, 3:33 am ToA Post #10

Que Sera, Sera.

-1i,1i,1i,1i 1i,1i,27,2q 27,2q,3l,2p #2u,1t

beat it

Sep 5 2007, 3:50 am FatalException Post #11
It lags a bit, but it's a great defense game.
Lags A TON in the later levels, but also a great defense game (this time with towers!)
Anyone who likes zombie defense games will love this. , , and
Everyone loves the Thing-thing!


Sep 5 2007, 5:42 am Corbo Post #12


I just spent the last 3 hours in that free rider game.

It's so annoying!

fuck you all

Sep 5 2007, 5:45 am Sie_Sayoka Post #13

nice zombie find


Sep 5 2007, 2:19 pm Paravin. Post #14

-3l,-u,-61,-1k -3s,-n,-4o,-26 -3v,-26,-56,-1q -4c,-2r,-5g,-19 -38,e,-60,-d -41,-h,-65,-u -36,-18,-5n,-1h -4o,-1,-40,2j -3p,-22,-4o,-1c -41,-3o,-4u,c -3c,0,-4t,14 -41,-4,-5h,9 -25,29,-4n,12 -5g,5,-4q,2q -3c,-1e,-4o,u -3p,1n,-4n,23 -2j,1e,-4q,1o -1i,-3a,-41,-5f -4k,-4u,-49,-n -1o,-3o,-42,-38 -2d,-9,-3q,-2e -2g,-2m,-3s,-f -45,-32,-3i,-g -3d,-2f,-4g,-1u -3e,-30,-4e,-1f -3o,-2e,-42,-o -21,k,-38,-s -24,r,-3j,a -2i,1d,-4f,d -35,1m,-4h,19 -2j,2j,-36,2n -2i,2q,-4m,25 -3f,1p,-17,3d -3r,1b,-2u,2u -4a,q,-3p,3n -4j,26,-20,4e -2f,-28,-1j,-37 -20,-3s,-2t,-4i -1q,-44,-2v,-2q -2q,-3k,-3n,-1e -2h,-i,-2p,-2f -28,-3,-29,-1r -26,-14,-22,-2o -26,-2a,-2p,-u -20,-2g,-3s,b -2b,-2b,-3n,-p -27,-d,-26,12 -2f,-7,-1o,24 -1a,1u,-21,k -2e,j,-q,2m -2g,2m,-1b,49 -2h,23,-14,3c -22,2e,0,3j -2l,2n,-2q,37 -3b,k,-27,3f -3a,14,-1i,3n -2i,-1u,-15,-39 -1i,1i,1i,1i -17,21,-g,2t -22,2p,2a,3a -2s,2h,q,2q -12,2q,-g,3v 35,2s,-c,3g 2a,39,-i,4c 1h,1h,2h,15 1d,2p,-t,2c s,2f,55,3v t,2g,4t,2f 3k,26,-1i,23 -5,1v,1j,29 -29,2a,1t,3p 4r,3r,-1d,3s 2h,15,39,q 26,29,4l,38 2l,2h,5v,1o 1l,2a,4s,25 4c,26,2d,2d 39,q,46,q 46,q,46,16 46,16,4s,q

Name: Mountain Trek.
Lenght: Medium.
Difficulty: Medium/Hard.
Description: The map has two parts, uphill and downhill. Failure to jump over the canyon may result in death!

Now after that, proffesional-ish description, enjoy! :)


Sep 5 2007, 10:51 pm MrrLL Post #15

Sorry bud, but you copied your code wrong. It's just a jumbled mess :P


Sep 6 2007, 8:36 am Sie_Sayoka Post #16

heres a real classic that you may remember from the arcades or your ps1 unfortunately it isnt as hard or 2pl :/


Sep 6 2007, 7:21 pm MrrLL Post #17

Yeah, I've played RaidenX plenty of times. My highest score was like four million, after like 45 minutes of playing. There are PLENTY of those around on the internet. (Space shooters with weapon/missile upgrades, etc).


Sep 7 2007, 12:04 am Symmetry Post #18

Dungeon Master

Quote from ToA
-1i,1i,1i,1i 1i,1i,27,2q 27,2q,3l,2p #2u,1t

beat it


:voy: :jaff: :voy: :jaff:

Sep 7 2007, 12:35 am Money Post #19

My first one:
-1i,1i,1i,1i 1i,1i,ds,au ds,au,nu,l0 nu,l0,13n,105 13n,105,1fv,1bn 1fv,1bn,1ta,1mv 1ta,1mv,2ap,216 2ap,216,2oe,2an 2oe,2an,35q,2j5 35q,2j5,3j5,2qk 3j5,2qj,3ms,2rm 3iu,2qg,3mv,2r9 3ic,2q5,3mt,2rf 3i4,2q1,3mo,2rh 3il,2qb,3mu,2rd 3iq,2rs,3io,2qe 3jk,2qp,3n6,2r0 3jg,2ql,3n3,2r5 3oc,2rs,3iq,2rs 3ip,2rh,3oc,2rk 3ip,2r3,3oa,2r5 3l4,2r6,3nn,2pt 3ks,2r2,3nk,2q6 3kj,2r1,3nh,2qc 3ka,2qu,3nd,2qj 3k4,2qp,3n6,2qo 3jr,2qo,3n6,2qr 3lk,2rb,3nv,2pe 3lb,2r7,3nr,2pm 3mi,2ri,3oa,2ol 3m3,2rf,3o3,2p3 3ms,2rm,3ob,2om 3oa,2on,3oc,2rs #1j,1f 1k,1a 1q,1a 1q,1f eg,a4 oi,k9 148,vf 1gh,1b8 1ts,1m9 2bc,20f 2p1,2a2 360,2id 3hp,2p6 3pq,2lj 3ov,2n4 3pb,2m9 3og,2nt 3qf,2l8 3s8,2ki 3uj,2lo
My second one:
-1i,1i,1i,1i 1c,1l,1u,1b 1i,1i,b7,a3 b7,a3,ol,l8 ol,l8,15p,10i 15p,10i,1hg,1c8 1hg,1c8,1ph,1nt 1pl,1o7,1tu,21o 1te,1vi,1rp,1sk 1t9,1vl,1ri,1sb 1tq,1vp,1ru,1t9 1u8,201,1sd,1u7 1ud,204,1sc,1u6 1ue,203,1s9,1tv 1su,1v8,1u2,1vv 1ul,200,1sm,1us 1v5,20d,1sl,1ur 1vl,20i,1sh,1un 1u2,1vv,1vv,20l 1vv,20l,20u,20l 1vr,20j,1v4,20d 26v,2be,2bm,2fb 2bm,2fb,2n9,2p6 2n9,2p6,34a,34e 34k,34p,36d,371 36d,371,381,39b 381,39b,3ag,3at 39c,38v,39f,35j 39c,38u,3av,38v 3av,38v,3au,37s 3ag,3at,3cg,3b0 3cj,3b0,3dj,3aj #3bq,3ad 3dt,39i 3do,3a4

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Sep 7 2007, 1:19 am EzDay281 Post #20

1010: Garbeld
6th Sep 2007 21:15 - 4773 kills, $1137461 spent (1097-chod) 5,429,101,353
Top score list for Lyne map on the Onslaught.
Well, atleast I got on at all, if not very high.
Perhaps spamming the spacebar at wave 450 wasn't the greatest idea...


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[08:55 pm]
NudeRaider -- I love how everyone obsesses over the topic of Prankenstein. It's a seemingly simple request with many solution, but he was asking about the most elegant one, so everyone is giving their best. Peak SEN imo :)
[04:37 pm]
NudeRaider -- never
[03:59 pm]
Zergy -- HTTPS support on SEN, when?
[2022-1-22. : 10:59 am]
UndeadStar -- Wow, that Johnseena adbot, 4 topics in a row, not gonna give it the pleasure to open them all, probably obvious enough without a report
[2022-1-20. : 11:46 pm]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- firegraft is for making mods for starcraft, if you're trying to do stuff like that for a single map then EUD Editor is probably what you are looking for
[2022-1-20. : 11:45 pm]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- fusiongtxo0
fusiongtxo0 shouted: my computer says the download of firegraft has a virus
ya, for some reason AVs like to say it's some infected browser extension or something
[2022-1-20. : 5:37 pm]
fusiongtxo0 -- like in gods tower defense
[2022-1-20. : 5:37 pm]
fusiongtxo0 -- will firegraft allow me to make a tiger able to attack
[2022-1-20. : 5:11 pm]
NudeRaider -- that's normal for modding tools. All it means is that your virus scanner hasn't seen the file often.
[2022-1-20. : 4:56 pm]
fusiongtxo0 -- this is bullshit lol
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