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Spellsword RPG
Feb 19 2008, 11:27 pm
By: Remisa
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Feb 19 2008, 11:27 pm Remisa Post #1

)Spellsword( RPG
the Eldervine quest

This map was first introduced in 2005, but I've shut down the progress due to a few serious bug.
2 weeks ago I decided to revisit this project and removed every bug in the map.

General tip)
- Pressing F2 key shows you the spell window, a forge(for upgrading), and the equipment window.
- Your spells are represented as it's icons. (e.g. a medic for cure spell)
- Number the spell icons. You can cast it by selecting the icon and right-clicking to anywhere.
- You need food to survive! You must venture deeper into the fog of war to find more food.
- Stronger monsters give you more exp points and have much better chance to drop valuable things. Challenge them.
- Weapon upgrade comes from new sword being equipped.
- Shield upgrade comes from new gloves being equipped, or a scroll of enchant armor.
- You can do Armor upgrade with your money(minerals).

Player Level Abilities)
Lv.2 (requires 50 exp) : [Fire Bolt] : Occasionally shoot out flame arrow (6 damage)
Lv.3 (requires 200 exp) : [Cure moderate wounds] : Your cure spell heals up 14 hp.
Lv.4 (requires 500 exp) : [Dual Cast] : You have 33% chance to cast same level spells at once.
Lv.5 (requires 1000 exp) : [Enchant weapon] : Permanant +2 bonus to melee damage.
Lv.6 (requires 2000 exp) : [Ice Ball] : Occasionally shoot out ice ball (12 splash damage)
Lv.7 (requires 3500 exp) : [Enhanced Dual Cast] : You have 50% chance to cast same level spells at once.
Lv.8 (requires 5000 exp) : [Replacement] : You have automatic hallucination.
Lv.9 (requires 7000 exp) : [Sword Mastery] : Permanant +3 bonus to melee damage.
Lv.10 (requires 10000 exp) : [Cure critical wounds] : Your cure spell heals up 21 hp.
Lv.11 (requires 14000 exp, in Normal or Hard mode only) : [Mental Sword] : Permanant +10 bonus to melee damage
Lv.12 (requires 18000 exp, in Hard mode only) : [Enchant Armor] : Permanant +1 bonus to protection(shield upgrade)

Download v1.11

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Feb 20 2008, 12:23 am Impeached Post #2

I've been looking for this. I remember it well, great map, great job. *redownloads*

Full of innovative and difficult gameplay, with a good soundtrack and many great features, I highly recommend this.

EDIT: Just finished it. Very well done! :D

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Apr 20 2008, 3:56 am Impeached Post #3

This deserves a bump. This is possibly the best Starcraft RPG.


Apr 20 2008, 6:52 am Ateo Post #4

You know, even though its a fantasy RPG, the Space Station terrain just somehow works... Damn....

What's more is that for a 128x128 there's so much to do...Truly one of a kind...

It's a difficult RPG though. I died at the fire stones part. LOL.


Apr 20 2008, 11:27 am Zergblender Post #5

Invalid file it says.


Apr 20 2008, 5:58 pm payne Post #6


Maybe too long file name?


Apr 20 2008, 11:08 pm Vi3t-X Post #7

Not for me.... ^^


Apr 21 2008, 2:50 pm LiQuiDz Post #8

"The Best RPG?"

Yeah if you like to sit around for 2 hours and sit in one area just to gain enough experience to travel to the next area...and this is even in easy. I'm sorry even I like long RPGs, but even this one is too slow and can get extremely boring.


Apr 21 2008, 5:21 pm Oyen Post #9

I partially agree with Liquidz. It takes quite a bit of time to fight enough weak enemies to get enough materials to actually make equipment that will help you survive. The game is pretty difficult even on Easy mode. However, this is all based off my experience playing alone. I don't know if the game is easier with 2 people helping you out.
Also, I like the food system, but it sometimes interferes with the slay-weak-enemies-for-materials strategy, forcing you to advance forward in the game before you are ready.


Apr 21 2008, 6:12 pm LiQuiDz Post #10

I have played this game solo, 2 ppl, and 3ppl and it doesn't matter how many people you play with...the experience still is gained slow and takes a longgg time just to advance...the more people just makes it a little easier in those group spawn battles.

As for the food system, I agree with many times I have found it quite hard to get enough food to survive (especially at the Basilisk). Food even on easy mode goes by quickly for the time needed to gain materials///experience necessary to advance.


Apr 21 2008, 6:23 pm payne Post #11


Well, I played it yesterday's night with a friend and we liked it fine, but as I was going trough, I saw that the systems are very well done and innovative (plus, I saw that you used some D2 sounds :P)... I might steel you some ideas for my actual project ^^


Apr 22 2008, 1:46 pm Oyen Post #12

Yes, all the systems of the map are pretty awesome and well done. I liked most of them. I just don't like the difficulty and time it takes to play this long game.


Apr 22 2008, 2:27 pm JaFF Post #13

I remember playing this some time ago. It's certainly a map worth your time - thought-through and with good atmosphere. I found it too hard though.


Apr 22 2008, 4:34 pm Ateo Post #14

Also, I like the food system, but it sometimes interferes with the slay-weak-enemies-for-materials strategy, forcing you to advance forward in the game before you are ready.

I think that was sort of the point... Without it, I could have my guy stand at one spot, fight the respawns over and over while I go afk...

Also IMO the game is only hard in the beginning before getting to town... After buying some items and finding a good exping spot it becomes pretty easy...This game is the kind of game which seems difficult at first, but once you 'get it' you face a whole lot less problems... I don't know if anyone knows of this game... Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter... because this map's learning curve and the survival/food aspect sorta reminded me of it...

I stand by my opinion that this is a great map...only thing that would have made it better was if the dialogue was better, and a passcode save system ^^

Damn...Now I'm tempted to make a map like this one...


Apr 23 2008, 6:02 pm LoveLess Post #15

Let me show you how to hump without making love.

Quote from JaFF
I remember playing this some time ago. It's certainly a map worth your time - thought-through and with good atmosphere. I found it too hard though.


Apr 24 2008, 3:50 pm Heegu Post #16

Played with 3 people, extremely laggy.


Apr 24 2008, 9:35 pm Jello-Jigglers Post #17

This is a great map :) Glad to have it back! One of my favorites because:
-Doesn't over-do the story/text
-Has good action
-Best spell/item/inventory system EVER!
-Great store system
-Good revives
-LOVE the alchemy. Really good job there
-random mins and prize system
-Utilizes the good aspects of sc game

1 of the best for sure, we need more like this.


Apr 27 2008, 9:27 am Wormer Post #18

Good map. It's not SO difficult, after you get used to the controls. Although it takes some time... mabe it is I am who likes long games) So it is the map for me. It is more fun to play together, than solo. You could trade items between each other. Food system really works and makes you to go furter. So the map is one of those which worth playing. Good music, good sounds, good atmosphere, good job done!)


Apr 27 2008, 11:12 am MadZombie Post #19

Sequel D:

Edit: played it for like...5 hours :O! and im still not done...

i got a question though

Spoiler alert i guess....

What happens after the sage kills himself to open the door for u to the ruins? i mean im practiclky camping all the spawns their and i killed the fallen angel. i used a "silver key" to open the door to the 3 eggs/food. And i cant find muriels "secret chambers"....Help? i can finish the game D:.

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May 2 2008, 12:54 pm payne Post #20


Just some questions:
How do we do when we've reached lvl 10 in Easy Mode? We do not receive anything else from other levels? :'(
And where are going the GEMs? They say I found a dust of GEMs or something like that, but I do not find these anywhere :O :S
Btw, ARTEFACTS ROX! <3 :P I have on my character the 50% chance of instant revive and the +2 melee atk upgrade :D


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