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[EUD] Diablo: Ark of the Fallen Angel
Jul 26 2022, 1:45 pm
By: milkstake  

Jul 26 2022, 1:45 pm milkstake Post #1

Diablo: Ark of the Fallen Angel download

At the end of Diablo II, Tyrael, the angel of justice, sacrificed himself to destroy the corrupted Worldstone at the Arreat Summit. The resulting explosion left a gaping crater, miles wide and utterly devoid of life. Sensing that the demonic forces would return to the world of man now that the Worldstone was gone, Tyrael's follower, the angel Hadriel, sought to find his master's holy raiment from the wasteland and keep them until the day that Tyrael, an immortal, could return to corporeal form and lead the fight against hell once more.

Having located what remained of Tyrael, Hadriel assembles a party of human warriors, the Nephalem, to aid him in retrieving the remains. The group enter through his portal to find themselves at the center of Arreat Crater, which, to their dismay, is not as lifeless as they had believed.

This map is a quick, 15-minute action game.
Escort the vessel containing Tyrael's remains, the Angel's Ark, across the map
Kill enemies and complete quests to gain experience to boost your character's stats and abilities.
6 different hero classes with multiple ways to play them.

For a complete character guide, see the google sheet HERE. A shortened summary is included below

Unit: Zealot

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The paladin is a melee fighter class that uses auras to change combat performance. Only one aura can be active at a time, but a skilled paladin player will be able to rotate between them as needed to suit the demands of the current situation. The paladin also has one spell costing 50 mana that grants near-invincibility for a short duration.

Strategy tips:
If your party lacks a means of attacking structures effectively, concentration and divine shield will allow you to destroy spawn points and infernal towers with relative ease. Holy fire is the paladin's best crowd-control option, but it is not useful against enemy structures.

Storm Mage
Unit: High Templar

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The storm mage is a powerful spell caster but moves slowly and has a smaller health pool. The mage is very effective at dealing with large crowds of enemies and is decent at damaging structures, but the spells cost mana and must be used wisely. The 'Power Overwhelming' ability will make all spells cost 0 mana for a small window of time.

Strategy tips:
The mage works best in a party that has a tank to take enemy fire. While it may be tempting to upgrade attack to astronomical levels, investing in armor can help the mage player stay in battle longer by saving trips to the healing circle.

Snow Sorceress
Unit: Medic

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The snow sorceress is a support class whose main function is debuffing and freezing groups of enemies (and even structures). Though not adept at landing lethal hits, the sorceress will gain experience for any foes that die while under her spell effects. Don't expect to solo the game with the sorceress, but many parties could use her skills.

Strategy tips:
The sorceress shares experience from other players' kills if the slain foe had one of her debuffs on it. Try to coordinate with teammates to get the most out of each spell that you cast. Investing experience in attack upgrades is not as important for the snow sorceress.

Unit: Dark Templar

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The assassin is a specialist who does high damage to single-targets and uses traps and stealth to avoid direct combat. The assassin gains energy for every kill, and his signature move, backstab, nets even more energy if it deals a killing blow. Too slow to take on large mobs, the assassin is best at picking-off foes engaged with other party members and laying traps to aid them.

Strategy tips:
Fill your energy bar quickly by backstabbing as many enemies as you can. Then, create blade traps to draw fire for more backstab bonus hits.

Unit: Firebat

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The pyromancer's specialty is crowd control. All of three of his attacks do splash damage in different ways, and the pyromancer can switch his weapon at any time. However, his attacks cost “gas” to use, and gas can only be obtained by killing more enemies. The pyromancer's last skill, Overheat, doubles all damage for a short period of time.

Strategy tips:
Save your special attacks for large groups of weakened enemies so you can gain more gas than you spend with each attack. The pyromancer works especially well with a snow sorceress because other heroes may get mad at you for stealing kills.

Unit: Infested Kerrigan

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The druid is a highly versatile tank who can shapeshift between forms to handle different challenges. In human form, the druid can cast dark swarm and summon direwolf companions. In werewolf form, the druid can move and deal damage quickly. Finally, in werebear form, the druid takes reduced damage and swipes multiple foes with each attack.

Strategy tips:
Since werebear form takes decreased damage from enemy attacks, a transformed druid is one of the best tanks in the game. To make up for the werebear's relatively low damage output, it is recommended that a druid player invest in some direwolves to help take down structures.

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Oct 24 2022, 5:05 pm Psilance Post #2

People really seem to like this. Fast paced hero based coop and the map is like a progress bar so you don't feel like it might take forever like in special OPS maps.

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Sep 25 2023, 6:13 pm ScOULaris Post #3

I'll be trying this map out with my brother tonight online. Some seriously smart and fun usage of EUD's here from what I can tell, and I appreciate the creator going the extra mile with the Google Doc. I'll report back later with my impressions on the map. I have a good feeling about this one.


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