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(4)Liquid Temple
Jan 6 2022, 5:39 am
By: Zergy  

Jan 6 2022, 5:39 am Zergy Post #1


By digging web archive of the ruins of the French StarCraft fandom to look for some forgotten campaigns for the SCFCLP (StarCraft Fan Campaign Listing Project), I take a look at the Melee maps page of Aerie's Guard and was able to download every maps from other website.

All, except one: Liquid Temple

And I was unable to find it anywhere, even on big maps repositories.

So... as the 768x768px picture of the map was still available on web archive, I stretch it to 4096x4096px with The GIMP to have it at 1:1 scale, and start reproducing it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, here it is, nothing really special, it's just a Lost Temple map with a Twilight twist.

  • Size: 128*128
  • Players: 4
  • Palette: Twilight

French map maker, not really active these days.

Jan 6 2022, 1:05 pm NudeRaider Post #2

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Cool stuff. If you want (and the site lets you) you could upload it to our database as well. (Starcraft 1 Files in the menu)

Jan 6 2022, 7:55 pm Zergy Post #3

Done, I also take the liberty to upload some maps created back in 2005-2006 by some people some a defunct website.

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French map maker, not really active these days.

Jan 8 2022, 4:41 pm Andrea Rosa Post #4

Just a glitch in the Matrix

Let me get this straight, have you rebuilt a map from scratch simply by using a relic screenshot? That's great, my compliments for your patience and perseverance, Zergy!

Level Design Workshop

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Jan 8 2022, 9:46 pm Zergy Post #5

Yep, that what I did, the original picture of the map (768*768px) is still available.
So, as I was working from 3:00PM to midnight and had almost nothing to do, I had to keep myself busy.

Has almost everything straight when I compared the picture of my creation and the original, except the misaligned mineral fields that I corrected later.

French map maker, not really active these days.

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