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The vision of the future mod renovation project [Completed]
Aug 30 2021, 7:41 pm
By: Zincoshine  

Sep 26 2021, 9:03 am Zincoshine Post #21

Quote from IlyaSnopchenko
Size is trivial to edit now, using PYMS, as much as any other unit setting.
I remember how it required a separate program to amend, though, seeing as how it was an unknown at the time of Arsenal 3.

Sorry, I mean the buildable area, not the size. How do you control that?

I tried the size option in units/graphics but the values are the same between the votf modfile and broodwar for most of the bugged buildings (I did however succeed in fixing the addons being on top of buildings using the settings just below the size setting)

edit: Apparently it is the placement box setting under units -> staredit that needed fixing. Good, we are in business!

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Sep 30 2021, 12:13 pm Zincoshine Post #22

Great news, I have finally managed to fix the archon merge bug found in every single modfile for vision of the future. All of the modfiles 1,1e,2, and 3, have been updated, thus allowing you to make archons. Please delete the old mod files files if you have downloaded them already.

edit: unfortunately, it appears to be that the modfile for vision of the future 4 is incompatible with firegraft due to problems with the corrupted iscript.

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Oct 7 2021, 8:20 pm Zincoshine Post #23

Current status: After a tremendous amount of help, a working 1.16.1 firegraft for vision of the future 4 has finally been made.

Most of the bugs in the original mod file are fixed (missing buttons and incorrect building grids) and some previously hidden content has been unlocked:

- infested ghosts: spawnable at infested command centers with no further requirements. They're just like normal ghosts but consume instead of launching nukes.
- infested battlecruisers: Extremely powerful, expensive, and slow building zerg units that can hold their own quite well, work best on large targets. spawnable at infested command centers with no further requirements
- brigands: With a splashy ground attack and a rapid powerful air attack this powerful unit can hold its own quite well in a bottleneck. Spawnable at robotics factories and require a robotics support bay.

unfortunately, there is a new bug that wasn't previously in the game: When playing HS-04 and DS-05, you will regularly be spammed with a message "Call to undefined animation "WorkingToIdle" on Image ID 171". It may also show up on DS-07.
In order to avoid the spam, in HS-04 you can pick protoss. But that isn't recommended because of how wackily the map handles the protoss on that map.
The spam can't be avoided on DS-05 or DS-07 but it can be stopped by destroying all enemy protoss gateways and zeji cloning cylinders.

While my playthrough of the vision of the future campaign isn't over, the mod developing part is now, thankfully, over.

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Oct 10 2021, 1:01 pm Zincoshine Post #24

Status update: Vision of the future 4 and its side campaign are, at long last, complete. The files are available in the download link.

Each consecutive modfile in the series has been harder to remaster than the last one with Vision of the Future 4 being the hardest of them all.
Tons of bugs have been fixed, but many minor ones still remain. Missing buttons and incorrect building grid sizes have all been fixed.
The mod runs almost flawlessly on 1.16.1, with the exception of HS-04 and DS-05 which will regularly send you a error message as you play. Nothing can be done about it however.

The Zeji expansion is all that remains but thankfully someone has already remastered the .pat file for that. I don't remember the name of the person who did it but it was remastered about 8-9 years ago. I have his remastered .pat file.... and that's about it. Hopefully, nothing else needs to be remastered.

edit: and of course that isn't the only thing that needs fixing.... welp, time to get to work.

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Oct 19 2021, 11:02 am Zincoshine Post #25

Although the forum has been quiet, I have been getting tremendous amounts of help over at the staredit discord.

With that in mind, I am proud to announce that the project is complete. The entire series now runs on Starcraft 1.16.1 and countless issues and bugs in the mods (most of which are caused by using 1.16.1) have been fixed as well.

The entire series can now, for the first time in 20 years, be enjoyed just as it was intended to be enjoyed when it was first released back in the days of stardraft and stargraft.



Apr 5 2022, 8:14 pm UndeadStar Post #26

I'm gonna try playing if I can find the time.
I've started a bit, but so far, I'm like "Wow, there really was so much stuff before the Ranma things?".
Is it just that I played a very old version that started in what would be the middle? Or did it get remade at some point and what I'm playing right now is a bunch of prequel material?

Apr 6 2022, 6:06 am Zincoshine Post #27

If you're referring to zargil, thakras, Archimedes, and kizrath then it's because vision of the future is a sequel to retribution. Urust might also be from another forgotten campaign. You did start with intro.scx right? Nargil is from insurrection but as the campaign otherwise makes no reference to insurrection it isn't a insurrection sequel.

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