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DBZ - Legacy of Goku
Jul 25 2021, 9:30 pm
By: tscape16  

Jul 25 2021, 9:30 pm tscape16 Post #1

Edit: Added a more complete version of this game. Included below is a link to download both the original I posted and the newer Beta V0.4.

Started a map at least over a decade ago that I never finished. About a month ago I started playing through the campaign for Starcraft and Starcraft II. After that, I moved back into the realm of playing UMS maps and discovered a map I had long forgotten, which was a one player based loosely on the Legacy of Goku GBA game (aka Saiyan through Frieza Saga). Thought it would be a shame not to share it with the world. There were a few items that were causing some errors, so the only changes I've made since roughly 2009 were updates to the Title Screen, Mission Objectives, and to fix those really obvious bugs.

Right now, the map is 90% complete (Beta v0.20) through the fight with Captain Ginyu. After that, I created a relatively quick fight with Frieza's first form and final forms, including short dialogue, but intended to fill out the rest later (let's call that portion 5% complete). In the GBA game, Goku faces all of Frieza's forms, rather than just the 'Final Form' in the show. If there is enough interest, I should be able to finish it up with a 'Beta v0.30'. Here are what would be added in future versions:
1) Finish Triggers for Frieza Saga (including Forms 2/3/100%)
2) Polish Dialogue throughout map
3) Streamline 'training sessions' to retain difficulty while consuming less time
4) Fix any unforeseen bugs/attempt to dummy proof the map
5) Add-in gas requirement for 'holding' transformations (usually the last thing I add after completing testing)

Hopefully this map isn't too rough. I played through this a few times without any major issues, but I also wasn't trying to break it. Moderately entertaining at face-value, so hopefully at least one person enjoys! :D

DBZ - Legacy of Goku Beta V0.2:

DBZ Legacy of Goku Beta V0.4:

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