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Reocciring Problem Launching Staredit for SC:Remastered
Jun 29 2021, 9:44 am
By: IcY  

Jun 29 2021, 9:44 am IcY Post #1

Cruisin' on that LSD

Long time mapper and SC gamer both.
First some info to eliminate certain issues, yes I have the latest versions of SCMD2 and SC:BW:R.
When hotting "Launch" I get two errors, here are the pictures for convenience;

Error Code 1: & Attached as file 1.

Error Code 2: & Attached as file 2.

PLEASE help, no matter what I reinstall, or reboot the PC, or even make new profiles for SCMD2 it won't stop happening.

Ir started working BRIEFLY then stopped working again... no clue how or why!

PLEASE!!! Not making maps is KILLING me....

Thanks in advance, but please try to explain the issue so I can fix it or at least learn how to fix it.


PS: I tried using the search function here on SEN and Google both!

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