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UEDAIP Alternate: Kraken's Last Stand
Apr 4 2021, 10:46 pm
By: UEDCommander  

Apr 4 2021, 10:46 pm UEDCommander Post #1


UEDAIP Alternate: Kraken's Last Stand

Art by AlasdairValer

Brought to you by creators of Brood War Alternate & UED AI Project, experience the greatest crossover in human history!

The war between the ravenous Primal Zerg and the Koprulu sector's inhabitants rages on. Under Duran's command, the Coalition of races is attacking Tarkossia - once the Infinity
Swarm's homeworld, now occupied by the Primals. You are one of many Pack Leaders under Zurvan's command, and it will be up to you to mount a successful defense of Tarkossia. However,
you will not be facing this trial alone. The Primals have long surpassed their petty squabbles of old, and in the Elder's infinite wisdom you have been granted a perfect ally - numerous
legions of the New Protoss Empire, ready to fight and die by your command. Together, you shall be unstoppable.

  • The grand crossover: Kraken's Last Stand is no simple map. United Earth Directorate stands side by side with UEDAIP-altered vanilla races, fighting against Alternate Primal Zerg - and a completely new Protoss faction, featuring devoted cultists and powerful war machines that will wipe out any resistance - with competent guidance, of course.
  • Remastered-compatible: Explore the mission in wide or square resolution, in HD or SD graphics, with or without customized hotkeys - any tool Starcraft Remastered has to offer is at your disposal, thanks to mod being specifically designed to work on SCR.
  • Cooperative playthrough: Kraken's Last Stand is designed to be experienced by two players, working together towards victory. United, we shall prevail.
  • No mercy, no respite: Give no quarter, and do not expect any. None of the opposing commanders are here to be a glorified punching bag for player's armies - they are here to claim victory, and they will do everything in their power to achieve it.
  • A changing environment: The battle is never stagnant, and you must always remain vigilant. There are plenty of resources around the map, but your enemies have plans for those as well. Maintaining control of the battlefield might be a key to success, especially when your allies and their primary fortifications are concerned. And sometimes, retreat might be the only option still left on the table...


Download link:

Public release (last version)

Design document (google doc)

For live updates, teasers and discusssion join our Discord server.

  • Developers: UEDCommander, Nekron.
  • Custom graphics contribution: robear.
  • Terrain design assistance: Jane.
  • Testing assistance: kuuls, Vorgozz, Rotacioskapa.
  • Software support: Neiv.
  • Voiceacting: UEDCommander, Nekron, Moichris.


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