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Fog Of War Noises
Mar 12 2021, 5:07 am
By: Optimate  

Mar 12 2021, 5:07 am Optimate Post #1

Does anyone have any information or links to old articles describing whether or not you can hear noises in the fog of war even if you don't have vision of it? In Free For All games on Broodwar I have heard enemies battling in the fog of war. Even without vision of the fog of war I have heard Terran Siege Tanks firing and killing Zerglings. I wonder if anyone has studied this glitch or if they have a more accurate description of why this occurs? I tried testing it out by trying it in a game against a computer and unvisioning myself when watching the replay. I'm sure it is a real thing but am not savvy enough to explain how it works.


Mar 12 2021, 5:23 am Optimate Post #2

I think it is has to do with Sieged Siege Tanks having a range of 12 but vision of only 10. Like a normal game you float a building so Sieged Siege Tanks can have more range.

In Broodwar,

Hearing range = Unit Range
Hearing range =/= Vision range


Mar 12 2021, 6:16 am GGmano Post #3


i dont know about hearing in fog, but i know that hearing with vision is determined by the range to the actions goin on and you placement of your screen. The longer your screen is away from the actions the lower the sound, its especialy units deaths effects thats loud but the attack sprite can be too. It wouldnt be hard to test in a test map for you to make with fog and a trigger killing and creating a unit again and again then test when you can actually hear it while in fog

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Mar 12 2021, 7:21 pm DarkenedFantasies Post #4

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Sound effects are never heard when the source isn't inside revealed areas of the map. You're able to hear certain sounds from across the map like building explosions but this depends on a volume setting for the sound effects in sfxdata.dat; they still need to be in revealed fog to be heard at all. The weapon hit sound of the siege tank share the same sound with building explosions so they can equally be heard from afar when hitting targets that are inside your revealed fog, even if the siege tank itself is hidden elsewhere you don't have vision.

Sounds are (obviously) played at an increasingly lower volume the further away they are from the player's screen, normally reaching 0 (muted) when outside a radius of approximately 776 wide by 664 tall pixels from the center of the screen. The sfxdata volume setting defines the minimum percentage value the sound will be lowered to, and will therefore be heard across the whole map when revealed if it's greater than 0.

Disclaimer: My source for the radius size was only from in-game testing of various sounds and seeing how many pixels I had to move the screen away until it no longer was audible, so I would take those values as more of a guideline until a proper measurement can be extracted from game code.

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