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WWII Italian Front v4 Stable
Feb 10 2021, 6:32 am
By: Falconguy1987  

Feb 10 2021, 6:32 am Falconguy1987 Post #1

I recently finished this map I created all the way back in 2007. EVERYTHING I did myself from drawing the map (which I still believe is my best ever) to writing all the triggers and attempting to overcome well used tropes of that era.

5 Human players (Germ, Italy, Fran/USA, GB, Yugo Resistance)
1 computer Axis (Romania)

No Ships on Land
Yugoslavian Resistance spawned from Probe
Main focus is Italy, thus Germany takes a back seat
Usage of gas and trade lanes
German and British convoys of troops moving throughout the Mediterranean
A timelimit so games don't drag out forever (90minutes)
Simple mission objectives (Axis survive for 90minutes, allies take key locations)
Events are based on what players do in game such as taking Tobruk or clearing Rome of Axis troops

I never really tested it and by 2007 most of the StarCraft player base had moved on. I also wasn't confident in making BW maps and wanted to keep the focus on balancing everything with base units without cheese units. I have tried multiple times across reddit and facebook to get a few people together to test this but never seemed to work out. I am FalconGuy1987 here, on reddit and on US West if anybody is interested in putting a testing session together.

Thank you.

P.S. If your playing the game and some units come out double, that was intentional, please don't change it.

Screen Shots

I'll add more tonight when I do another run through.

WWII - Italian Front v4.scm
Hits: 1 Size: 245.85kb

You can find me on Reddit.

Thank you StarCraft community for the best years of my gaming life.

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