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[EUD] Format chk
Nov 13 2020, 11:44 pm
By: RdeRenato  

Nov 13 2020, 11:44 pm RdeRenato Post #1

I am Renato

Is it possible to create a map in this format that is functional?

There are 3 formats of "chk"
1. Remastered Hybrid Map
2. Broodwar Map
3. Remastered Broodwar Map

(I admit I don't understand how it differs precisely)

-I made an EUD map, with the intention of eliminating the option "Save game" in a micro map
-I wanted to introduce it in the campaign format (which only supports the "chk" format)
-i use EUD (EDITOR 2), EUD editor 3 for some reason stopped working
-I was able to extract the "chk" (altered with EUD) from a "scx" map with PyMPQ, but when I try to enter at this level the typical "EUD compatibility" problem appears

Please, I hope you can help me.

Is there an alternative solution to remove the "Save Game" without EUD? (specifically at one level)

"This EUD map is not supported. Please report the map on the StarCraft forums."

I use this entry for the MOD campaign maps *

:unsure: i am RdeRenato, a veteran noob

Nov 16 2020, 4:25 am martosss Post #2

Are you sure Starcraft accepts EUD campaigns at all? Any map(scx file) is a MPQ archive(possibly locked/damaged) that contains a CHK file - the raw extracted information of the map, together with other files from the map(music in wav/ogg format). If you can open that MPQ archive(if it's not locked/damaged) then you can extract the CHK file, regardless of whether it is an EUD map or not.

As far as I understand you already extracted the CHK file and it can't load, so either Starcraft doesn't accept this format at all, or you're using certain "forbidden" EUD actions that are not allowed, it should work.

I think that if you use EUD editor to compile a map, even without changing anything, it makes the map EUD and saving is disabled (but I'm not sure, I haven't tested that). You can test it by making an empty map, compiling it through the EUD editor and running it in multiplayer.


Nov 21 2020, 9:40 pm RdeRenato Post #3

I am Renato

thanks, it didn't work. I will deal with EUD 3.

:unsure: i am RdeRenato, a veteran noob

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