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New Lobby Crashing Hack 2020
Nov 11 2020, 5:07 pm
By: lifebot  

Nov 11 2020, 5:07 pm lifebot Post #1

I would like to make aware of a recent hack floating around that crashes the game lobby for Starcraft: Remastered.

This hack first appeared about 3-4 days ago.

The hacker will join your game with a Korean character based username, and will crash the game for the host. Just recently, this user is crashing lobbies without even showing that he has “joined” the game. :(

This hack prevents users from hosting public games. Currently, the only way to defend yourself from this hack is to host a passworded game.

This hack is rampant in Korea server and the hacker targets certain maps to be unplayable by crashing every lobby that hosts it.

The hacker will also follow you and crash every game you host.

Will Blizzard do anything about it?

Footage of the hack in action:

Screenshot of the user:

The hacker's username translated to "Kang Jong Magician".

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Nov 11 2020, 8:50 pm MTiger156 Post #2

Veteran Mapper

Call me weird, but I find mysterious/infamous SC hackers like this to be fascinating.

The attack is mostly likely done by a bot, given how fast a victim is found and then immediately crashed. This was easy to do back in the old v1.16.1 days, but doing this in SCR is beyond even my knowledge.

Lets first try to find a motive. How much is known about this person? Has he talked about his attacks (or made threats) inside/outside of the game?
Have the map authors did anything to make themselves disliked by the community?

If SCR hacking did not risk getting a perma-ban, then I'd gladly try to fight back. If someone could snatch his IP for me, it would help a lot. As a last resort (if he can't be reasoned with), I can try to nuke his internet... unless he knows how to use a VPN, then I can't do anything *shrug*

DDOS attacks are evil. I will do such a thing ONLY to scare or counterattack against trolls and hackers in my gaming community.

"It takes far more than a simple ideology to map amazing things. Mapping requires a strong passion for SC as well as an even stronger devotion to your work. Avoid instant gratification. Set directions/goals for the map, and stick to them. Take pride in the work, be patient with it, and never settle for less."

Nov 11 2020, 9:52 pm lifebot Post #3

Link 1

Link 2

This issue affects all users in Korea, not just myself fyi.

There are numerous reports of this since 3-days ago the hack started.

The hack runs on instances, and it is not performed by a human. It is a bot, that joins games top to bottom and crashes the lobby.

I was able to mitigate this issue by hosting a private game, and putting the PW in the lobby title.

The hacker's identity is unknown as he is spoofing the username to begin with.

Simply host a UMS game in Korea to experience the hack yourself. This hack bot seems to be running 24/7.

The only exception where you can get away is if your game fills up before the hack bot joins your lobby.

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