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[SCA/EUD] Zombie Hunter 2
Nov 8 2020, 6:55 am
By: Avlos  

Nov 8 2020, 6:55 am Avlos Post #1

Zombie Hunter

Version. Test8 Fix

This Use Map uses the SCA launcher.
Download ::
- Click [Download] on the main page. -

Tileset: Badlands
Genre: Survival, Zombie Defense
Player(s): 6
Dimensions: 192x128
Size: 10mb
Language: Kor, Eng
Download: [Google Drive Link]
English sentence review is always welcome!

This is a test version, not the official version.
So, the following contents were not completed.

1.Victory Ending: There is no proper victory ending.
2.Boss Zombie: There is no boss zombie.
3.Level: Except for the Easy level, everything is locked.
4.Quest: There are no quests in the game.
5.Class: You can't choose a Signaller.

#How to Play?

1. Press the `(~) key to open the menu.

2. If you are next to the building of the computer, you can buy several.
(Gun, Upgrade, ETC)

3. When the hunter presses the A KEY, a bullet is released.
Reload is R KEY.

4. Engineers can build turrets.

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Nov 9 2020, 6:53 pm tootoop Post #2



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