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Pylon Wars! [ENG]
Sep 7 2020, 8:07 am
By: SkywinDragoon  

Sep 7 2020, 8:07 am SkywinDragoon Post #1

Simple PvP minigame that can be played up to 8 players.
Destroy all the pylons and become the last one standing!

Killing enemy units will give minerals.
and destroying refinery at the center of the map will give gas.

Players control zealots to fight other players. With minerals you can produce better units like firebat, dragoon, infested terran, and ghost.
But they can't control more than 4 units.

The game needs to be full for proper balance. Otherwise, the one with empty side will gain huge advantage.

Pylon Wars 1.05.scx
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[2021-6-21. : 4:26 pm]
C(a)HeK -- you reminded me that video
[2021-6-21. : 4:14 pm]
MTiger156 -- Oh, that's nostalgic... using drones on geysers to pull all sorts of chaos back in the ancient versions of SC. Research burrow, execute some macros, build an Extractor, cancel that Extractor, and you've won the game.
[2021-6-21. : 3:39 pm]
C(a)HeK -- topic with bugs theme
[2021-6-21. : 3:21 pm]
C(a)HeK -- can y make a bugs? drone with geyser or flying cc, etc
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GGmano -- farty i need yorue help on an adress in yorue euddb
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O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- I think refreshing the page should make it go away, but who knows
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O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- i'm not sure exactly when it does it, but it should work most of the time ... it happens when it reads utf-8 (which should be the site's encoding) as ascii
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