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StarCraft: Survival Mode
Jul 11 2020, 10:41 pm
By: Christien Chapman  

Jul 11 2020, 10:41 pm Christien Chapman Post #1

StarCraft Survival Mode

When the United States President: Barrack Obama is briefed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He discovers that a terrorist group has found an abandoned nuclear reactor and that they plan to acquire nuclear transcripts from it. Swiftly and boldly, the President acts, ordering a secretive military force known as Delta Squad to attack the terrorist group's search team. Delta Squad moved in on the location, but faulty intel has led the team into a trap. A large number of enemy forces have arrived, you must now defend your base and do whatever it takes to survive. Purchase air defenses, Attack Dogs, Sentry Guns, weaponry upgrades, and a multitude of other customized units to aide in your survival.

Each map has different environments and strategies, you'll never play the same map twice!
Included in this game is 2 difficulties: Easy and Hard, as well as an extra mode called Zerg Survival.
In Zerg Survival, survive against the seemingly endless waves of Zergs and search to find the truth behind the apocalypse!
Additionally, you can add a SECOND player for non-stop Co-Op action!
Download StarCraft Survival Mode today!

Here is a list of the maps included in the game:
Operation Obrelisk (Easy)
Hideout (Easy) {Not supported in Co-Op}
Rescue (Easy)
Recollection (Easy)
Villa (Hard)
Lockdown (Hard) {Not supported in Co-Op}
Infiltration (Hard)
Breakout (Hard)
Pandemic (Zerg Survival)
Cavern (Zerg Survival)
Vindication (Zerg Survival)

You can download this game at my website:
If you prefer, you can just download it at:

(The waves are not infinite, there are 52-60 programmed waves, if you ever make it to these high rounds, make sure you let me know.)

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Jul 11 2020, 10:42 pm Christien Chapman Post #2

watch it get removed u nub


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