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Mind Control / Optical Flare targets can't be changed?
Jun 14 2020, 11:08 am
By: IlyaSnopchenko  

Jun 14 2020, 11:08 am IlyaSnopchenko Post #1

The Curious


I have a problem when making my mod, as it appears that changing which types of units are affected by mind control by editing its properties in weapons.dat is not working. The same is apparently true for optical flare (and God only knows what other spells too, though I know Lockdown targets CAN be changed this way).

Anyone can tell me if it's true, or I'm just doing something stupid? And are there ways around that if it's really the game, not me? :)

Trial and error... mostly error.

Jun 16 2020, 8:40 pm Voyager7456 Post #2

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The targeting for those spells is hardcoded. You'll need a plugin.

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Jun 16 2020, 9:00 pm IlyaSnopchenko Post #3

The Curious

Thanks, and lemme guess - there's none for 1.20+ :)

Trial and error... mostly error.

Jun 17 2020, 12:11 am Ultraviolet Post #4

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Jun 17 2020, 5:55 am IlyaSnopchenko Post #5

The Curious

It's no big deal for me, and I'll find a way around. After all, what we have now is already a lot more than I've ever dreamed about during the first mapmaking run, 15+ years ago. :)

Trial and error... mostly error.

Jun 19 2020, 8:59 am IlyaSnopchenko Post #6

The Curious

SOLVED thanks to Neiv's advice (who else can come to the rescue when a technical issue is brought up?)

Trial and error... mostly error.

Jun 19 2020, 10:59 am Neiv Post #7

(The solution was to enable weapon targeting flag in orders.dat. I'm surprised it even works with Mind Control due to it being hardcoded differently from other spells, but guess that at least some part of the code which checks those flags also is run for MC)


Jun 19 2020, 11:10 am IlyaSnopchenko Post #8

The Curious

Yeah, it works entirely as I envisioned. Neiv, I just finished testing it and there are no hiccups, the robotic units are now untargetable by MC while all others work like a charm (pardon the pun). So you have my thanks again.

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Trial and error... mostly error.

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