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MPQ Extractor not working?
May 25 2020, 11:56 pm
By: dark.matter  

May 25 2020, 11:56 pm dark.matter Post #1

Hey guys. I'm using to extract and I'm not sure if there's something wrong on my end or the other way around.

For example I extract StarDat.mpq, BrooDat.mpq and Patch_rt.mpq to the same folder and the only tilesets in the tileset folder are the broodwar ones?

Edit: To add to this. I tried MPQEditor and I'm getting a big slew of Unknown file types, which to me does not seem correct. This is with the Broodwar I downloaded from Iccup. With remastered files only BrooDat.mpq shows tilesets.

CleanShot 2020-05-25 at 17.56.49.png
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CleanShot 2020-05-25 at 19.25.22.png
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May 26 2020, 7:35 pm Zincoshine Post #2

Install PyMS:

If you just want stock stuff from those mpqs then I recommend simply downloading them from Pr0nogo's mpq rip instead of extracting them yourself


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