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[LotPT]Lord of the Pale Throne
Apr 19 2020, 8:36 am
By: Flemy  

Apr 19 2020, 8:36 am Flemy Post #1

xd pooop

=== Update 9/06/2020 ===

Updated LotPT - SoM.
Updated LotPT - SoM[R].

=== Contact ===

The fastest and easiest way to reach me is through Discord.


=== What is this? ===

This is Lord of the Pale Throne(LotPT), an original story that mimics the LotR CPU genre of User Map Settings. It is a cooperative experience that is difficult for those who aren't familiar with the map and genre. The original idea was to create a saga within at least 4 maps with the different nuances found in various different LotR CPU maps.

Currently there are Three "finished" maps with a Forth on the way.

=== How to play? ===

Branching out the IP now but the core maps are LotRish vs CPU. The maps that are currently being worked on is a dungeon crawler. Worked on a Helms Deep vs CPU type map but gave up working on it.

This is a LotR CPU clone so it's pretty much an exact copy of LotR CPU's mechanics.

But some things to keep in mind for the uninitiated is :
- Every wave, you spawn a set amount of army depending on which nation you pick. Use this army with your Hero/Villain unit(s) to take out enemy CPU bases.
- Your heroes are crucial to beating all maps. Keep them alive, they do not respawn!
- Build Academies. This is crucial to all core LotPT maps. It varies for each map but in general, each academy will increase your army size and may also allow you to obtain new Hero/Villain units.

=== State of the Map(s) ===

LotPT - Pale King's Descent ------------------- Finished, Don't expect to change anything. There's been thoughts about a revamp to the entire map or made new entirely.
LotPT - Reclamation of Dray ------------------- Non-existent. Terrain and building placements are finished but triggers have not been made.
LotPT - Siege of Madrigal[EUD] --------------- Finished, Don't expect any major changes.
LotPT - Siege of Madrigal[EUD][Reversed] --- Finished(?), I want to flesh out more quests/secrets but a good amount is already in.
LotPT - Seamless Gate -------------------------- Terrained but that's about it.

LotPT - Defense of Vuln ------------------------ Is uh sort of done(not really) but lost motivation. Don't expect anything balanced or polished.
If anyone want's to continue the map DM'ing me through Discord would be the fastest way to contact me. Flemy#5979

What I'm currently working on along with the help of milksteak#8614(discord).
LotPT - Assault on Najigal --------------------- The name may change. In the process of triggering and EUD. Button command cards are finished for P1 and fully functional. Need to copy and paste 100 trigers for p2-p9... fun.

=== Lore? ===

It gets asked a lot about where the source of these maps are from. Short answer, it's from my Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Pretty sure no one cares for lore but there are about 1000 lines of dialogue that can be found spoken by in game characters.

=== Credit ===

Thank you to all who have helped me throughout the creation of these maps! Especially of those in SEN's discord.

LotPT - Siege of Madrigal v1.64.scx
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hey its me :)

Jul 27 2020, 3:09 pm daechon Post #2



Aug 31 2020, 2:29 pm daechon Post #3

i play this map in korea. i think this is a well-made map.
I wish there was a hint about the trigger during the game play

I can't speak English. You're using the translator. Please understand if it's weird


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