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Jan 26 2020, 11:30 pm
By: Butch  

Jul 27 2020, 12:19 am Butch Post #21


Quote from m.0.n.3.y
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Quote from Corbo

Can I make a zone too?

Yes anyone can make a zone and I'll credit you. Only qualification is that if its trash I'm gonna fix it to suit good gameplay.

How the fak is this game coming. It was probably my favorite UMS map of all time. How be it coming? Did you finish it?

I stopped working on it cause the systems I had in place started causing trigger lag when above 4 players in-game. I will probably re-do the whole thing so its more efficient and uses less triggers but it'll take some time. For now the latest version is pretty stable and playable. I honestly wasnt expecting trigger lag at like 15k triggers, none of the systems are doing much other than like variable manipulation.


Jan 1 2022, 9:30 am Butch Post #22


Updated download link with newest version which fixes the problems I mentioned previously. Among other things.

Point blank kills replaced with executions (1 shot kill when standing directly behind enemy)
Text menu for changing game mode and zone etc
Distance is now calculated in a circle rather than square locations
there is no longer a reloading/ammo mechanic
can now modify score to win pre match
There are now four teams and you can switch teams in between rounds
triggers now run 24 times a second rather than 12
added new zone "neighbourhood"
added score bonus for "stfu" kills (killing someone when they have an augment equipped)
changed the way a lot of systems work so there is no longer lag with >4 players


Sep 17 2022, 1:04 am Butch Post #23



Too many changes to count but basically I re-wrote the entire map in EPS changing over from Oreo Triggers.
Thanks to Milestone, Armo, and Farty for helping me with EPS stuff, thanks to Inferno for always testing, and thanks to so many others for lots of help and suggestions.
In the future I'll do proper credits in the map itself but for now I'm obligated to thank those specific people for all their help.

(my mic was muted so discord chat might be confusing)



Sep 17 2022, 1:37 pm Oh_Man Post #24

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Hell yea that's an instant download for me

Sep 18 2022, 1:27 am Butch Post #25


Quote from Oh_Man
Hell yea that's an instant download for me
ur an instant download for me

also here is a video of the airstrike some of you may have already seen but for anyone that hasnt here it is.


Sep 18 2022, 1:12 pm Oh_Man Post #26

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That glorious sound, so freakin cool. My only question is why didn't you go with marine attack sprite for the bullets instead?

Sep 20 2022, 2:09 am Butch Post #27


Quote from Oh_Man
That glorious sound, so freakin cool. My only question is why didn't you go with marine attack sprite for the bullets instead?

thats a good question, I could try that. Honestly the images I used in the video were just the first ones I chose, there may definitely be a more pleasing visual for the projectiles.


Sep 26 2022, 6:08 am Oh_Man Post #28

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Played some Snype boiz with newbs.

I think wraith for sub machine gun could be a cooler sprite as well like marine bullets or what not.

Also I think the greyed out buttons should have text as well.

Also it would be cool if when you killed someone with a barrel you unlocked the AC130 :P That way newbs get a chance to use the flashy killstreaks too.

Sep 27 2022, 12:35 am Butch Post #29


the wraith is supposed to be cloaked but I guess EMP draw function looks different in classic graphics cause in remastered its cloaked and jus looks like bullet trail warping the air or something.

and yes need to add greyed out text for the buttons for sure.

Easier way to get killstreaks is an interesting idea tho explosion kills would be too easy I think, gonna add an augment mode tho where everyone jus always has augments and also maybe like a supply drop could randomly drop on the zone somewhere that would have a killstreak u could capture or something idk.

Thanks for playing bro :D


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NudeRaider -- Dem0n
Dem0n shouted: who said you were crossing a line
NT kinda did Ultraviolet
Ultraviolet shouted: I always thought it was kind of messed up to impersonate someone without their permission, but I guess that's artistic license for you. When you get into the realm of using AI to do it.. it seems even worse to me, but I'm not sure why
[2023-12-08. : 8:38 pm]
Zoan -- and tbh no, this is exactly the type of thing ai should be used for. Now if you were monetizing it, I would say you should emohasize you used ai for the voicelines
[2023-12-08. : 8:29 pm]
Zoan -- he asked if "am I now crossing a line"
[2023-12-08. : 7:43 pm]
Dem0n -- who said you were crossing a line
[2023-12-08. : 2:24 pm]
Oh_Man -- but if i want to make a LOTR map and use AI generation to give aragorn etc more voice lines am I now suddenly crossing a line? wen did we get so snowflakey
[2023-12-08. : 2:23 pm]
Oh_Man -- well we been doing dodgy stuff in SC for ages playing resident evil and helms deep maps - we dont own the rights to them
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Ultraviolet -- NudeRaider
NudeRaider shouted: Ultraviolet absolutely. You can count me among those folks. ;) But I understand it. It's a silly name only kids find funny. However to know that and still own it that would be the manliest move in my eyes.
Yeah, I can appreciate that perspective. I've used so many handles over the years, I think I had less attachment to NerdyTerdy than some of the folks here. Just never changed my name much here cause it was expensive :P I still kind of like the NT name, but definitely prefer Ultraviolet. I think UV has been my handle for around half my life at this point O.o
[2023-12-06. : 6:34 pm]
NudeRaider -- So the question is will we as a society become resilient against these forms of attacks? Either by detecting or accepting? Find new ways to deal with it? I guess we will have to wait and see.
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NudeRaider -- da real donwano
da real donwano shouted: Society is not ready for the AI power we're being given. I'll die on that hill.
"social media" is imo a much better example for "society was not ready for it". We haven't seen yet where AI will lead us. It has a lot of potential for good, but then again, so had social media. For now the only potential for abuse in AI that I see is in forgery of various kinds.
[2023-12-06. : 6:26 pm]
NudeRaider -- Oh_Man
Oh_Man shouted: guys what are your thoughts on AI voice cloning vs someone doing impressions. why is one moral and the other immoral? or do you think both are fair game
For me it's the intent that make the difference, not the method. If you copy someone for profit or harm, then that's immoral. If your goal is satire then all bets are off. I think people are just afraid to be deceived because AI removes skill from the equation and painting AI usage as immoral is their weak attempt to defend against it.
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