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Poker Defense Nova X2 6.89 FINAL
Jan 9 2020, 2:49 am
By: DankBudSmoker  

Jan 9 2020, 2:49 am DankBudSmoker Post #1

Poker Defense Nova X2 6.81

=== 6.7 Changelog :

- DT card changers. (instantly change cards)

- Fixed broken level 46.

- Replaced levels 59 & 60 (Buildings) with new units.

- Optimized game engine. (decreased trigger count by over 100, removed old/unneeded triggers from very old versions)

- All strings (text) have been made consistent. (all units now show level number and hp, typos, ect)

- Leavers, losers and empty slots have all of their units, buildings and quests removed. (losers keep their units at bottom now; see below)

- You can now stay and help with quests even after you lose. (or give away your units to people who want them) (you continue getting heros for quests)

=== Tweaks:

- Units automatically move from recycle/random hero before quest rewards. (to prevent getting broodling)

- You now get 2 devourers for their related mixes and their damage has been reduced by 33%.

- Boss levels now give a text notification.

- Levels 50 and 57 (both carriers) have had their HP increased by roughly 10%.

- Slight modification to terrain. (to prevent DT's from being able to roam around)

- Redone Mission Briefing.

- Redid the banner for less footprint.

- One of the Recycles now gives a queen top ling. (dt and ling instead of dt and ghost)

=== Bugfixes:

- 4 card, 5 card and SF no longer have units spawn in your base and die.

- Player 3 no longer loses all lives from tank boss. (Loses 10 like the other players now)

- Bug that wouldnt let you trade units to player 3 was fixed.

- Can no longer trade to players who arent in the game.

- Players will no longer lose air units if they are in another players base when they lose.

- When you lose to a boss it no longer tells you -1 life.

- You can mass sell heros for minerals now. (instead of nothing happening if you sent more than 1)

- Removed un needed units. (flags from poker area, 5 civilians)

- Level 59 was considered a boss before, Changed it to level 60.

- Unit unplaceable errors have been eliminated. (Units this happened to have been re-balanced accordingly) (Royal Stalker Science Vessel - 5%, 4 Card Cruiser BC - 20%, Lil Bitch queen - 10%)

- Victory conditions have been changed.

- Disabled use of computer in leaderboard.

- Certain players didnt have sound effects that others did, This has been made consistent.

- Poker hand starting before killing all enemy mobs has been fixed.

- Plenty of other bugs too small to be worth listing.

=== Personal preference changes:

- Made poker hand chooser civilian never die. (Hotkey and better than remove/create imo)

- Renamed units to the names found in old versions. (Blaze, Toxic Shooter, Crunchatizer, ect)

- Moved start locations. (makes text at start game look nice / map preview looks nicer)

- Removed sprites at poker base. (unit spawn "click" sprite and start location sprite)

- Switched "unit mix guide" color from red to blue. (Less red on minimap looks nicer to me)

- Added a small sound effect at start. (lol)

- 1 small secret. (really you will probably never find it)

=== 6.73 Update:

- Fixed some people unable to host due to map protection.

- "Extended unit limits" now works.

=== 6.74 Update:

- Added a location to return all of your heros at bottom to the spawn. (incase stuck, trapped, easy return, ect)

- Protoss air defiler mix now gives arbiter instead of 2 scouts. (same as shown in the unit mix guide)

=== 6.75 Update:

- Added some help for solo play.

=== 6.76 Update:

- Added text messages that say you bought an offensive building. (units had these but buildings did not)

- Fixed automatic mix-up for tanks.

- Fixed rare bug where reward for poker hand was unplaceable.

=== 6.8 Update:

- Added Reaver card changers.

- New and improved hyper triggers.

- Replaced wait timers with death timers.

- Further optimized game engine.

- Various other bugfixes.

=== 6.89 Final:

- Changed the Hero mix guide to a text version. (to make room for future quests and reduce the amount of units in game)

- Added a double or nothing gamble & quest.

- Replaced solo quests with teamwork version.

- Increased overall difficulty. (round timer shortened slightly)

- Added Mining. (probes can be purchased at the bottom and earned as a quest reward)

- New option to upgrade Carrier hangar bay.

- Fixed victory conditions. (only the player who finishes first wins, it works and it makes the game a bit more competitive)

- Jumbled the shuffler to prevent cheating.

- Minor changes to terrain.

- Expanded the Recycle and Hero crafting areas to prevent crowding.

- Changed the owner of mineral fields to P6 to remove "cannot target unit" message.

- Some weak rounds were buffed.

- Some rounds have had mini boss units added for increased difficulty.

- Replaced the Lurker round with different units.

- Bug with Random Hero missing 2 potential rewards fixed.

- Bug with Broodlings leaving the recycle and random hero area fixed.

- Bug with ban fixed.

- Bugs with the Deck mix and Secret air mix fixed.

- Other minor bugfixes.

- Secrets?

=== This is my final X2 based version. Thanks for playing!

=== Sato will be making further X2 versions and updates.

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Jan 9 2020, 7:14 am C(a)HeK Post #2

Can I play single or only multiplayer?

Hello everyone, friends. I'm translate custom campaigns from English into Russian.
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Jan 9 2020, 9:03 am DankBudSmoker Post #3

Quote from C(a)HeK
Can I play single or only multiplayer?

You can play singleplayer.


Jan 9 2020, 12:29 pm C(a)HeK Post #4

Okay, thank you.

Hello everyone, friends. I'm translate custom campaigns from English into Russian.
You can call me Alexander.
My YouTube profile -
My Campaign Creations profile -

Mar 26 2020, 1:54 am Money Post #5

Hey dbs, I am wondering if 6.77 is a legit version? Seeing that online quit a bit. It says Feb 22.

If that is the case, I have a bug to report :D

Someone, as player 3, had the hand 77K77 and it came out as King high



Oct 21 2020, 1:26 pm DankBudSmoker Post #6

Sorry for the extremely late reply... 6.77 was a concept version that was never meant to be released.

Version 6.81 is coming soon.

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Oct 21 2020, 3:26 pm GGmano Post #7


nice work on poker def nova i like it thumbs up from here :)

Trust is everything

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