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Need a little help with translations in SCR
Oct 19 2019, 5:13 pm
By: C(a)HeK  

Oct 19 2019, 5:13 pm C(a)HeK Post #1

I try explain, but if you will not understand then I try again.
I has a problem with SCR. I can make rus translation for any campaigns, but with problem.
Look at 1 and 2 screenshots.
That text from Retribution 1 mission when Kizrath flew to temple.
"This is only a conduit to the main ruins that lie on the other side of the river.
However, I am sensing Psionic resonations from the Xel'Naga artifacts at that site. Take me to the ruins and I will see to the humans myself."
SCR don't show some part speech: "...will see to the..."
Look at 3 screenshot. That text from Ashen's Quest 5 mission.
Action! Drama! Soundtrack! The sequel to Gas is
finally not here yet but it will be, and old
questions will be answered while new ones arrive.
Who is Jim's secret lover? What is Charlie's
secret? Who is the mysterious archon, Doug/Vinny?
Some of these questions might be answered, and
an old enemy is back....
Here Russian text has problem too. 3 strings moved in one.
I can fix text anytime, but it's don't matter. Just I want to know reason that problems, you can answering?

Hello everyone, friends!
I'm translate custom campaigns from English into Russian!
I can work with your campaign if you want this, but everything has its time.

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