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New DS Classic 2020
Sep 26 2019, 2:07 pm
By: GGmano
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Dec 18 2020, 9:34 am GGmano Post #101


Quote from HSL...
There is a replay that could've been a great game, but mostly marred by an apparent bug that processed as if I had built a Nydus Canal.
You can take a close look after the 1:02:00 mark where I have never built the Nydus Canal, but I got a couple of consecutive notifications that I need 12,000 ores and 15,000 ores to spend for the next spec.

On an unrelated note, does the spec increase by 1,000 minerals or does it increase more after the 10,000 mark?

you have the replay you can upload it on and put in the link to the replay here.

the specs price increase from 6 to 7 to 8 to 9 to 10 to 12 to a maximum of 15k gas. On every spec you do theres given a message on how much the next spec will cost if you use the progressing spec. And also if you dont have enough gas to do the spec it will give you a message on how much you need to do the spec. I think this is the message you have gotten, that you needed 12k gas to do the spec and after that spec youve gotten the message that you need 15 gas to do the spec.

Maybe you didnt have enough gas to make the nydus? if it wasnt v5.0 maybe?

v5.0 shouldnt have any bugs on specs something i would need to fix if theres a bug there.

Just had a test run on it no bugs as far as i see it zerg specs working fine in v5.0

heres the replay of the specs working good

if the price increase had fired without you making the nydus channel it could be an bug ill need to check the replay to see the cause of it tho

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Dec 18 2020, 3:39 pm HSL... Post #102

Oops, forgot to attach the replay.
I wouldn't be posting like this if I didn't attach in the first place.
Certainly take a close look at 1:02:00.

It is the v4.9 version, but let me know if you fixed it for v5.0.

Unexpected Spec Spending.rep
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Dec 18 2020, 4:14 pm GGmano Post #103


Quote from HSL...
Oops, forgot to attach the replay.
I wouldn't be posting like this if I didn't attach in the first place.
Certainly take a close look at 1:02:00.

It is the v4.9 version, but let me know if you fixed it for v5.0.

I did fix some spec bugs from v4.9 to 5.0 ill take a look to be fully sure if its something i fixed. But My versions between between 4.5 and 4.9 All contains various huge kinda bugs including bugs on spec system the fully system of detecting the specs building progress causes several bugs i had to adjust and fix on the way. The system is abit advanced and takes up alot of triggers. My version 5.0 All those bugs is fixed for the specs system. Including a few other bugs i did find in v4.9 and less. So im pretty sure i fixed this bug in v5.0 but ill take a look on the replay to be fully sure

The unit Price and balance is fully same in v5.0 its only been bug fixed so general id say dont play versions from 4.5 to 4.9 since they All have some major bugs v4.2 is god v4.4 also good and v5.0. Ive found one major bug on toss buildings at 0 timer in team games but its really a rare bug wont happen much

Edit: ive now seen the replay and the bug you encountered is fixed in v5.0. theres one bug in v5.0 i need to fix at this point tho.. its rare bug so ill wait too see if more bugs will be encountered.

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Dec 29 2020, 5:06 pm GGmano Post #104


found another bug on special refund in uneven games if in gas delay players wont get the refund

ill need to fix this bug and the other rare bug ive found on toss buildings at 0

ill be tryinig to improve the refund at 0 aswell as hsl wants me to

update will arrive soon

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Feb 22 2021, 9:00 pm GGmano Post #105


I want to setup a tournament for this map. it will be 1v1 battles im thinking the price could be fame but also thinking it could cost 5dollar to enter it and 1 price would get 50% of the price pool 2nd place would get 30% and third place would get 20% of the price pool with an 5 dollar entri ticket it could add up for a nice tournament. Players would have to pick their favorite race and play with that one.

I would post a final tournament setup via with the information and stream it via twitch a channel. i think it should be a shootout tournament in best of 3 battles.

Im gonna make a drawing players map that draws the match up list for the tournament by creating random number unit ill host that map to draw the the players when i have at least 2 participants online with me when the players for the tour are gathered.

So now we have 16 players last players need to join and contribute at matcherino then we set a start date(prolly 2 weeks from 27 february) and the matchlist will be made
1. GGmano (the race that fewest players has looks like its gonna be zerg)
2. 420star (terran)
3. karmabites (zerg)not yet ready
4. 1Bullet2Kills(terran)
5. Sc-master(protoss)
6. HsL-goldenbears(Protoss maybe)
7. Casperkrux(terran)not yet ready
8. Tbagx(protoss)
9. Jinglesmurf
13.Boccadirosa not yet ready
16.BeefSupreme(not choosen yet)
17. One free ticket

heres the link for the tournament

Ill make a map to draw random numbers to pick out the opponents the number players have here will be the numbers drawn in the map i make ill need 2 observers to participate the drawing of matchlist

The matchlistdrawn is gonna be saturday march 27th last check in for the tour is friday the 26th march. The tournament will start monday the 5th april. When matchlist is published tour players and their opponents will agree on the battle set time and give match time info back too me. when the tour starts bracket(matches) and info is given on this site

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Feb 22 2021, 10:24 pm malmo Post #106

Hope more will join wanna see never_drunk writing sk*t


Mar 27 2021, 7:15 pm GGmano Post #107


Check in for the tour is now closed we are 13 players prize pool at 65 dollars 50% for the winner 30%for 2nd 20% for 3rd

Matchlist have now been drawn

Heres the replay of the matchlist beeing made i had two observers Goldenbears and Beefsupreme87

Matchlist replay link

Watch the replay and find out who you opponent is and arrange you date and battle time and give info back too me ill help spread all info as good as possible, ill make a group in battle net app for the tournament for easy to communicate with other tourney players

First round in the qualifying round is starting monday the 5th april and battles of first round is arranged within a week from the 5th april

After finishing the qualifying round players can also follow the bracket on the tournament site

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