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New DS Classic 2019
Sep 26 2019, 2:07 pm
By: GGmano  

Dec 22 2019, 8:51 am GGmano Post #21

Been doin some testing on v2.32 and heroes seems better balanced now. Will need some more testing but for now it seems good.

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Dec 26 2019, 2:37 am GGmano Post #22

updated version to 2.35 some small balance reavers 10 cheaper arbitre corsairs 5 cheaper guard/devourer 5 cheaper. fixed some unplaceable bug on mass air buildings.

Heroes abit higher cost

More replays will Come soon

Desert strike Classic 2019v2.35.scm
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Jan 11 2020, 9:12 am GGmano Post #23

Im having updated version with cross build option on its way. Been testing it last few days. Still need a couple fixes

Heres the new version with crossbuild option ive fixed the faults from updating systems still need test balance of that new feature.

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Jan 14 2020, 11:23 pm GGmano Post #24

Just tested the cross build option at v1. 05 and its really op. if i keep it, the price for activate cross build should be way more. Else cross build option ruins game play. Sorry to those Who Like cross build in ds but Im No fan of some stuff just beeing way overpowered. Updated version will Come soon with higher price on cross build

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Jan 15 2020, 2:42 pm GGmano Post #25

Updated ds classic 2020 to v1.07 Ive increased the price for crossbuild and added instant spawn option if not using crossbuild. Testing on the way

Desert strike Classic 2020v1.07.scm
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Jan 16 2020, 12:06 pm GGmano Post #26

Ive separated the crossbuild powerup cost 1600 made it only available at third gas(income lvl) with the instant spawn powerup cost 1500 now available on full gas(income lvl) cost 1500

heres ds classic2020 v1.11

Desert strike Classic 2020v1.11.scm
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Jan 29 2020, 9:36 pm GGmano Post #27

Been testing v1.11 for couple weeks now and found bug on instant spawn at full gas alot of units spawning, the bug is Map maxed so cant create more units (the Missing bug). So ill change the instant spawn to be awaliable at 5 gas(income lvl) for the price of 350 minerals. Instead of having it awaliable at full gas with full base units at the price of 1500. The change will prevent two things, one that goin full gas without building anything will be less good two it will prevent the map to max from spawning to much units cause players dosent have that much buildings units at 5 gas.

Other thing im gonna change is the price of crossbuild. right now it cost 1600 to activate it. One its makes a high bump setback when you buy it but is abit cheap or crossbuild to strong end game. Two the price is not made for both normal income and fast income (the price is same) so at normal income crossbuild price is real high and at fast income mode the price is high at start but low at end. Thats why im gonna change the price to be free at cost but gives 6-8% income reduction from the momemt you buy it. That makes it cheaper (the setback or bump in money less) but end game the price will have a higher total. Also it makes the cost of it even on both fast mineral mode and normal mineral mode. New version coming soon.

Stuff is changed new version is made. Version 1.12 ready

Rare bug fixed on instant spawn (switched spawn rotationen if Instant spawned at 0) now fixed in v1.13

Desert strike Classic 2020v1.13.scm
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Feb 10 2020, 8:34 am GGmano Post #28

Been testing v1.13 since release and cross build price seems good for fair battles. The instant spawn at 5 gas have removed the map Max bug while playing its beeing a good tactical powerup for the game play and it weakens the No units before full gas income lvl play, and thats really poposionel.

Im getting quite good feedback from players All around playing the version. Stuff on the version is learnable while still beeing advanced og tactical

Terran zerg battle not fully perfected balanced i tweaked terran tank abit dwn and zerg defiler abit up(tank 1050 was 1060)(defiler spawn 1.33 at 800 was 1.5 805ore)

Heres version v1.14

Desert strike Classic 2020v1.14.scm
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Feb 26 2020, 10:00 am GGmano Post #29

Did a fun 3v3 game on v1.14 gonna upload the replay later

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Mar 10 2020, 10:03 pm GGmano Post #30

been testing some balance on zerg terran in 1.14 and found engine bays and medics was too good vs zerg or at least zerg couldnt really counter not even with swarm.

so i updated the version lowering the medic spawn from 3.25 to 2.75 and switched hero bat gui montag from spawning on engine bay to spawn on academi with normal bats at a spawn rate on 2.20 bats 0.4 gui montags at price 165 i increased price of bunker by 10 and lowered price and on tank by 5 lowered price on wraiths by 20 and valks by 5. On zerg side i put infested Duran on sunken colony to spawn with infested terrans so now sunken spawn 1.75 infested terran and 0.5 infested Duran at price 195.

been testing the changes all day between zerg terran and it seems to work as i hoped for. so a good update for v1.14

Heres v1.15

Desert strike Classic 2020v1.15.scm
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Mar 14 2020, 11:00 pm GGmano Post #31

Changed effect on lvl3 vessel abillity to dispelling swarm and dweb tested it couple times think its good. so now terran lvl3 disrupting vessel abillity does dispel swarm and dweb real nice fits the terran abillity perfect. the old lvl3 disrupting vessel abillity was abit op at some points setting all enemy units near to 1%hp. so thats changed now. A fair change.

Heres version 1.16

Desert strike Classic 2020v1.16.scm
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Mar 16 2020, 7:11 pm GGmano Post #32

Made update on terran marine ability the dropship movement is perfected

heres version 1.21

Desert strike Classic 2020v1.21.scm
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Mar 23 2020, 6:19 pm GGmano Post #33

Put a max on reavers and carriers at 8, made larvas limited when playing zerg. Put a max on medics on 8, a max on vessel on 8 a max on ghost on 6 a max on queens 4, a max on 6 defilers.
I changed ghost to spawn on covert ops and valk/tom k to spawn on science fact at same prices

Fixed zerg spec infestation to kill some hero bc too.

Fixed spawn rotation on instant spawn bug 80+triggers eww. Fixed some intro text.

Been trying to fix instant bug last couple of versions it didnt work.

Than i fully remade spawn cyclus and found i could add a new game mode. Than i implemented new game mode number7 combined spawn for teams. It does so that all players spawn at same time. the fully remade spawn cyclus autoadjust for uneven games aswell as adjusting for leavers leaving the game. Its really fun try it out.

I also fixed the instant spawn rotation bug at the same time. been testing map for since v2.0 i fixed the beta bugs in the new version. map should be good now.

Heres version 2.5 its alpha version now. Fixed all the beta bugs in it Enjoy

Desert strike Classic 2020v2.5.scm
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Apr 3 2020, 5:08 pm GGmano Post #34

Made small adjustment on timer income on fast income is set to 38 minuts now. map allows that amount unit so its good to have bit more time income and bases allow the amount of buildings.

did some minor fix on 1v1 game combined spawn not working, thats fixed now.

Did some adjustment on bonus in uneven games, i lowered the amount to a more fair state in 1v2 its 400 in 1v3 its 500 in 2v3 its 300 and half in combined spawn mode.

Heres version 2.6

Desert strike Classic 2020v2.6.scm
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