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Under Tower Defense
Sep 23 2019, 1:32 am
By: lifebot  

Sep 23 2019, 1:32 am lifebot Post #1

Under Tower Defense B4

Created by: Avlos

This is by far the best defense map to come out recently, and the work is just phenomenal.

Give this one a shot. It's extremely addicting

Download Map

Here's a written guide by: iDoodler

-= You have 3 starting units =-

[Dark Archon]: Mind control(C) units from your rolls. Cost of units is the HP of the unit in question.
You can Pause(F) the automatic free rolls at the end of every wave. Force roll(R) can be done at any time for 3 minerals.

[Templar]: Places your purchased units by building a Turret(T). When you have 3 of the same unit you can upgrade to the next tier.
A paid Upgrade(W) will keep the units type/class the same, while free Upgrade(D) will reroll the type/class.

[Pylon]: This unit is for upgrading the damage of each specific type/class.
The type/class of a unit is identified by the same color on the unit itself as the text display in the pylons buttons.

-= Keyboard Input =-
[Insert] Turn on/off background music

-= Additional Mechanics =-

[Set Bonuses]:
Dragon - Build at least {5/10/15} > Adds {3/6/9} Dragon Upgrades
Demon - Build at least {4/9/14} > Adds {5/9/13} Demon Upgrades
Elf - Build at least {5} > Tier 2/3 transmute only requires 2 units instead of 3, when you have a total of 5 or more elf units
Beast - Build at least {5/8/11} > Adds {2/4/6} All Type/Class Upgrades
Human - Build at least {6/12} > Grants {20/40}% Critical Chance for Human Towers
Undead - Build at least {4/7/10} > Reduces Enemy Shields by {40/70/100}% and HP by {20/30/40}%
Dwarf - Build at least {5/10} > Interest at the end of waves increased by {50/100}%
Orc - Build at least 4 of Tier {1/2/3} > Adds {1/3/6} Orc/Beast/Undead Upgrades

[Interest]: By saving minerals, at the end of each wave you will be granted extra minerals based on how much saved. For every 10 minerals, you get 1 back after every round.

[Moving Towers]: With a Tower selected, Remove(E) them. Replace them by rebuilding a Turret(T) with the Templar.
The order towers placed in, is displayed below your play area. Max of 8 unplaced Towers at once.

[Selling Towers]: With a Tower selected, they can be Sold(C).

Tier 1 Towers sell for 50% of the original price.
Tier 2-5 Towers sell for 75% of the original price.

This can be used to gamble.
Example: A Tier 1 Tower by for 1 mineral, a Tier 2 of the same type/class would refund for 2 Minerals.
However, since the free upgrade rerolls the type/class you can possibly get a Tier 2 Tower that would refund for 5 Minerals.

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