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SC Nibbits Map Collection
Sep 17 2019, 2:02 am
By: Cerorec  

Sep 17 2019, 2:02 am Cerorec Post #1

Here is all of the SC1 maps on SC Nibbits I could find, including hidden ones and "removed" ones!
Site claims to have: 15,804 maps. (As of 9/16/19)
Total maps found: 15,823 maps!
Size: 2.27 GB (.7z file)
Size: 3.82 GB

(UPDATED 6/24/2020)
Download Here ->
Old Links...
.7z Map Pack PART 1!RoRR3IDT!XVv_fid3D8b9XW-pSGuBi3Ux_aTx0_uILfccB_rGijQ
.7z Map Pack PART 2

I tried contacting the site owner via email about a "Download All" button, but the email doesn't work and returns an error. I can't find any other way to contact the site owner and I might as well just release this full map pack.

How I did it: On , go to "Show all maps" which includes duplicated maps. Each page has 25 links, except for the last one. Go to the last page which is page 633 and download every single map individually until you come back to page 1. Now, I know what you are thinking. This is very tedious and long process. I used tools to help me out like a script I made in Java and that opens multiple pages at once to quicken this process. With these tools, and how the site SC Nibbits is built, I could download around 1500 maps in about an hour! The hidden maps weren't on the pages, but were hidden within the "gaps". For ex. on page 1, is Cat n Mouse Highway V2.4.scx (number being 140996) and is Arbiter Bound 2(P).scx (number being 140995). Now, Cat n Mouse Highway V2.4.scx is 5th from the line and Arbiter Bound 2(P).scx is 6th from the line, and so there is no number gap between these two maps. However, there are tons of number gaps throughout the whole site, and some gaps range to the 1000s which I skipped. Within these gaps, there are hidden maps, like ones whose pages were deleted by the admin because of its sexual content, like Kerrigan Has Sex With Duke.scm and Strip ashley massaro 2.2.scx. With my script, I obtained every number from this map on this page to that map on that page and used to open them all at once, downloading all from the working links and obtaining many hidden maps.

My story: When I started this project, I started out slow. I wanted to every single map and download them all too. I didn't have the tools with me yet, but each day I got a little better at my process. Then I calculated it would take me around 1-2 months to finish this (250 - 500 maps per day). I wanted to finish this fast and 1-2 months was too long for me, so like several days later I found shortcuts and tools to help quicken the process. So basically I archived maps from pages 633 to 281. On the day when I was at page 280, knew of my activity and implemented, "429 Too Many Requests. You have sent too many requests in a given amount of time." so I couldn't mass archive links anymore. Well, that was a bummer. Afterwards, I just said screw it and just downloaded the maps straight from the site itself, SC Nibbits with my tools. You can archive those download links, but you can't use or similar sites to archive multiple pages at once anymore... because of me. :( Or maybe it only affects me who knows.

The math: The site claims to have 15,804 maps. Ok, let see if that's correct. Each page shows 25 links. The last page (633) shows 4 links. 632 x 25 + 4 = 15,804 maps, which is how the site got its number. However, some of these links direct to maps that are undownloadable, which numbers to 49. On top of that, many links aren't maps at all, but other things like txt and ico files, which numbers to 6. So, 15804 - 49 - 6 = 15749 maps. In other words, this site has 15749 downloadable maps on its pages. Now, the number of hidden maps I've found is 84. If you add it up then 15749 + 84 = 15833 maps. BUT, in my folder I have 15823 maps. Wut... So I must have miscalculated somewhere as the difference is 10. If I did miss a map from the pages, it is probably around 1-4 maps, tops. No more than 4, but I'm confident I have all of the maps from the pages, so "10" has to be from miscalculations from elsewhere, maybe hidden maps, broken maps, or non maps. With the number of 15823, which is higher than 15804, I'm confident to say that I have at least 99% of all of the SC1 maps from SC Nibbits, in my map pack.

Now, there may be more hidden maps on this site. There are gaps numbering in the 1000s which I skipped, so there may have been hidden maps within these gaps. I found around 84 hidden or extra maps, and the number could be higher. I used the link where x is a number, to find maps. This is just a redirect link. For ex. redirects to n Mouse Highway V2.4.scx where the map is stored. It may be possible that there are maps that don't have redirect get links, so who knows how many hidden maps this site has.

Well, I think that covers it. In the map pack there are two txt files. I took notes while I was archiving and downloading the maps. I'll post them here too.

Left Off Page & Math.txt



633 pages, 1 page has 4 maps
632 x 25 = 15800, 15800 + 4 = 15804
site claims 15,804 maps, which matches, however, dozens of map links are broken
14,830 + 1000 = 15,830, 26+ extra maps?

TOTAL: 15,823

15,823 - 15,804 = 19 more maps

49 broken maps

15804 - 49 = 15755

10+1+1+1+2+1+1+3+4+3+7+7+1+10+24+1+1+5+1 - Extra maps = 84

15755 + 84 = 15839
15839 - 6 = 15833 (6 non maps)
Difference: 15833 - 15823 = 10

2463 pages, last page is 25 maps

118 pages, last page is 10 maps

Broken File Links.txt

Undownloadable Spike's Journey 7 Spike's Journey 8 Spike's Journey Zerg Installation Spike's Journey 5 DBZ=YUGIOH WWI - Kaiser\'s Fury P.scx DLK's Map Making Guide WWII - Rommel\'s MastermindP.scx Something For Nothin/'.scx (1)Scrouge/'s Generation.scx (Hidden) Fronter/'s Movie Guide.scx The Dominion/'s Revenge.scm (Hidden) Teen Titans Go! #1 RUSH qUiCk!~~OR Die!``By Zach Spike's Journey 4 Spike's Journey 2 1/2 Spike/'s Journey 9.scx (1)Stukov/'s Vengance01.scx (2)Grendel/'s Revenge.scx Kullia - First Encount.scm Spike/'s Journey 6.scx Chips Obstacle #1 The New Heros #2- Death The world of Roleplaying Pro Maps #1 (removed map and broken)

Unarchivable PvZ+Defence+SE.scx (archived now by Brave Browser)

Others file Cat & Mouse in the jungle (No file type) [Gear-up] Readme.txt (redirect) BW.ICO (redirect, Starfighters 24090)
Problems at page 550 - 549 due to browsers working with URL, now fixed by Brave Browser S.A. doc.txt BW.ICO
Page 444 to 443, 51 downloads?! Or maybe I counted wrong (Update 8/26/19 Another map was added) BW.ICO
Page 306, March 22, 2009, Hunted v1.scx is the first of that date. Machinist's first upload perhaps, beginning of massive CnM maps uploading. (8/29/19)
Page 290, Between Income Def and Frogger Def there is a whole host of maps. 151 maps downloaded total, 127247 to 127425.
(8/29/2019) Another map was uploaded, 1 map missing somewhere.
From 272 below, very little gaps, as in many exact 50s. Gap closes much more later on.
Page 181, Between Special Forces Ex. and Heroes of Might there is a jump back, to 127250, going back to those host of maps. 3 maps skipped, probably hidden.
Pages 180-177 skipped except up to Thron.scx (177), presumably I have those maps downloaded
Page 100 is broken

Removed Maps
Another one somewhere before... (counted 51 downloads) Þý (4)Good Game Hunters(n).scx (Hidden map, project page deleted) (4)Thanatos(o).scx (Hidden map, project page deleted) Sexy Hydralisk Zones SexyHydraliskZones.scx (Hidden map, project page deleted) Kerrigan Has Sex With Duke.scm (Hidden map, project page deleted) Strip ashley massaro 2.2.scx Strip The Celeberties 1.3.scx delete-this empty.scm Strip The Celeberties 2.4.scx (redirect, Trigger Happy Defense [v1.3a],, never downloaded before)
Page 274-273 51 downloads, Hidden map
Page 228-225 107 links, 5 page not found and 1 broken link, 1 extra map downloaded, Hidden map
Page 220-217 103 links, 1 redirect and 1 page not found, 1 extra map downloaded, Hidden map
Page 200-197 106 links, 1 extra download, Hidden map, probably "Sexy Pic Part 1"
Page 190-187 107 links, 5 page not found, 2 extra maps, Hidden maps
Page 186-183 103 links, 1 extra download, Hidden map, probably "Sexy Pic Part 9"
Page 174-173 228 links, 1 extra download, 1 broken link map, 50 maps downloaded
Page 172-171, 54 links, 1 page not found, 3 extra maps, HIdden maps
Page 170-166, 179 links, 129 downloads, 4 extra maps, Hidden maps
Page 165-161, 195 links, 128 downloads, 3 extra maps, Hidden maps
Page 160-157, 150 links, 107 downloads, 7 extra maps, Hidden maps
Page 156-153, 127 links, 107 downloads, 7 extra maps, Hidden maps
Page 144-141, 173 links, 101 downloads, 1 extra map, Hidden map
Page 140-137, 210 links, 110 downloads, 10 extra maps, Hidden maps
Page 128-125, 282 links, 124 downloads, 24 extra maps, Hidden maps
Page 104-101, 282 links, 101 downloads, 1 extra map, hidden map
Page 92-89, 455 links, 101 downloads, 1 extra map, hidden map
Page 45-41, 140 links, 130 downloads, 5 extra maps, hidden maps
Page 28-25, 112 links, 101 downloads, 1 extra map, hidden map

Yep, Warcraft 3 files is over 60000! Idk if I want to take the job of downloading them all. I'll consider it, and hopefully stays online for a long time hosting these maps. They Must Implement Download All!

Left Off Page & Math.txt
Hits: 0 Size: 0.89kb
Broken File Links.txt
Hits: 0 Size: 7.84kb

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Sep 17 2019, 5:07 am NudeRaider Post #2

We can't explain the universe, just describe it; and we don't know whether our theories are true, we just know they're not wrong. >Harald Lesch


Is there a reason you skipped the larger gaps? Should be no problem with your tools if thousands of pages turn out empty, right?

Sep 19 2019, 6:49 am Cerorec Post #3

Quote from NudeRaider

Is there a reason you skipped the larger gaps? Should be no problem with your tools if thousands of pages turn out empty, right?

Yea... I should since I now I have tools. At first I didn't have the tools, and I was using, so I thought it would take too much time going through each and every number. is quite slow to use too... due to a lot of things.

At first, 20 pages = 500 maps = 1 hour of my time each day = about 600 links visited, but now with my tools and techniques it was like 1500 maps per hour, going through like 3000+ links. What I'll probably do next is go through the entire numbers, from 1 to 141003 the latest map. But, the first map uploaded starts at number 14995, which is odd, so like or


Sep 19 2019, 7:27 am Cerorec Post #4

I have a feeling this is going to take a very long time... I just opened up like
999 links at once, took around 4-5 minutes to load all pages completely using Brave Browser, and they are all "Page Not Found" links.

There may be other complications along the way. Stay tuned!

To add, probably the biggest reason I skipped the gaps because I assumed they were empty like "Page Not Found" links and to save time. That was before I had the tools, and I was starting out slow and tedious. It was not until like midway I discovered there are extra maps not found on those pages. So yea... sorry it took me awhile to refresh my memory.

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