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Zerg Queen unit - how to tweak her?
Sep 8 2019, 8:41 am
By: Lagi  

Sep 8 2019, 8:41 am Lagi Post #1

What are your ideas about how Queen could work to be more useful / fun to play?

1. infestation default attack - would be useful, if it could affect all Terran&Protoss structures in game (create this vines + beating heart Overlay on top), not only Command Center. Even if the infested building would do nothing, it reduce by half the time needed to destroy enemy buildings. + infested building could work as walls for your new overtaken exp.

2. Hatch egg - using 200 energy Queen could spawn 1x larva at her position. This 1 larva would allow to hatch Drone and build an exp. Or 5x queen could lay hatch an make 5x ultralisk.
It would feels thematic, that Queen is feminine for a reason.

3. Parasite combine with Spawn Broodling could work like in Alien movie. The parasite grow inside the unit for some longer time (granting detection) and then kill the carrier. On his place could be spawn infested terran (if victim was Terran race) -in this case it means that the parasite overtaken the host. Like tank crew destroy his own vehicle and are now ready for suicide attack for the Swarm.


Sep 8 2019, 4:16 pm Nekron Post #2

let's make this less insane

1. fix unit cooldown bug - makes Ensnare work better vs units it doesn't work very well against
2. give single target spells smart casting ^_^
3. give Gamete Meiosis an added bonus of +2/256 mana reg/frame
4. go to liquipedia and correct all ensnare&cooldown calculations

Sep 8 2019, 5:08 pm Lagi Post #3

hmm.. it was "open" question, you know we are friendly here & no zealots around corner :)

I was not aware about 1.

agree with 3. energy upgrade without +25% reg speed is not attractive

2. do you know where can i find working smartcast plugin? KYSXD one is once cast work, next cast not.


Sep 8 2019, 6:12 pm Voyager7456 Post #4

Responsible for my own happiness? I can't even be responsible for my own breakfast

2 + 3 both seem cool. I think I like 2 the best. I've always had a liking for units that can "reinforce" the front lines.

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Sep 8 2019, 9:27 pm Lagi Post #5

do you have any own ideas Voyager about queen?


default skill: [infestation (all building)] + [hatch egg] + [Detector, if has Greater Spire & current energy > 100]
upgrade: [killing parasite] + [ensnare] + [energy with +reg]


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