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Translating UMS Maps
Aug 25 2019, 12:59 pm
By: SkywinDragoon  

Aug 25 2019, 12:59 pm SkywinDragoon Post #1

When I translate maps to another language,
But replacing one by one searching through every single string in the map seems to be really tedious.
Also if the map updates, I have to keep track of every details of the changes of the map to keep thing symmetric.
Or I have to copy the original map to start replacing the strings all over again...

Is there any faster method for this?
Any help is appreciated.


Aug 26 2019, 4:29 pm NudeRaider Post #2

We can't explain the universe, just describe it; and we don't know whether our theories are true, we just know they're not wrong. >Harald Lesch

Faster than one string after another? I'm not sure what you have in mind there. Like dumping all text into google translator and then dump it back? I don't think anything like that exists nor that the results would be satisfying, so string by string is the way to go.

Aug 26 2019, 4:37 pm Suicidal Insanity Post #3

I see you !

Keep a spreadsheet of "orignal string" -> "trnaslated string", then you can look up existing translations when redoing it? Possibly even script that.

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martosss -- no, jjf, my current setup is force1
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