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[solved] morphing zerg into another unit
Aug 24 2019, 8:21 am
By: Lagi  

Aug 24 2019, 8:21 am Lagi Post #1

using the framework

add in initialize.cpp
#include "unhooked/unit_morph.h"

in the same place where is:

#include "hooks/recv_commands/train_cmd_receive.h"
#include "hooks/orders/unit_making/unit_morph.h"
#include "unhooked/unit_morph.h"
#include "hooks/orders/unit_making/unit_train.h"
#include "hooks/utils/utils.h"


this guide is still valid:

the unit_morph.cpp that you want (there are 2) is the one in subfolder, in Solution explorer

in Firegraft add in [unit ; Dat requirement] "is not burrowed". Morphing while burrow is buggy and not working (f.ex. click spam will remove the icons)

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