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Redraw black fog of war in scenario
Aug 6 2019, 8:47 pm
By: Fruitdispenser  

Aug 27 2019, 9:07 pm Fruitdispenser Post #21

Quote from T-warp
Okay, I took the time and created a code that can reset FOW. I used remastered bitmasks (which is now supported in 1.16.1 using the new enabler). You can see the source codes here. Attached is a map with 2 areas. Step on the light one to remove FOW, on the dark one to add FOW (to restore using default FOW you must edit the source code yourself - change one "false" to "true", not that hard to do). Funny thing is, we cannot manipulate tiles in remastered, not even those flags. It's possible to rework the copiers to counters, but it's a waste of time and space.

That was actually pretty cool. Thanks!
Too bad SCR doesn't allow for tile manipulation


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[11:39 pm]
Corbo -- I wouldn't go to say it's unbelieveable but silly it definitely is
[11:39 pm]
Corbo -- but yes, the plot is silly
[11:38 pm]
Corbo -- don't hate
[11:38 pm]
Corbo -- Salazar was great
[11:25 pm]
KrayZee -- The President of the United States only sending only 1 man equipped with a pistol to rescue his daughter? Then Leon has to deal with midget Napoleon, how can you take that seriously? :P
[11:23 pm]
KrayZee -- The plot in Resident Evil 4? It's just too silly.
[11:07 pm]
Corbo -- You don't find that believeable?
[07:38 pm]
Wing Zero -- I played 6 for a bit but wasn't too happy with it. Haven't played another one since then though.
[08:18 am]
KrayZee -- If Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake, they better make the plot believable. Like actually send an entire team to rescue the President's daughter but the team was ambushed and all equipment were lost. Leon is the only survivor and only kept a handgun. Later he would hitchhike and get picked up. He then asked to be dropped off the nearest town.
[04:01 am]
RIVE -- The significance is lessened by the probability of future RE titles ignoring either conclusion in favor of a rewrite anyway.
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