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Suggested Triggers for UMS Island Based Map
Aug 4 2019, 8:09 pm
By: bix666  

Aug 4 2019, 8:09 pm bix666 Post #1

One of the things I loved about the old SC were the Island maps. I recently got back into SC after the re-released it and I wanted to make the Island comp stomp map I had in 99. Alas, I have forgotten so much about map making! In particular I am having problems with the triggers. My biggest issue is that my triggers end up causing a "Victory" Condition at start. I have not been able to do much map testing outside of that. So, here are my questions.

1.) What are the basic triggers I need to have for a UMS game (specifically victory conditions and AI script. I want to use an "insane" AI script but they all seem to be race based)?

2.) How do I get the forces to be on the same island (there are 4 island for two players each) but have the island be random in their spawn locations each game?

I have spent about 5 hours on this trying to find my answers online. My map and resources are done as are my start locations, I think I just need to master the basic triggers. Thanks again!

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Aug 4 2019, 11:03 pm NudeRaider Post #2

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1) yeah you gotta figure out the race to activate the correct ai script. Just check if the computer player owns a nexus, cc or hatch.

2) disable randomized start locations and do the randomization yourself.
The only "drawback" is that it won't randomize the colors. For example with default colors P1 in the lobby will always be red, P2 in the lobby will always be blue, etc. But of course you can still freely set the colors for the player slots.

Randomization at map start is best done with switches. For simplicity I recommend doing it this way: Randomize 2 switches which will give you 4 states:
S1:0 S2:0
S1:1 S2:0
S1:0 S2:1
S1:1 S2:1
Depending on the outcome you pick an island for players of force 1.
Then you roll again until you get a result different from the first time and assign to force 2.
The same again a 3rd time and the remaining island is for force 4

mapping creates pretty specific / unique challenges. Unlikely to find a solution that fits your case exactly. But that's what our forums are for! Also welcome. :)

Aug 4 2019, 11:40 pm bix666 Post #3

Yeah, switches are a thing I have not used before! Thanks for the help!!!


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