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Puzzle06 (by 06EARTH)
Jul 30 2019, 2:59 pm
By: zzt  

Jul 30 2019, 2:59 pm zzt Post #1

A Puzzle Map Based on SC Quirks

Made by 06EARTH
Translated by zzt

What is This?

This is a puzzle map made by 06Earth, a Korean mapmaker. I, zzt, have translated it into English and posted it on SEN. It is inspired by qPirateking's Canal ( and various SC puzzle maps of NorthCyberWarrior(another Korean mapmaker).

You are given a Hunter Killer (named Player) which you will primarily use to explore the world. Your goal is to rescue all red buildings.


Here are the important rules (also written within the map itself):
  • You DON'T have your own units' vision except for the Hunter Killer. You will have to be careful about leaving your units out of your sight.
  • Any creep colonies and Overmind cocoons you own will be automatically given to P6 and will give you vision. These will be your primary source of vision.
  • The map does not run any trigger not related to the above rules until you win (like Canal). You have to rely on your knowledge about Starcraft to solve most of the puzzles.


  • This map doesn't use the burrow jumping trick. If you're using it to jump over an obstacle and don't see any other options, it's very likely that you're doing something wrong.
  • Save often. The lack of triggers mean you'll have a very hard time figuring out whether you've done things well or not. Also, there are multiple dead ends where you cannot progress further due to a unit lost/rescued/killed/etc too early. Since this map supports single player mode it shouldn't be too costly to save and load.
  • Read hint unit names carefully. Some indicates what to do/what should have been done, helping you check if everything is going fine.
  • Some of the parts used in a puzzle will be used in later puzzles as well. Don't throw away pieces of the puzzles until the last moment.
  • You will have to know how many objects of SC interact with each other. Some of the puzzles even require you to exploit glitches. If you can't really figure out the solution to a puzzle, feel free to ask here!

Good Luck!

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Jul 30 2019, 4:36 pm MidNighTime Post #2

That's pretty cool you're translating maps. It bridges the gap between diverse players understanding the same map. Keep up the good work.

I'm known as MidNighTime. I enjoy making maps for Starcraft sometimes. Much of my inspiration came from Vanished.

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[11:05 pm]
martosss -- Ultraviolet
Ultraviolet shouted: martosss So you've had issues with maps that were previously playable having issues with the latest patch as well? I was play testing one of my creations a couple days ago and it crashed the game, something it has never done before. Has me feeling kind of concerned about playability of custom content going forward :/
Yes, I definitely had issues with maps crashing or dropping people in the start(Zerg Special forces SE)... Also Spellsword RPG was unplayable last time I tried it a week ago. I might try it again now, seeing that the KotK map is fixed. Also there are many sniper maps that are broken. I unlocked and fixed Sniper rabbit - again the locking caused it to crash so I guess it would be playable like the KotK. but I don't know about the others. I personally feel bad about strings messing up many UMS maps currently ... and Spellsword - that RPG is epic
[08:55 pm]
Vrael -- not really two-party-system specific but it was kinda a big deal when those old guys wrote about "unalienable rights" and that stuff
[08:54 pm]
Vrael -- Oh_Man
Oh_Man shouted: basically i'm saying two party systems sap the violence out of a population by giving them the illusion of choice, instead of feeling the need to rebel, they just say "well i'm not voting for you next time"
you kinda missed those minor details about how fundamental rights are baked into democratic systems so you actually have power to change the system (to whatever degree you wanna argue), whereas in other systems your only option is "no u", aka it's not an illusion of choice
[08:52 pm]
Ultraviolet -- what are you trying to accomplish here?
[08:51 pm]
sraw531 -- similar to how people farm scarabs.
[08:50 pm]
sraw531 -- was toying with the thought of trying to get a computer to continuously make nexi in the corner of the map and have triggers remove it occasionally, but I honestly don't know how to do that.
[08:48 pm]
Ultraviolet -- sraw531
sraw531 shouted: is there a way to create using triggers a building that is under construction? (Especially protoss, for multiple reasons)
afaik this is not possible
[08:46 pm]
sraw531 -- though ~3400 units on map is also an improvement considering reavers are 11 and carriers are 9 units.
[08:45 pm]
sraw531 -- GGmano
GGmano shouted: Yea see it describet as ccmu fix
I think my favorite part about ccmu fix is probably the 400 weapon limit. 100 is so low, considering 10 valks is 80 of that.
[08:41 pm]
Ultraviolet -- Suicidal Insanity
Suicidal Insanity shouted: Ultraviolet The devs are fairly good about backwards compatibility, just sometimes takes time
Fair enough, random crashes are always scary though :P
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