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Swapping campaign files
Apr 18 2019, 12:10 pm
By: UEDCommander  

Apr 18 2019, 12:10 pm UEDCommander Post #1

Im investigating replacement of vanilla/BW original campaign maps with custom ones. Obvious solution of exporting map as .chk from SCMDraft and importing it in correct path seems to lead only to map not launching, to the point where intro "green text" or loading screen doesn't even pop up. Can anybody provide insight on the correct process, and maybe point out some hardcoded limitations (excluding the ones with briefing interface)?

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Apr 25 2019, 10:06 am IlyaSnopchenko Post #2

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Extract the .chk files and import them into the MPQ / SAMASE container under the correct path. Say...


...replaces the first mission of the BW Zerg campaign. Sounds are to be imported under the Campaign\ExpZerg\Zerg01\Staredit\Wav\ virtual folder in this example. To replace the vanilla missions, you'd obviously skip the "Exp" prefix. But I'm not sure any of the BW assets work if placed in a vanilla map - say, the Stukov unit got deleted from the map when a tester accidentally played one of my maps under the vanilla game.

Campaign\ExpZerg\Bonus\Staredit\scenario.chk replaces the Brood War bonus mission.

In-game the missions can be invoked in any order through the use of "Set Next Scenario" action inside the map (but you cannot edit the number of missions in a campaign, this looks hardcoded). The format example is "Race##.scx" (say, "Zerg02.scx").

You will also need to edit both the pre-briefing splash screens and the campaign screen mission list - they are located under Rez\ virtual folder (or its locale-specific expy, in the case of the English version it'd be Locales\EnUS\Assets\Rez\). The splash screens are stored as EstR##X.txt (where R is race - P/T/Z, ## is the mission number, X is if the map is for Brood War, and add _HD suffix to the file name to denote a Remastered-specific version with interstitial videos and whatnot, if you're creating one). The mission list is GluHist.tbl / GluHist.xml for versions < 1.16 and > 1.18 respectively. All this shiznit is independent of each other, and mission name and description as set in StarEdit are ignored.

Yes it's all supposed to work because I've done this many times both now and in the early 00s. :)

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