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Central Independent Systems Conversion Mod
Mar 11 2019, 1:29 am
By: razorback9423  

Mar 11 2019, 1:29 am razorback9423 Post #1

A mod by CIS_Razorback, alias razorback9999able, XZrazorbackX, razorback9425 and razorback9423.

Years after the events of End War, a new sentient robotic race called the Central Independent Systems (C.I.S.) entered and invaded the Korprulu Sector to strip mine the system's resources. With the Protoss being defenseless and assimilated by these cybernetic war machines, the Terrans and the Zerg must react quickly to a new threat. Which side will prevail?

Central Independent Systems Conversion Mod is a mod that replaces the Protoss race with the Cybernetic Powerhouse faction called the C.I.S. including new units for the existing Terran and Zerg races. This mod was made to help revive the Mod Night tradition that SEN started back then.



If there are any problems, feel free to post your issues here, the Moddb page or the mod's Discord server. One of the known issues I cannot resolve (because I am not an AI programmer) is that the AI cannot build or attack using Spectres, Pulverizer Tanks, Banshees, Scorpalisks, Tritions and Silencers.

#SCCIS #MakeModnightGreatAgain

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CIS Conversion Mod discord server:

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[10:42 pm]
pallfy -- use bgh
[10:40 pm]
pallfy -- Wow thanks
[10:18 pm]
Suicidal Insanity -- On game start you could detect who is at which start location, store that in switches / dcs, and use that to permanently force alliances. Lots of combinations though
[09:43 pm]
MTiger156 -- That 2v2v2v2 mapping problem does sound like an interesting challenge. Its worth putting some experimentation into. I could make an example map for combining locked alliances (based on lobby forces) + random start location. Though an EUD solution would be the most efficient, I will avoid that for the sake of simplicity.
[08:53 pm]
NudeRaider -- *compromises
[08:52 pm]
NudeRaider -- pallfy
pallfy shouted: thanks, but that sounds complicated
well, that's the gist of sc mapping. Either accept the limits sc sets for you and work within those parameters, or get creative and find complicated solutions to achieve what you want. The latter can be most satisfying. Sometimes comprised are inevitable though. Also see my respnse in the thread.
[08:13 pm]
pallfy -- thanks, but that sounds complicated
[08:13 pm]
pallfy -- hey raider
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NudeRaider -- FaRTy1billion
FaRTy1billion shouted: also ya, I showed her my chair wasn't scary and now whenever I'm not in the chair she is
hard to believe that they are predators with almost no enemies in the wild
[2019-3-21. : 7:17 am]
NudeRaider -- Suicidal Insanity obviously francis
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