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Anyone got to convert SC2 unit graphics to remastered?
Feb 2 2019, 12:23 pm
By: IlyaSnopchenko  

Feb 2 2019, 12:23 pm IlyaSnopchenko Post #1

The Curious

Hello folks, I got another question.

Has anyone gotten around to converting some unit GFX from SC2 to SC:R? The ones I'm specifically interested in is a Leviathan (highest priority) and Hercules transport. How hard would it be to do this, and what tools (apart from GIMP and common sense, of course :)) would be needed?

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Feb 2 2019, 12:33 pm Pr0nogo Post #2

Even without the palette limitations of 1.16.1 I don't recommend ripping graphics from SC2 as they are generally poor quality. The leviathan is probably the most complex graphic you could pick to rip as well given its idle and various attack animations/projectiles. What you would need is 3dsmax, the blizzard art tools plugin, and the model files (.m3 or something) from SC2. Then you'll have to build your scene with the correct camera angle and render (with perspective off) into framesets. It's a lot more complicated than this rundown makes it sound and I'm not immediately familiar with any tutorials so I'd advise you to familiarize yourself with 3dsmax if you intend to experiment with this.

Feb 2 2019, 12:35 pm Nekron Post #3

There are some SC2 GRPs in the Starcraft I downloads on SEN, you could presumably upscale them and convert them to SCR sprites but they would look really bad. You would need to use animosity to create the anim file and input every frame manually, PM UEDCommander for more info since he did it alot, but overall it's a fool's errand apart from simple recolors.

Feb 2 2019, 2:16 pm IlyaSnopchenko Post #4

The Curious

Thanks guys. I've played around with the model viewer / cutscene engine in SC2 editor (a friend who is into SC2 map editing told me how to do this). The whole thing looks doable if tedious, and probably requires lots of trial and error. There are some silly obstacles too like the inability to set black background when rendering cutscene (it's the default terrain, terrain texture of your choice (but not blank space as it's not considered a texture), some kind of colored nothing, or a grid! But then you can grab freeze frames. Guess that finding the correct perspective is going to be a little tricky unless I just leave the default one and hope no one's going to notice. :)

Looks like doing ISCRIPT.BIN for this stuff is going to be "fun" as well... I got some pointers from studying devourer/guardian graphics but again it looks like lots of trial and error is in store for me.

The tentacles are mercifully considered separate entities so they won't get in the way. Pity that the Leviathan's death animation looks very lousy.

Maybe I'll need to try on something less "lively" for starters, like that transport ship I mentioned...

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